Electric car buyers are asking: it offers family friendly space with the kind of price tag that would otherwise only get you an a or b segment car. Yes, it feels with the price, but the kit count. 100 kilowatt charging capability and the promise to thoroughly usable 250 mile range more than makes up for it, its relaxed driving manners and long warranty around what is a remarkably pragmatic choice and increasingly busy and some may say, expensive. Electric car market, alright guys make sure to subscribe to my channel to get reviews of all these cars and welcome to todays episode. We are reviewing new mg5 ev electric vehicle 2022. For all the talk about britains drive to electrification. There is rather sizable elephant in the room, cost affordable. Electric cars are few and far between, particularly if you need something that has a bit more space or a hint of family friendliness. The mg5, then, could be more significant than it first appears, and not only because the five remains the only electric a state car you can buy. You might argue that its that focus on value, which has seen mg sales source by the end of june. Its already between its lockdown bosses say review. Chinese owned firm is the fourth biggest electric vehicle brand in the uk, united kingdom, behind tesla and pollster and smart. The mg 5 only went on sale in the united kingdom last year, but mg is already ringing. The changes with the introduction of the new longer range version.

The latest model boasts certified 250 mile range up from 217 miles, 100 kilowatt charging capability under pro mines of an eight percent charge from zero. In as little as 40 minutes mg says that, with a starting price of hundred 26 five pound, the new model has the longest range per pound of any new electric car on sale, the top spec exclusive model. We are testing weight in our still budget friendly 28. 995 pound, but for context, thats about the same as the mid spec hybrid powered by toyota correlator in sport. If budget really is concerned, the pre facelift model is 1400 cheaper and will be sold alongside the new car for a time. The extra range is achieved through new battery, which sees capacity grow by 8.6 kilowatt to 61.2 kilowatt, and this says using 100 kilowatt ccs charger. It will take 40 minutes to reach 8 percent and 61 minutes using 50 kilowatt charger and around nine and a half hour using the home wall box engine quotes an average of 3.5 miles per kilowatt, but we easily exceed that chalking up to 3.7 miles per kilowatt. The 115 kilowatt motor equivalent to 154 horsepower is unchanged, meaning the 7.7 second zero to 60 mile per hour time and 155 mile per hour. Maximum range remains the same: thats, fair, given few buyers are likely to be pushing the mg 5s performance envelope. The mg pilot, the firm suite of driver assistant features which includes lane, keep assist, aeb adaptive cruise traffic jam, assist and more is fitted across the range and sees the counter of five insurance groups.

As a result, those credential, coupled with rock bottom benefits in kind tax rates, could make the mgs fives learning company car choice with its one percent bik rate in the korean financial year, rising to two percent in the 2022 and 2023 tax year and the transferable seven Year or eighty thousand mile warranty will provide reassurance to private players. Lets get one thing out of the way, while acceleration is risk, the mt5 is categorically not a drivers. Car the steering is numb and remote. There is plenty of body roll through the bench and while it has a sport mode its hard to think that this car seemed to place where you might use it, but given the kind of use the five for receive its hard to overly criticize its dynamics, better Is the right comfort, its not perfect, but certainly feels more resolved than you would expect. Mg has increased the ride height by nine millimeter over the shorter range module, so may well be slightly softer as a result, but you would be hard pressed to notice its. Quite though, with only a small amount of tire roller and a little whistle around the door mirrors to unsettle things like most electric vehicles, the mj5 has a three level of brake rigging operated via toggle switch on the center console, and while it doesnt allow one pedal Driving around town on the following country, roads of our test rate, it permitted just enough braking to avoid tapping the left pedal, its a shame.

The rigging level indicator on the part digital dash is so small, because otherwise the display is fairly clear and offers a number of unusual route outs, including motor speed and the cars voltage and current consumption at any given time and the general fit. And the finish of the interior is best described as a robust rather than attack till, but the controls are generally well laid out and easy to use. There is a rotary gear selector in the center console, plus an 8 inch touchscreen with while responsive enough, its overly intuitive to use the glossy screen is prone to reflection and the rear parking camera lacks the kind of resolution we have come to expect its easy to Get a decent driving position and visibility is pretty good. Interior storage is okay and the same can be saved for space in the rear where head and leg room are in good supply, but theres no space to slide your feet under the seats and little far support. As a result, it is better in the boot where there is a 464 liters of space growing to 1456 liters when dropping the rear seats back, but its a shame too. They dont fall flat, its also disappointing to see theres no cable storage, but you can specify spare wheel in a place of a standard, fit tire phone. The new 2022 mg5 closed back point for the equipment, futures entry level. Excite model come with alloy wheels, apple, carplay and android auto operated through an 8 inch touchscreen cables, entry, flash button, startup rear parking sensor for another 2 500 pound exclusive model at leader effect, trim, heated front seats, six way.

Electric adjustment for the drivers, seats, auto wiper and satellite navigation and well thats for it. Today we have reviewed the new 2022 mg5 electric vehicle. If you like the video, please support us with like button and subscribe button to see our next videos each week. We are uploading new car reviews and car news every week if you like cars, please subscribe to see more reviews like these from our channel and well. In my opinion, the new 2022 mg5 is a nice car to choose. If you are looking for electric vehicle in 2022, tell me in the comment section: what are you thinking about this car and what are you expecting from an electric vehicle in 2022, and maybe you are ready to change your lifestyle from changing your car to electric level? Well have a good day and take care and dont forget to subscribe and hit the like button.