Its first electric car needs to be as good to drive as its petrol powered siblings. No questions asked, and here is that very first electric car say hello to the cooper born and if it looks familiar, then you wont be surprised to learn that underneath all this sculpted bodywork and between these four fancy wheels sits the same basic architecture as the volkswagen Id3 and thats a car that we will invariably mention once or twice over the next few minutes. Now it gets the same rear mounted motors the same batteries and similar on paper straight line performance, but were not really interested in that, because we know that this thing is going to be plenty quick enough in a straight line. Most evs are: what we want to know is whether or not cooper has done enough to justify this cars sporty billing. Should we find out lets go as mentioned. Therell be a choice of batteries from launch full specs are available on the driving electric website, but depending on your wants or needs, you can have one capable of between 217 and 336 miles on a charge. The one weve got here is the mid range 58 kilowatt hour model with a 201 brake horsepower. Electric motor cooper claims 265 miles between charges and its this very model that the brand expects to be the big seller when cars start to arrive in early 2022. While the basic shape and size has lots in common with the id3 visually, its easy to spot the ball on the road, its actually six centimeters longer and three centimeters lower, it instantly looks more dynamic, more aggressive.

The logo is unchanged from previous cooper models, but somehow it looks less spider man in its most recent integration and the copper bits now synonymous with the brand finish it off nicely too. In here it feels a little bit like a kind of id3 plus. If you will, the designs are done just enough to elevate this car above its vw sibling, with copper all over the place again to make sure you know, youre driving something a little bit different. The vw has been criticized quite frequently for cutting corners when it comes to quality, and that is absolutely not the case in here. Theres fabric on the dash theres textured surfaces over here and the console in the middle here is kind of raised. To give you a bit more of a driver focus the infotainment system that is bigger. It just feels nicer and better laid out in here on the downside, though they do still give you. These touch sensitive buttons, which you get in the id3 all over the entire screen and on the steering wheel, which is a bit of a frustration, exact prices and specs havent. Yet been revealed thatll come in around december this year, but its thought that prices should start from around 32 000 pounds thats a few thousand pounds more than the id3, but crucially means that the entry level model will fall within the governments. Current cap for the plug in car grant were told every model will get led lights, plus a choice of six paint colours and six wheel options inside the bound gets a bigger screen than the vw up from 10 inches to 12.

. Our mid range model with 201 horsepower does not 62 in 7.3 seconds faster than the id3, but not really that noticeable in real world driving. Ultimately, though, there is much more to how a car feels than straight line speed, something that potential cooper buyers hope will separate the born from its myriad competitors. The good news is that on a twisty road, a little bit like this one, the cooper born handles really well. It feels agile. It feels quick. It feels genuinely enjoyable to drive. You quickly learn to trust it as well, because its got loads of grip, and you use that power to usher you out of corners with remarkable ability. It goes where you want it to go, and thanks to that low center of guarantee the slightly lower roof line and near perfect weight distribution body control is really good as well, and all of that doesnt seem to come at the expense of comfort. The bourne seems to absorb most of the ruts and bumps that weve come across and thats a trait that weve also noticed in the id3 even on the larger 20 inch wheels. But we will caveat with one thing: we are driving this car on smooth spanish roads and they are well not exactly what youd expect to see. In the uk, the cooper comes with speed, sensitive power steering and standard, as well as a slightly lower suspension tune compared with the id3. Neither transforms the way this car drives, but certainly when it comes to the steering, there is a little bit more weight.

Perhaps disappointingly, though, it doesnt translate to a significant uplift in feel or feedback. If youre familiar with the charging options on the volkswagen, nothing will come as a surprise here. The smaller battery models get 100 kilowatt rapid charging as standard while the top spec car tops out at 125. Kilowatts. However, no matter which one you go for youre, looking at around half an hour to replenish the batteries from naught to 80 at an appropriate public charger. If youve got a seven kilowatt wall box, youre looking at just over seven, just over nine and just over 12 hours to get a full charge in the small, medium and large batteries respectively, one final point to mention is the brakes theres, nothing wrong with them. Quite on the contrary, actually the pedal is fine, its responsive enough when you need it to be, but when it comes to the regen brakes, even when youve got a car in b mode on the on the gearbox here, theres not enough to offer one pedal driving, Which is a bit of a shame: weve come to really enjoy that style of driving its fine if youre going through flowing traffic or twisty roads and slowing down for corners. But when you actually need to stop, perhaps in town or what have you you have to use the foot brake, the cooper gets the same 385 litre boot as the id3, its usable, but not spectacular. So, those after something big and sporty and electric might be better served by the forthcoming skoda, enyak vrs.

Furthermore, room in the back seats of the cooper is compromised slightly by that marginally lower roofline, though legroom is still generous, and the flat floor means that those sitting, the back shouldnt feel too short changed its easy to dismiss electric cars as being a bit soulless. But the cooper is proof that, with the right ingredients, they can be fun as well to our eyes its a better looking car than the id3, and you get a much better interior with higher quality materials. But crucially, it feels subtly different to drive its got. A unique character and for that reason we reckon it should be worthy of your consideration head to for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.