The plan is to show you the footage of the range drives and, along the way, ill give you some comments, things that im finding out along the way through the first 500 miles to test the range i went on several trips, recording both the voltage and mileage From here i can extrapolate the cars range now to introduce you to my playground. Here is the united states and zooming in closer. You can see utah zooming in even closer. You can see the salt lake city valley. I live in a suburb called south jordan. This is the base of operations for testing. In a 3d view, you can see that i live in a valley with some great canyons for test driving the first one well look at is called big cottonwood canyon and, at the top, is brighton ski resort. At an elevation of 8707 feet, this is approximately a 52 mile round trip things that i notice, while im driving my car, so ive never had a open air, roadster or convertible. Before some of the things that were very new or some of the things i noticed number one was everything is amplified, meaning youre youre. It seems like youre, closer to your environment, just with kind of the top removed. You feel much closer, much more vulnerable. I apologize. I realized im pretty sure that i packed 30 minutes of car sickness into about 60 seconds, along with that, there are other things like smell um.

Normally, when youre in a car um, you dont kind of notice smells and when youre in an open air, roadster youll drive up to a stop light or something, and you just think you kind of do that sniff smell and its like, is that my car is Something wrong and im sure as ive been driving it, i think its just kind of road smell. You know, theres, just lots of different smells based on peoples. Cars Music now were at the top of the canyon another nice drive. We are now at brighton, ski resort. Again, very pretty were just walking over here to the lake all right. This one is silver lake. All right exiting right, Music, so well change it up for the remainder of the trip. So for all the other trip videos. Well, just uh break these out. In kind of 10 second increments, so you can kind of get a better feel of what drivings like the other thing is sound, so sound, it is very loud. I would say anything over about 40 miles. An hour is just um ill, say its loud enough that you cant really have a conversation um and anything over that its you know so: freeway driving its ill just say its uh, not as nice as when youre going a little bit slower. Music. Hmm just got back from kind of the range test, carted great, no issues at all, so i parked my car outside yesterday.

It was kind of mid 90s and it uh is allowing me to have some re wrapping opportunities. So i dont know if you can see over there, but its like, oh my goodness, so i think some of the places where i really stretched um, even though it was tacked down. I was fine kind of at room temperature when it got up to high temperatures. It kind of tended to pull away, so i have that in a couple spots, um right here on the on this kind of housing, and then you know here as well. So when the time comes, we will re wrap. Okay, im here in the car in the heat been doing a couple drives and the contact adhesive that ive been using recently seems to just not be holding up under heat, so that strips falling off right here. This is kind of coming apart, so i might have to go back to the other brand um if you guys have any other thoughts. Oh by the way, this one up here again its kind of trying to work its way loose, but uh had to figure out what to do there. The second trip was to snowbird ski resort, about a 36 mile round trip, and i started about three quarters full charge. The handling is amazing. It is a very, very lightweight car and um. When you drive you just kind of notice um it just kind of very easily follows where you, wherever you want to go the weight, it seems very light, very agile.

The power is amazing. So again going up the canyon um anytime, you kind of just think. You know, maybe i want to speed up a little bit boom youre. There i mean you: are there lots of other cars? You kind of have to downshift or kind of you know, step on the throttle and wait for the engine to engage and kind of slowly build up some momentum. This is just you just give it the slightest little flick of that pedal and you are gone. I mean just gone Music: okay, we are just at the top of the canyon. This is snowbird ski resort and uh beautiful colors here as its turning to fall. So that is the tram that goes to the top of the mountain for skiing. At the top of snowbird, we ate some lunch and then stopped off for some photo shoots: glamour shots and some instagram posts. Music, Music, do Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, then back down the canyon. Just look at the stunning views: okay, im gon na be quiet. Now so you can enjoy the drive Music Music Music for the subsequent trips. I didnt really have a plan destination, so this involved going back and forth to work going to the doctors office, picking my daughter up from school, going to the hardware store and just joyriding. We had our first experience with rain today, not too bad. Can i just get worried because not everythings, i think quite weatherproof, so one other thing i did want to mention is charging charging for my car is incredibly slow.

This is due to my onboard charger. It is a 2500 watt charger which sounds like a lot, but if you think about it, thats 2.5 kilowatts. If i needed to charge my car 25 kilowatt hours, that means it would take 10 hours to charge. So i can upgrade my onboard charger, maybe ill. Do that in the future, to do something like super fast charging or dc fast charging? I would need to change my cars configuration so that i could have active cooling while im charging, if you can imagine driving really fast on the race track. Some may worry that you may overheat your batteries. Therefore, you have cooling well, if you think about it. Fast charging is about the same thing, except for instead of drawing that much current out of the batteries, you are putting that much current into the batteries at a very fast rate, so i would need to have active cooling while im charging maybe ill do that. Another day, so all the trips combine im pretty close to 500 miles. Okay im sure, maybe this doesnt make sense to you but im just kind of trying to log my miles where ive been where i started. So this was three 6. 3. 46. All right now its time for some results. I like to highlight my extremes. So, on the hyper miling side we have danny fennel at 482 miles and ben barber at 462 miles. I appreciate you guys thinking that i could drive so carefully, but a little shy of that mark.

My track stars are bushy, said 120 kilometers. That is about 74.5 miles, as well as a robert, savage 86 miles. So im pretty sure if i was driving at the track, thatd be pretty close, but for my drives i was a little longer comparing to some of the other electric cars. The tesla model. S has a 100 kilowatt hour pack. They get around 400 miles at least thats what they say. The tesla model 3 has about an 82 kilowatt hour pack and they get about 300 or so miles. The ratio is about 4 miles per kilowatt hour. My ratio was actually very close to that, calculating the miles driven as well as the voltage and kilowatts used. I came up with 125 miles for the range, so this brings us into a three way: tie chapman matthew, mike jf and silencer ko. So that means we got ta go to the tiebreaker. So as far as comments on the channel chat, man had two comments. The next one was mike had 12 comments and silencer ko had 13., so he is the winner. Silencer ko well be in touch. I know many of you want to know. When is this thing going to get painted? What is the color um? Its still got a ways to go before we get there, so uh theres just a lot of bodywork. A lot of you know things look pretty rough. So it just means a lot of uh time, mostly things like sanding filling, and that takes time and its not the most entertaining content.

So what ill try and do is. I will work a little bit on the body stuff. You know all the time, but i wont always show it. I show it in chunks and then in the meantime, ill be doing some other things to kind of keep things interesting.