They even released a video recently, while subaru didnt disclose any technical details. We know that this ev is built on the tnga platform. Therefore, we can make some reasonable assumptions. Lets watch subarus new video together and talk about what the japanese car maker has to offer in tv space stay tuned, bakunin live back in may, subaru revealed a few images and naming of its first fully electric vehicle about a month ago. Salt era, images in green were published, including the one where you can see the car upside down through a drop of water and, more recently, a 30 second saltery video was uploaded to the official subaru youtube channel. Why this marketing strategy? Why secrecy? Why unveiling the eevee literally drop by drop? Shall we expect a big splash or they are just being shy? Lets try to answer these questions together, michael beckoning here and electric vehicles is my full time, job and passion on this channel. I review electric vehicles and some related technologies in this episode. For instance, i was talking about bz4x, the first toyota electric vehicle, which will be sharing the platform with subaru soltera. I will add a link in the description section here below and dont forget to subscribe and ring the bell if you dont, want to miss episodes like this lets have a look at soltera. Once again, do you recognize toyotas, most famous suv? I saw someone even called it a rough forester on one of the forums and, to be honest with you, its impossible to ignore the toyotas dna on this vehicle id go even further.

Its almost a re page of bz4x, if im not too far off by making this judgment, we can lean on the knowledge about bz4x. We have and elaborate a little bit. The dimensions of salt era must be very similar to rough 4.. It is just a bit lower than rough 4 and has a longer wheelbase led headlights 20 inch wheels. Designers are experimenting with dual spoilers and two tones painting lets go inside a large 40 inch screen in the middle, which is kind of becoming the industry standard, and an additional one right in front of the driver. Soltaire has a regular steering wheel versus a yoke on bz4x. The area around the central screen is glossy, and earlier versions of model 3 and y also had that finish, which many customers didnt like and were looking for. Aftermarket solutions to avoid scratches the central console is busy with physical buttons for my taste, but some customers may actually like that versus an all in one touchscreen bz4x has a glass roof which is becoming very common for avs, too and im pretty sure. This feature will be carried over to southern. However, on tayota it doesnt come as one piece such as one i have on my model y lets, wait and see what will be engineered for saltera, as i promised in the beginning. I will remind you about the technical capabilities of the tnga platform, both bz4x and saltera are built on. This is what we know about the et nga so far: conventional lithium ion battery cells battery pack size between 50 and 100 kilowatt hours, two motor types from 80 to 150 kilowatts and driving range for larger battery packs up to 370 miles.

Looking at all, those numbers, subaru may be well positioned to achieve the widely expected range of 300 plus miles, depending on the energy efficiency. Subaru and tios are able to achieve the battery pack, size will be between 75. This is what i have on my model y and almost 100 kilowatt hours. This is what we have on mustang marquee in terms of acceleration for the performance version. Subaru may choose to use two 150 kilowatt motors which will give us 300 kilowatts of power in total mustang. My key gt performance as an example can go as high as 358, kilowatts or 480 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds at 300. Kilowatts, we should expect from saltera 0 to 60 acceleration around lets say 5 seconds. The marketing spin subaru is making is a reference to its very well known and respected all wheel. Drive technology to make it simple, subarus, symmetrical all wheel, drive means that with freewheels spinning on ice, one wheel will get you out plus it helps you manage oversteer and understeer. This is not common for suvs with internal combustion engines, but ev suvs have an advantage. Two motors this will do the job nicely unless we are talking about serious offroad conditions. Ive recently discovered this model. Why testing on rollers and when you compare it with jeep wrangler, there is clearly room for improvement for evs, but can we really expect a better performance than model y from saltera? Technically, how can you achieve that? Ideally, you need to be able to direct 100 of power to any one wheel, and i dont see this being possible to execute on an ev unless you have a single motor all wheel, drive system.

Another alternative to improve awg performance is to have a separate motor for each wheel. This is the path rivian and lordstown have chosen, but we still need to see how this technology delivers. To summarize, from the marketing perspective, i guess its the right thing for subaru to say and the loyal outdoorsy customer bees will be happy to hear that, but subaru also needs to deliver in terms of pricing. Looking at competitions such as machi, ioniq, 5 and id4, it will be reasonable to expect something in the 40 to 50k usd in the united states before the tax credit subarrow is a new ev player in the us. Therefore, all subaru ev buyers should qualify for the 7.5 k, federal tax credit, and this will give subaru a chance to be more competitive compared to tesla, but not marquee, unless the bidens administration makes changes to existing policies. The interesting thing, though, about salt era: the vehicle is supposed to go on sale already in 2022, but we are still guessing what the technical specs and prices are. While the competition is actually opening pre orders on both tesla and ford websites, you can pay a nominal reservation fee and be on a waiting list. I hope the reason for that is not the risk of delaying the start of production because of covet. For those of you who might think that subaru is lazy in their attempt to introduce its first electric vehicle, i need to explain that building a new, fully electric competitive vehicle platform is a very, very expensive and challenging exercise.

We are talking billions of dollars here. This is why car makers are going more and more towards partnerships, alliances and acquisitions. The ability to engineer a platform which can be shared between various brands is a huge competitive advantage for smaller oems such as subaru.