Now in todays, video were going to be taking a closer look at the kia e nero which is kias fully electric family suv. Now, since the e nero was launched, its gained a bit of a reputation for itself because it offers tesla style range, but at a much more affordable price. Although, since its launch, the market has become much more crowded with fully electric suvs, most recently the volkswagen id3 and iv, and then the skoda enyak, which is slightly bigger, but is the ke nero still one of the best family electric suvs? You can buy well, hopefully thats what im going to answer in todays video. So if that sounds good, then please keep watching. And if you like new car reviews and car content, then please dont forget to go ahead and hit the subscribe button. Now recently, ive actually had the kias brother on the channel, which is the high end icona, and i really liked that car. These two share similar components, and you can tell from just looking at them that theyre related. I said that the kona had kind of an emotive pokemon feel, and i definitely think the key nero also has that, although these scoops on the bonnet give it a slightly more aggressive, feel with these slanty style headlights, but overall, its still a pretty appealing car. But you can tell why this mainly is directed towards families with kids, because it does have that fun kind of style.

You can tell this is the fully electric model, because its got the blue above the fog lights and also surrounding the bottom half of the grill. You can also see that the front grille has been blanked off because its not actually needed to cool the engine. Now on the hyundai, kona theyve actually decided to smooth this off completely, which i wasnt sure. If i liked on the e nero they stuck with this kind of diamond design, which i think makes it a little bit more interesting, the e nero comes in three levels of specification. Youve got the entry level two which can have a larger battery or to save money. You can get in the option of a smaller battery, which ill explain in a little bit more detail later on. Youve then got a level three and a range topping four and four plus, which are only available with the larger battery. All levels of the car come pretty well specified as standard you get 17 inch alloy wheels, which is something you definitely dont get on. The id 3 and 4. and all versions of the car come standard with roof rails. Even the entry level 2 trim is well equipped with dual zone: climate control, 17 inch, alloy, wheels, automatic lights and wipers keyless entry and start a 7 inch. Drivers display adaptive cruise control and a rear view. Camera level 3 adds full level upholstery. A heated steering wheel, electric heated front seats, wireless phone charging, front parking, sensors and a larger 10.

25 infotainment screen with built in sat nav and online features. This top spec trim adds a tilt and slide sunroof led headlights, a memory function for the drivers, seat and door mirrors, ventilated, front seats, heated outer rear seats, ambient lighting, a punchy, jbl stereo and extra safety kit, such as blind spot monitoring. The e nero has a great amount of storage space for a small electric suv inside the boot theres 451 litres of space, which is more than youll, find in the nissan leaf and in the voxel mocker e. If you still needed more boot space than this, then you might want to look at something like the skoda enyak, which ive recently reviewed, and you can check it out there. Its also very practical theres, a nice flat load bay for lifting things in and out of the car and youve also got quite a large amount of under floor storage, which is perfect for popping away your cables. Rear interior space is actually pretty good and bigger than youll find in its sibling the kona. I can comfortably sit three people side by side back here and because its fully electric theres no transmission tunnel, meaning that youve got plenty of leg and knee space as well. When youre not sitting, three people theres a pull out center armrest with a couple of cup holders and youve got two isofix fitment points back here. Unfortunately, though, its not all great because you havent got any usb charging ports youd need to run them from the center armrest, which isnt ideal and the door cards are also tiny, theyre only really going to fit a small bottle of water.

However, there are some things that make up for it and thats that this range, topping four plus model, comes with rear heated seats, which is a real luxury in a car of this class. So lets talk battery sizes range and charging capabilities. Well, as i mentioned, the kia gets two different size: batteries youve got a ‘ kilowatt hour battery which produces around 180 miles and then youve got a second larger, 64 kilowatt hour battery, which produces a much more impressive 281 miles now, but you might be saying: tish Theyre, not real world figures, no theyre, not they are the wltp range figures. However, both hyundai and kia have proven to hit close to those figures, so youre going to be looking at around 150 for the smaller and 250 for the larger, which is still pretty impressive. You top up the battery via a port located at the front of the car. The kia e nero has a hundred kilowatt charging capabilities. So if you find one of those on the go, you can top up the battery from naught to 80 in just under an hour using your at home wall box is going to take around six hours and from a three prong charger. Its gon na take about 20 hours so that isnt the ideal thing to do. However, you do still get two cables included with your three pin and your fast charger. So if you really needed to use it in an emergency its there, just in case to sum up the e neros interior, its very functional and practical, however, i would say its just borderlining slightly cluttered.

There is a lot of buttons and a lot going on it. Almost feels like theyve tried to fit in a button for absolutely everything when really, i know its great to have these shortcut buttons, but we dont need to have every single functionality, although, if youre somebody that does struggle with a lot of touchscreens, then the e nero Is really going to appeal to you? Storage is fantastic with two large cup holders in the center armrest that have multi use and an additional storage section behind that in terms of quality and materials used theres a really nice mix of materials. I really like this chrome detailing there is some scratchy plastics down below, but im not too fussed about those theres, a nice kind of like diamond detail across the gloss black. It is a bit of a shame that this is gloss black and, as you can see already its got pretty dusty and dirty, but then again were used to seeing it in a lot of these cars. The floating console in this vehicle is really nice. It gives you loads of storage out front, and sometimes these center consoles can be a little bit flimsy, but, as you can see, the key nero is really put together very well. Everything is very solid. Youve got some really nice physical dials that have quite a nice feel when you press them, so you know that youve definitely hit them once youre driving along, which is definitely my preference over touch screen buttons.

If you opt to go for the entry level, smaller ‘ kilowatt hour battery, you get 134 brake horsepower motor and that will propel the kia e nero from naught to 60 in around 8.2 seconds. Now that isnt, the most impressive electric car. But it is quicker out. The blocks than the citroen ec4, the peugeot e 2008, and also the mx 30. But, to be honest, none of those electric suvs were particularly built for speed. Something like the volkswagen id3 does have a much better performance, and if you did want to keep up with the id3, then youre going to want to opt for the larger 64 kilowatt hour battery, which actually gets 201 brake horsepower motor, which is quite impressive and drops The naught to 62 time from 8.2 to around 6.5, yes, okay, its not tesla, quick and its not going to throw you back in your seat, but actually for an suv, thats. Quite impressive. Of course, one of the most important things when picking an electric car is how far it will go and the smaller battery kia nero will do around 180 of claimed miles and then the larger will do around 282 of claimed miles, which is pretty impressive. However, i would argue that the more important factor is: can it stick to those, and you know what the kia e nero has proven itself to be pretty good at sticking to its claimed mileage? Yes, okay, it wont always hit those figures, but people that own the ki nero have said that actually it gets pretty close and even in really really good conditions.

It can suppress that some people with the larger battery kia nero have seen over 300 miles, which is really really impressive. Ride comfort sits somewhere comfortably in the middle, its not as firm as something like the volkswagen id3 or the bmw i3. But then again its also not as engaging as those cars but then its not quite as soft as something like the citroen ec4 or the peugeot e 2008, which really focus on ride comfort. Now those cars are very comfortable, but the only problem is they do leave you feeling almost a tiny bit seasick because they soak up those bumps so well, you feel a little bit floaty, whereas with the kia nero where it sits somewhere in the middle theres. A good connection with the road you still feel some bumps, but youre not completely disconnected all together, which actually, i think, is a good thing. You get a set of paddles behind the steering wheel now, of course, because the kia e nero is an electric car and doesnt have any gears these arent for changing your gears. These are actually for your regenerative. Braking. The left will turn your regenerative braking up and the right will turn it down now. This annoys me slightly because to me everything to the right would be increased and everything to the left would be decreased. Does anyone elses brain work like that? I feel like i should go right to turn it up and left to turn it down, but its the opposite way around and, to be honest, once youve gotten used to it thats a very, very small, minor issue, and it may just be something thats in my Head the one pedal drive is pretty good.

If you put it on its strongest setting, it will almost bring you to a complete hole, its not quite as strong as something like the bmw i3, which is famous for its one pedal drive, but it still makes the drive a lot easier. So if the larger battery car goes a hundred miles further and gets from naught to 60 in over two seconds quicker, is there really any point opting for the smaller ‘ kilowatt hour battery? Now? This is the same question. I asked myself when i reviewed the honda icona and ideally i think it all comes down to price, because really, if youre not bothered about going particularly quickly – and you only really need to do a commute of around 180 miles, which will suit you fine, then it All comes down to price if the ‘ kilowatt hour battery model is quite significantly cheaper and is going to save you a lot of a month. If youre going for a pcp, then i definitely wouldnt write it off its still. A brilliant car and 180 miles of usable range is still pretty impressive for a lot of people plus it will charge a lot quicker and there are some other benefits it is lighter, but to be honest, they handle pretty much the same. So really, if theres not much of a price difference, i would absolutely go for the larger battery car. I mean it makes sense. You get more miles, you get that extra speed, but, to be honest, if the ‘ kilowatt hour battery is a lot cheaper, i certainly wouldnt write it off if it fits into your life, so that all sounds overwhelmingly positive.

Is there anything i dislike about the ke? Nero well to be honest, its quite difficult to find things that i dislike. This car is just a really good all rounder, yes, okay, its not particularly exciting. The digital instrument. Cluster feels a little bit outdated, now its easy to read, which is a plus and also the main screen. I really dont like how the sat nav or your apple carplay doesnt, take up the whole screen, its split, which is a little bit annoying, but these are things that are probably going to appeal to other people. It has such such a simple nature about it with the physical dials, which isnt as fiddly, to use and get used to as something like the volkswagen id3, its just overwhelmingly good at what it needs to do. And if you want a car that you can trust and that you know is going to stick to those miles and be pretty reliable as well, then i think the key nero is a great option. Finding physical stock can be really difficult at the moment. However, if youre looking to lease an e nero, then you could be in luck. Lease loco is the uks biggest lease comparison website and right now they have some great offers on physical. I repeat: physical kia e neros, however its not likely theyll last. So why not head over there now and browse the website? The link will be in the description box. What do you think of the kia e nero? Would you choose this, or is there something else on the market youd go for? Let me know in the comments below if youve enjoyed this video today go ahead and give it a thumbs up, and if you want to see more content like this, then hit the subscribe button.

Thank you so much to the team over at kia colchester. If you was interested in testing out this car and wanted to see what offers they can do for you, then make sure you get in contact ill pop all their details.