Today we are going to be reviewing the jaguar. I pace ev400 awd. So first this is a 360 off the car. It has a pretty sleek design with aerodynamic. It has a little air pocket here for better flow. It goes straight up through the middle, the jaguar sign, and now we are charging it. In fact, it is at the just above the top left tire thats, where you charge it. This is a fast charger and guys this car is his car up here, 2020 and south african car. So here we are, it says, jaguar on the side at the bottom there these handles when you lock it and unlock it when it locks the handles go in and when you unlock it the handles go out. It has the jaguar symbol on the tires and guys it has a big boot space theres, a big boot space here it has it auto opens like that huge guys like i could lie down on this right here. You click this button at the top here. Right guys over here – and it has a cool feature so when you unlock the car it is unlocked, but when you unlock the car, when it was locked, theres a huge little theres a light here, you cant, i dont know if you can see it its right. There theres a light that shines right. It shines on the floor and it has the jaguar symbol with the word jaguar on it.

I know pretty cool right, guys, uh, then it when you open the door, you go inside pretty pretty pretty roomy here, as you can see, has this you can lower it down. Just put your cups here. You can charge your phone down here. Oh here you are up here. This is what the front looks like. I know really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beautiful it has a digital dashboard, three digital screens. In fact, then, if you look up oh by the way, guys that doesnt come with it thats own attachment, you can put your laptop or tablet up there instead and watch some videos or movies, you actually have a glass roof. I know it does not shine bright. It is like a sunglass glass, so the sun doesnt hurt you any or anything, but you can see through the top of it. Then guys, if you go to the oh, but if i do that guys if youre trying to leave – and you want to go to the shops – you have this little stuff to put all your valuables like your phone, it will, if youre leaving something you can put It at the bottom here and stuff. Okay, then, if we move to the front, you have a you: have the settings, the jaguar symbol, the pedals and the cool thing about this guys is also heres, the speakers, but you can lock the car unlock it here and you can so you can move your Seat back to how you want it, you press m and which number you want it to be like m1, so you press, m and then m1.

Then when you want it and then you can change it, then when you want to go back to that, you just press one and it will automatically go back there by itself, then guys its a cool theres like a floating console here, as you can see, it Goes straight through like that guys straight through through the top right there same thing on that side: okay, guys hope you enjoyed the video lovely to see you guys, hopefully ill see you back soon on this page, so guys when you lock the car to end it Off the lights go back inside, so cars can come in and out without bumping.