Today we have the 2021 kia nero exev, so this is the full electric nero uh yeah this things: pretty sweet: 41 580, the cold weather pack, uh carpeted, floor mats and the wheel locks. Only options on this one finished in gravity blue over charcoal good amount of rear seat space biggest indicator. This is the eevee your blue accents around and then this front grille. Of course, Music going to the charge port ill, go ahead, ill pop. The hood see what we can see and what it looks like under there that actually doesnt look half bad. I expected something a lot just a box. Well, they made it look like an engine which is pretty cool Music, nice 64 kilowatt hour battery 150 kilowatt electric motor 7.2 kilowatt charger, its actually decently, quick for what it is. Obviously its not going to blow the socks off of a model s plaid. But it is definitely impressive, to say the least, the paddles behind the steering wheel, thats for your regenerative braking. You can increase, shut it off so coast to a stop and increase it to well theres, technically four levels off one two and three off one: two: three yeah four Music Music, so so thats, impressive Music, so Music youll hear it makes all kinds of weird noises. Well, not weird cool, i should say Music, so Music, Music, its so cool. I love all the little noises it makes so Music. So all right so just figured out.

It only makes the uh noises under 25 miles an hour because it figures above 25 youre. Fine. The noises are there to alert pedestrians, so Music, a lot of people dont want to embrace the electric future a lot of car guys. I should say i dont know if cars are, if you can make a nero this fun by making it fully electric im. Okay with it do, i think a gt3 rs should be electric, no, but the ticons fun. All the electric cars ive driven are a lot of fun, uh, a lot of power and theyre just overall, really fun to drive cars im impressed with them. Thank you.