Now this is where mg are standing out a little bit: theres, not many estates. In this price bracket i mean yeah youve got the kia seed, sport wagon or the squad. Youre octavia is there, but even then theyre looking at high end 20 grams 30 grand creeping up depending what sort of spec level you go for, thats, where this mg comes in and its pure theres, no petrol more at all its just 100 electric and if youre Wanting something thats zero emissions and to get you into that sort of ev. Well, this is a really practical car that can do that for you, so thats. What were going to be doing today were going to see what its like have. A look around the outside were going to check out the interior and were going to take it over the road and see what its like and see what you actually get for the money. So if you want to see more lets crack on so with the massive practicality of the mg5 ester youd, be thinking, whats actually available and whats the cost. Well, the base spec excite with the standard range i think its around 214 and that is starting from 24 000 pound. And then this model is the long range, so its over 250 mile range and its the exclusive model, which is the highest packing and leather trim and all the guns. But that started from just short of 29 grand now under 30 grand for a car.

With this sort of spec and pure electric range of over 250 miles, you really cant go wrong, but is it too good to be true? Is the? Is it one of those? Where do you get what you pay for, because youre buying cheap? Are you getting cheap? Well, thats, what were gon na be able to look for in this review today, so were having a quick look around it um on the front end its really not exciting at all. It does look a little bit dated um the way the grille shape is the headlights looks like an older volkswagen facade, its not something that youd expect for a brand new car in 2021 or 2022.. I mean there is pictures floating around online of the new mg5. So only available over in south china, uh thailand and things like that, and it looks really really good um flash a picture up here. Take a look onto this one. You do get a lot of tech. You get uh full pro by projection, led headlights with a led time running light which, to be fair, the light design is pretty smart on the top of the range exclusive you do get body, colored wing mirrors. They are heated fully electric water folding, which to be fair, its pretty smart. The mg5 comes with 16 inch, alloy wheels, pretty plain and standard boring design, but to be fair, i think theyre aiming more at complex practicality, um and obviously safety and convenience over their styling, which is a bit of a shame.

Theres a lot of cars, these nurses, getting all that and practicality, and all that combined in a good. I mean now its coming around the back here, where the looks do get better from the back. It looks a lot better than it does from the front got these nice swooping led tail lights, obviously curve around the back of the car with the chrome strip across the boat. The mg5, though, does come with reverse parking, sensors and also a reversing camera, its just the general shape the general styling, its more modern than it looks from the front its the front that really lets this car down. So, while were back here, lets take a look. So the boat at the mg5, its really practical, with the lud cover back or even out you get 578 litres of boot space with the load cover on which is really simple. Just to slide your design, you got 465 now in the boat. You have lots of little storage, cubbies theres, one down here, theres a nice little net to stop it from sliding around down here is the same. Weve got a little bag here with the charging cables and well go through in a minute where you plug that in. But you do have an adjustable boot. You can knock it down to the bottom, a bit more of a load lip, but then, when weve lifted it up and we put it on the next level, its not so much of a loud lip for getting in there now off but, like i said, theres A really wide opening and its really nice and deep so that you can get plenty of stuff in there, but with the rear seats folded down, obviously they dont go flush, so you do have a bit of a lip and an incline for when youre loading things Into the boat, but you do get a whopping from floor to ceiling 1456 liters ideal for them tip, runs dads, so in the back, space is really really good.

I mean the seats arent, narrow, theyre, really comfortable, theyre, nice and soft, so before leather feels actually really nice, its a nice place to sit headroom isnt too bad. I mean look how much space ive got so its not too bad. Knee room is very good. What i do like is actual proper storage behind the seats, not like those nets that you get. You have two usb charging ports. So if youre traveling somewhere with the kids, you can charge, they can charge their tablets or their mobile phones, pull the center armrest down and youve got two nice couples in this rear arm rest, both of the outer seats uh come with. I suffix fixing points for childrens car seats. Uh space in the middle is really good thats, because this is a pure electric vehicle and its been designed to be just that theres no transmission tunnel, so you dont have to get in the fetal position. When you sit in the middle, i mean im quite a broad big lad anyway, um and its a little bit narrow, but for kids itll be absolutely perfect, and these are almost touching the sinks i mean this is in my driving position. This could go a little bit further forward, but there we go theres plenty of space for peoples feet on the floor, so you can get your feet nicely tucked under the seats theres plenty of space there, but yeah i mean its nice and light.

Obviously, with the lighter colored cloth on there on the roof and the the windows thats a lot of lighting, so its nice and bright back here. So here we are up in the front of the mg5 and youll, be pleasantly surprised for the cost. You think therell be cheap materials that are used but like in the back, the leather is nice. The way that the stitching is contrasting white stitching with the black for leather um youve got nice soft materials either side of this uh tunnel. Here on the dash, the steering wheel is nice. You get a nice grip, a little scratchy plastics on the top of the dash in the top of the doors, but everywhere else, mainly where youre going to touch is nice and soft and a nice material. A fully electric uh theres, its a electronic cvt transmission youve, got a little nice smart little gear, selector down here, similar to what you get on the bmw i drive, but its not that sort of quality. Uh youve got little toggle switches here, one for changing driving mode, sort of economy and dynamic, and things like that. This occurs one in the middle, which is for your regenerative, braking theres a three options: uh one two and three, one being obviously least uh. Three being the highest and ive opted to use it in two while ive got the car um its just a nice nice balance of um, not too sharp breaking, but its its not gon na.

You dont have to put your foot on the pedal, its not gon na bring you to a complete stop um. Neither of the options do, but i found that on three with traffic. Behind me, it was a little bit sharp, but generally its really nice, i mean im all for physical controls. None of this touchscreen nonsense. Yeah the screens are good, but while youre driving it does distract you a little bit and obviously the positioning of this screw. The infotainment screen, which is eight inch, screen its quite low on the dash. So you have to look away from the road to look down. So its good that youve got your little volume control here. You got your little physical buttons here, so heated seats as well. In this exclusive model and underneath youve got these youve got 12 volt socket youve got a usb charging port for your phone or a tablet, and also for bluetooth connectivity. The x8 and exclusive both come with android, auto and apple car player, its obviously a little bit. Fiddly at times is the mg pilot system, but this at least gives you that little bit of peace of mind that you can use android art or an apple car player and obviously a mirror from your phone makes it a lot easier. Automatic air air conditioning climate control, which is really good, something that you dont get in a lot of cars, but this for the brakes. You get a hell of a lot.

I mean you get um adaptive cruise control lane keep assist, lane departure, warning, um automatic brake hold youve got an electronic parking brake, its keyless entry, keyless start theres a little push button start down here you get the digital drivers display, but what i do like is Either side you do have physical dials analog dials, which is really nice. Youve got your speed on the left and youve got um your details of your battery power uh, whether youre charging, if its using the regen, braking uh, whether youre driving efficiently or if you put your foot down and absolutely send it. It gives you a nice boost and it even shows you on that. Little dial, storage, wise every parent needs to know and wants to know. Storage in here youve got a nice bit of storage in here theres a bit of carpet in the bottom. So youre gon na hear things rattling around got two cupholders big enough for a large mcdonalds coffee ive tested that this morning, and it was good um darbins. Not too bad sized, you can get a normal sort of 500ml drinks bottle in there, but not much else. Bigger uh glove box, a really nice deep, decent sized glove box plenty of space to get your baby wipes in there for a car or this price. With what you get its like, i said with the zs: how did they do it for the price? I really dont know its about takeo on the road see what its like up around 55 60 mile an hour.

You cant, hear the electric motors, but there is a little bit of wind noise, but the road noise is pretty much gone but comfortable wise. Its really really really comfy it sucks off the bumps. Well, i did find the zs that wallowed a little bit when youre going over different bumps. This takes them really nicely the steerings, really nice um. Another good factor of the mg5 is its got: an automatic, dimming rear view mirror, which is really good, um. Obviously, the regen breaking the different settings, one two and three that works really well. It will not bring you to a complete stop, so you cant do the one pedal driving but its not too grabby on the three. It was a little bit grubby and stuffs a bit more sudden than what you what youd like from. Obviously, the regenerator is mode um. The steering wheel controls are really easy. I like the the graphics on the digital display, its actually really good um you have cruise control and which is through the stop down here. Youve got automatic lights, automatic and rain. Sensing wipers uh automatic air conditioning im gon na get that on because im sweating absolutely boiling. The thing i dont get is theres just a blank. Toggle switch theres one for the cars one for the mode driving mode, so like eco mode and then your normal mode spark mode throttle response is definitely improved on in the sport mode and to be fair, it actually goes pretty well too not to 30.

It picks up really well, then it seems to flatten off up to about 45, maybe 50 mile an hour, and then you get an extra little boost from the electric motor and it sort of thunders you on a little bit more now its not to 60 time Is seven point three seconds from all electric? Is there fighting too shabby, but its the knot to thirty time? Thats surprising and i know youre nip in and out of them, junctions in a busy town or whatever uh, but the knot to 30 seconds is 3.2 seconds. Damn bad, not bad at all, um charging, wise 50 kilowatt um public charger to 80, taking about 61 minutes is 100 kilowatt. Rapid charger uh to 80 in around 40 minutes uh when youre doing it from your normal at arm wall box, itll, take about nine and a half hours. Uh seven hours in the um in the latter standard range uh, but i mean its not too bad. Charging time is not too bad. Theres more of these charging stations popping up, which is good to see but yeah i mean. What i would have liked to have seen is some slightly tinted rear windows, obviously its instead nice family car, so making it more pleasant for the kids that have been good. Um i have found, though it took me a little bit of getting used to compared to other sort of hybrids, ive driven its the brake pedal, its very, very sharp um.

I first went to pull up a red traffic light and then they put myself through the windscreen uh its very sensitive, but a few minutes later you soon adjust to it and obviously you can gauge it very well, but just to show you what its like and Yeah were gon na, send it uh, just gon na go up to a little spot on our 60 mile an hour road see what it does see, how it flies lets, send it all right so, along the normal spot, turn the aircon off. For a few of these cars to go see whenever you want to do some hit traffic, you look at this. One might be about go beyond a vxr. There we go nice boost to 30 were past 30 and thats 60., not too shabby at all they. It goes really really well. It picks up well 50 mile an hour up to 60 again, not bad at all. It does pretty well for a completely uv stair. So then, the verdict with this 100 electric estate now one thing i will give them mg a thumbs up for, is actually doing an aesthetic. The only other pure electric kit that i know of is the uh porsche tycoon cross. Now, if youve got 80 90 plus thousand pounds to spend, go, get a porsche, but if youre an everyday guy, like me, um looking to get into uh zero percent emission electric vehicle, this is really good its not too bad.

I mean if youre not bothered about um, not looking the coolest driving down the road. People are looking to try and figure out what it is, but five seconds later, theyre not gon na remember what it is um but yeah i mean its a bit bland. Looking. So a bit of a thumbs down on the on the styling front, but driving wise and price wise for this exclusive top of the range long range model, just under 29 grand after the uh plug in government car grant. Whatever thing it theyre rolling out these days, it comes in at just under 29 grand which, to be fair, thats, really really good. Well pick up wise performance, salt lake motorways, joe carriage wears around the town, and it works really well, but it picks up nicely and with a range of over 250 miles, you cant run for the price, especially with the safety equipment that you get and the driver Convenience tag all works really well so yeah big thumbs up to mg. For that one.