So, as the staff made you guys very well aware it arrived last week, i think it was october 6th carl and i happened to be away at the time. So we didnt get to get in on all the festivities right off the top or right off the hop when they uh dropped and arrived. But the staff did a fantastic job going over the vehicle chatting about some of the features and because i was away when it arrived, i decided to take it home for the long weekend. So saturday night i picked it up, took it home after the lovely cooks had taken it for a test, drive, kidnapped jr and did a couple live videos on it, so um yeah when i picked it up, it had about 165 kilometers till empty. Now, one of the things that uh people have been giving it a little bit of negative feedback about is that the mx30 actually im gon na turn. This around you dont, need to see me. The mx 30 has uh is mazdas first fully electric vehicle. It is rated for a range of about 200 kilometers, which is on the lower side, but the nice thing with that means that it charges up quite quickly uh the ability to use it as a second vehicle or to be having oh dave dave, say hi there. You go so heavy as a second vehicle and what theyre building it as is not an ev for your typical ev obsessed people, but more so an ev thats, built and tailored towards people that enjoy driving still mazdas, really really big on making sure that their vehicles Are fun to drive that you feel connected to the road, and this thing actually drives very much like the mx 5, which is very well weight distributed.

It has a ton of pickup a ton of power, so you cant see anything right now, but im just popping the hood to show you how different it is under the hood. So youve got the electric motor underneath here coolant system for keeping the batteries nice and cool all your typical stuff, 12 volt battery nice and easily accessible got your windshield wiper fluid stuff thats pretty standard for anything. Youd need to touch under the hood, and everything else is going to be taken care of by our professionals and master techs here. So what i really found exciting about it is, if you look at how much you actually commute on a long term and how much youre you need for range in your day to day driving 200 kilometers actually covers pretty much all of us here in the north Island here in camb, wherever unless youre going to and from denial, but you can make it to the 911 plug it in so weve got one on order for amanda, and over this weekend we probably put about 60 kilometers on it going down to starbucks going to Both our parents for thanksgiving uh and we never had to plug it in once it was. I got back to work this morning. It still had like 90k to empty after i had taken it um just kind of walking around doing a little bit of the style points as well. But the thing that was really cool is just how comfortable it is and how fun to drive it is so yeah.

The range is a little bit lower. It is their first one. They do have a range extender version coming out. Eventually, if you are that worried about your range, but if you really think about it, your your commutes, your daily use, is not going to be 200 kilometers and you can just plug it in at home instead of having to go to the gas station or do Whatever you can get uh steel stapley at peak power, and i were chatting about it – he can install a charger for you, uh, based on the math of how much of a charge it needs. We figure its about five bucks to get the 200 kilometers out of it, that you need or that it gives all the redesigned features on its fully new body style, just a gorgeous vehicle. But i wanted to talk about a couple of things while youre driving it to make it more to optimize the range youre getting out of it, and this is a couple things that the guys hadnt gone over yet because they didnt know so. Oh lets turn that off there you go so it does have the mazda connected services, its got your touch screen down here, uh its, not dual climate control, but it is all touch screen. You got heated seats, heated steering, wheel, um. All the controls are nice and easy to get to the one thing i did notice. Its kind of funny is so youve got park versus neutral drive, theres no gears theres, no transmission, its just one speed with a with the electric motor, but when youre in drive and then for a million years, everyones thought that this was park, its not its reversed.

So make sure you dont leave it that way. You got to push it over to the side, yet the hmi commander here makes it nice and easy to control all your stuff while youre there, its got a great backup camera on it. Like most of the vehicles were used to nowadays, but up on the steering wheel, this these paddle shifters here are actually ways that you can adjust the level of regenerative braking that its using. So when you press the, you can see the little arrows right here beside the d thats, showing that its in actually acceleration mode so its going to behave very similar to an automatic vehicle. Where i take my foot off the brake and its going to start to want to move, and then if i oh its got the perk brake on thats, why so take that off and its going to start wanting to move on its own? Now, if you push the downside of the paddle shifters, you can put it down. Theres five settings totally theres, just the one in the middle at d and then theres, two back, which is giving you extra regeneration where it doesnt really want to move still the same and until youre in it and driving it. You dont really know exactly what im talking about, but if youve driven any other evs teslas or any of the other vehicles, what youll find is that when you touch the brakes, this gauge here is going to tell you that its using that power to regenerate the Battery and give you extra power back in there and extend your range, and so right now were sitting at 73 at 124 kilometers till empty.

I would be willing to suggest, because, when i drove it home, i could keep it at that for probably the rest of the day, just based on driving, using that optimization bar and using the charging youre going to be able to get a ton of range out Of it, so if youre not needing to go out of town, if you have it for a second vehicle or you just want to be environmentally conscious, you can get into something like this, with phenomenal interest rates. Great leasing, great financing, but the overall savings is gon na, be on the fact that its very low cost and electricity theres, obviously no fuel. I believe the window sticker that dana was reading the other day said about 685 dollars was going to be the cost for a yearly electricity bill to keep this vehicle going. So if you do that, thats filling it up about well, that seems even high, because five bucks to fill it is uh at 685. Thats going to be almost, i dont know im not going to try to do that math, but thats a lot so yeah. You can get a lot of fill ups into this thing. You have a lot of capability to cruise around and its fun to drive tons of space when they designed the vehicle they designed this back seat to almost be like a couch in the back. It kind of lifts up on the side and its all one piece tons of room: the back seats fold down giving you tons of space back there.

It comes with the 110 volt charger from the factory, so youve got that if you dont want to install anything at your house, you dont have to, or you can call steel or any of the other great electricians in town here and get them to hook. You up with a charger. You can see that this is running right now and is completely almost completely silent. You can hear a little bit of uh noise going on because its on, but its thats, the biggest thing you notice is when you fire it up its nice and quiet, theres, no noise, and it is so responsive, like the i dont know the 0, 0 60 Or anything like that off of it, but took the family for a drive when we were doing the thanksgiving dinner and they were all shocked at how much power comes out of this little machine. A couple other things to touch on theres, a lot of cork accents in here mazda talks about being a 100 year old company when they started their company 100 years ago. They were making cork so thats. Why they put that in here also because its nice and environmentally friendly, the seats are made out of 100 recycled plastic bottles. So you have a ton of eco friendliness there as well led lighting all throughout and yeah. I dont think theres a whole lot else that im missing on, but really all im just saying is, if you are a little bit skeptical.

Oh, i dont know how i did that if youre a little bit skeptical about evs, especially about ones with not a huge charging capacity, currently know that they are going to work on that and get better as solid state batteries and range extenders start to come out. But really just come down and drive this thing and be surprised with us with how awesome it is. We have free charging 24 7 here. So if you need to be, if you need a little top up and you work near us or you want to stop by its a stage 2 charger, so its gon na charge up nice and quick, i think i had it on for an hour this morning And it added 30 kilometers chris is saying it halls ass, which absolutely i agree with and im really not sure what to point at right now. So im gon na go back to myself but yeah. If uh. If you had any interest in evs its here, uh its not sold yet, obviously, if it sells, then itll be gone until the next one shows up. I think amandas is due to show up in uh november december and um yeah. We would just love for you to come and check it out. Try it out just because if you dont try it you dont, know and uh yeah 200 kilometers of range, not a big deal, but how many of you are driving around with your gas tank on pretty close to empty anyways.

So dont be stressed about where your kilometers are, you can plug it in you can plug it in here you can get a charger installed, maybe a thousand bucks at home, and you can have that and you think about how much fuel youre taking to get a Tank of fuel is probably i dont know in most vehicles getting up to 80 100 bucks. Thats 10 tanks of fuel gets your charger installed. Then five bucks to charge this thing you plug it in overnight youd be at a full tank every time. So you wouldnt have any issue there. Anyways thats, just some real world experience very comfortable. We had four of us in it. We had uh did the driving around for the long weekend. We didnt go very far, but we were all around town and no range anxiety whatsoever because it really just didnt get down to a spot where it was concerned. So if you have any questions drop them in the comments, if you want to come check this thing out in person, id love to show it to you, love to have the team. Take you for a drive, wed love to sell it to you, of course, uh. But even if you just want to try it out, so you can say that youve driven the new all electric mx30, you know what its all about. You can feel that power that were talking about yeah just come and give it a shot.

Hope you had a fantastic long weekend had some time with the family and uh. We look forward to seeing. If you dont want an eevee thats. Fine, too, we got all sorts of new mazdas. We got tons of used vehicles um when carl and i were in ontario talking with some of the other dealerships that were dealing with its actually crazy how few new vehicles there are at other places, uh compared to like out east and everything theres. A couple really really big places: um that have like five new mazdas. We have like 30 and we have a bunch incoming so know that were were planning ahead to make sure to keep vehicles in stock to be able to help you out and uh used vehicles. We buy one or two a day, so were gon na always have that stuff and if we dont have it here were happy to find it for you. I can see why danas not always looking at the camera when youre facing it sideways like this, because i want to look at me but im not making eye contact but anyways all right guys, ill, stop rambling for today, uh yeah drop a comment. If you have any questions, i see steels charming. What do you say looks awesome. Benjamin just thinking fill the tank for under five dollars in electricity by the way, its still peak power electric ltd, and we are ev charging expert, exactly thats. Why thats? Why hes? Our guy all right well, like i said no more rambling, carl and i are probably gon na, be back doing a weekly sometime this week.

We might get our good buddy james crockett in there as well and uh. We will chat with you guys soon. Let me know if theres anything else, you want to chat about any vehicles that are here id love to go over it with you. Im gon na try to get on a couple more videos here because i like doing them and it kind of motivates the staff to do it. If they see me doing it so anyways have a great day, have uh awesome, oh its tuesday short week and uh.