It is sunny bavaria, in particular berkshires garden, a lovely little town in the south of bavaria, where no one from history has ever lived, certainly not from the past hundred years, but anyway were here to talk about this, the new bmw i4. This is the fast one. Its bmws all electric drivers car its designed to be fun to drive. This is a 64 000 top spec m50 model, so its dual motors, its about 540 odd horsepower and its quick im going to take you for a slightly soggy, walk around review, ive already driven it in the dry and ill. Stick that in in a minute lets get going Music, Music, so Music right, im, afraid the wall crown is going to be done on my gopro rather than a fancy camera, because i dont want it getting wet. But anyway, there are going to be two versions of the i4: the base one which is rear, wheel, drive with 335 horsepower and thats going to cost 52 grand in the uk and thatll do 367 miles on the charge, which is pretty good. This one, though, will only do 316., but this will do not to 62 in 3.9 seconds, the rear will drive, one is 5.7 and i reckon theres going to be some cheaper, slower ones down the line. Anyway. Both versions get an 80 kilowatt hour usable battery and both can charge on 200 kilowatt charges so 10 to 80 will take 31 minutes on a fast charger now im all right with the looks of it.

Ive kind of got used to the looks of the new m4 and m3, and this has got the big grille with active flaps down there, which you probably cant, see um for kind of cooling, the electrics the battery and the motors and the brakes and bits and Bobs, i think it looks quite modern. This is a matte color, its an intel argos, blue, really quite nice, quite like it youve got big brakes. You can actually fit bigger brakes from the end performance parts, catalog well, not bigger, but drilled and vented. If you want, the m50 gets adaptive dampers, so you can soften it off and stiffen it up and its got rear air suspension. Even the cheap one, i think, has rear air suspension around the back. You also get no exhaust pipes, but you do get a diffuser and the boot is quite a decent size. I dont actually know the litreage. I will stick it up. There theres my slightly sad, looking gimbal that i cant use thats a good test of seeing if any water gets in the boot and it doesnt it just runs onto my shoes, so yeah its quite big, its quite practical and im going to hop in the back. Excuse me being very wet: the back seats are quite roomy looking, but youve got these diddy little headrests here, which look a little bit silly. Now, im gon na hop in im six foot, three ive got a coat on and the radios come on.

For some reason. I dont know why, but anyway excuse the german man talking in the background i fit. Ive got knee room and ive got headroom. Just if i lean all the way back, i do hit my head up there a little bit um. What else have i got back here? Ive got two usb cs: im not sure, well be able to see that and climate controls as well isofix on the outer two seats, with little flaps to hide them, and the m50 that im in has got the harman kardon sound system, which is actually really really Good now the big deal about this car is its got bmws new idrive system, which im going to show you now and its flipping good. Now up front you get two screens, you get a 12.3 inch drivers display and you get a mega 14.9 inch infotainment one that uses bmws. Ui drive gen 5 using operating system a. I got that wrong in a video before and all the bmw fanboys. Basically, crucified me so yeah, it tells me the weather, it says its raining. I can definitely attest to that. But the big thing is just how lovely it is to use so youve got all sorts of natural language voice commands on here. All that kind of stuff personal assistants ive got a thing here, because its a media launcher with all the roots on there. Obviously, you wouldnt have that, but what i really like is how much stuff you can tweak.

So he says: im still working my way around it slightly. If you go to this menu here which isnt the prettiest oh yeah, and you do still have my drive controller, you can go to driving settings and look at all the stuff you can fiddle with. So, on driver assistant safety and warnings, you can change how quickly the lane change kind of warns you that youre going out the road and that kind of stuff, the good ones, though, when driving, because this is basically almost a level three autonomous car, its going to Be updated to be that you can adjust how much of a speed limit piss take the driving a system is so when youre using the automated driving you say. Actually i want to break the speed limit a little bit and itll. Let you do it and you can do all sorts of things and itll warn you when youre exceeding the speed limit situational distance control, so when youre in town on motorways, it keeps different distances from the car. You can tell it not to undertake people, or you can untick that box and undertake it will, which is brilliant. The assisted, driving stuff is quite interesting as well. Its got emergency corridor assistant, which i dont know if youre familiar, but in germany, when you get stuck in a traffic jam on a motor, everyone goes to the outside its very sensible to make a corridor for emergency vehicles, and this can do it automatically if its Driving itself, its all very clever, now some other stuff on here.

I was probably sure if i go back to the menu to talk about the noise of the car – and i will talk about this in the driving bit of this. But if we go to drivetrain and chassis, you can turn the fake engine noise on and off, and it is quite an interesting, sound ill, try and get some of that in the driving bit and you can change how much recuperation you get when you lift off The brakes so adaptive again ill talk about some driving basically means that it will vary, how much regenerative braking you get when youre in different situations, towns, countries going between speed, limit changes, it can read traffic lights it. It can do everything its really really impressive. Its by far the most advanced system, ive used in a car ever bmw always were king of the entertainment systems. Theyve formed behind a little bit, but i think theyre very much back at the top. My car play is not working because my phone is buggered thats. Nothing to do with the car, but it takes the full screen. If you use that and its wireless apple carplay youve also got wireless charging. Youve got a normal usb youve got a usbc. Youve got a cubby hole. Youve got all your usual sport, comfort, eco pro buttons, and you can customize sport and sport and sport boost which well talk about in the driving, because you actually get two different power: outputs depending what mode youre in cameras parking, stuff, yeah lots of things self driving Button is there cruise control this little button.

Here is a new one on me, so you can change what is shown in the screen, which is all very exciting, but you can also change what the head up display looks like and its a really cool advanced head up display with animations that youre not going To be able to see so i wont talk about it too much, but it is a really pretty head up display again. The best ive ever used is a really impressive car packed with technology. But the whole point of this car is its going to be an electric car, its fun to drive so im going to cut to me driving earlier when it wasnt raining elephant urine outside from a giant schlong in the sky. So yeah lets cut to driving right lets. Go for a drive in the bmw i4 m50. Its easy for me to remember that, because its telling me on the screen foot on the brake, a little blue start stop button and it wears into life. Now. First things. First, that weve talked about the driving position in this car. Put it in here. The driving position is very good in true bmw style. You can get the seat really low, the wheel, nice and far out, and it feels pretty much like the m4, except without those silly carbon testicle, tray bucket seats and its very familiar straight away, and it feels like a connected car. Some evs feel a bit aloof, but from the minute you start driving this.

It feels right, you kind of sense what its doing through your bum, the steering is not exactly alive with feel but its directing quite fast. The rack, as well so on a twisty road ive, had quite a lot of fun already now. I will talk about motorway bits in a minute, but bmw says this is the most fun to drive electric car theyve made so far, which kind of makes sense. Obviously we have the i8 but thats quite old now and this it grips and goes pretty well. I would say that, but its very wet did get a little bit of understeer around that corner, and that is the thing. Bmw has done a pretty good job of masking the weight of this car. I cant remember the actual weight but its reasonably heavy, because its electric ill stick the figurine up there somewhere, but in the wet it does understeer a bit. But you kind of want that. You dont want it to just do oversteer. However, when you get on the power in sport mode, you dont have to press dynamic, traction control. It will step out ever so slightly on the power, so it does feel like an exciting bmw. When you come out of a roundabout and its like, oh you feel the back axle working and then you get a little nerdy like that, so yeah its fun to drive up to a point, but it is a little bit understeery dont think bmw has managed to Fight physics and defeat them now in terms of general comfort, a lot of driving around town through all these uh bavarian villages and its really comfy its got adaptive dampers its got air suspension on the rear axle and you stick it in comfort mode, and it is Really quite good, its quite blissful, its almost kind of like almost like an s class from five six years ago, its really costing now the past couple of years, bmws made a big deal about the fact that hans zimmer, the composer of film scores, such as um Shark tale madagascar too, and he probably did some other bigger more adult films, but those are the important ones: hes orchestrated the electric car noise for bmw.

It is interesting, it does different things at different speeds and its quite textured and quite interesting. I think ive said interesting twice there, but its quite loud in sport mode its like round about the second exit, its pretty in your ears in your face in your ears, its quite noisy, but you can turn off, but you have to go through a few menus. Its called iconic sounds and youll want to turn it off after a while, because even in comfort mode, it gets quieter, but its still there and its just a little bit annoying. So you can get rid of it, but thats the great thing about this new infotainment system that i drive operating system – eight gen five. I drive theres too many numbers. You can customize pretty much everything right so to drive dynamically its interesting its entertaining. It does little sideways from the back, but it does still feel a bit heavy a bit understeer, especially in the wet and it kind of goes under steering oversteery. And then the stability control has a bit of a fit and sorts you out. But you never feel in danger its just theres a lot of torque and its really easy to overwhelm the tyres in the wet and that might not be the most reassuring feeling, especially if youre not helmsmith. But anyway, enough of that im going to cut to me earlier on an autobahn going fast and ill talk to you about how loud it is on the motorway now im on an autobahn motorway, and i have no speed limit so lets see how fast we can Go and see if the i4 stays refined and the right and then comfortable, left um yeah.

I mean theres a bit of road noise and a bit of tie noise, but thats 240 kilometers an hour which is um quite fast. Now ive got to break because ive got to come off the autobahn, then turn left, but yes, very, very short. Blast of high speed, autobahn and uh felt stable, felt composed. It felt like a proper bmw. Now ive got a classic german slip road here. At the end, which is tight and curvy and fun, and even in comfort mode, the body control is really really good, like not even just for an electric car for any car. The way that railed round there was really impressive im, not even in sport mode. Yet so, yes, comfortable cruiser, definitely and the first hint of something thats quite special from the electric car in corners too now naught 62 in this m50 version of the i4 is 3.9 seconds so im in sport mode sport boost mode to get the full whack there. We go launch control, active and, oh, my god, yeah thats thats, a hundred that is a bit slower than it should be because its very wet and it kind of does kick sideways slightly as youre going um. Oh, i really dont know how much grip ive got from this front. Axle yeah thats a bit of understeer yeah. It does really not hide its weight terribly well. But yes, it is quick off the line and it is, is violently fast now its probably going to be a faster version.

At some point i imagine, but 3.9 to 60 is fast enough for me. Thank you very much anyway. Thats, probably enough about driving the bmw. I4, m50 back to you tim for an outro. So in conclusion, what do i think of the bmw? I4. M50. Well. 64. 000 pounds it just isnt cheap, its quite expensive, but the level of performance is amazing. It will beat an m3 off the line and then it will not win, because, obviously, electric cars do slow down a bit, but really the driving for an electric car is pretty good. Now you do have to manage the weight and the grip in the way, as ive said so. Its not perfect, bmw, havent managed to work miracles, but id say its the best driving ev that ive driven. If that makes sense, the driving position is amazing. The entertainment is amazing, its next level, its futuristic landfill system. All the stuff on here is pretty crazy. All the driver assist stuff, so its gon na be very exciting to see what bmw does next frankly, so yeah very good car anyway. Thank you ever so much for watching sorry, its been wet and a bit miserable.