This could well be the best value of them all. Am i getting under the collar looking at it? Absolutely not, but theres? No denying that it does shape up to be a very solid, no frills contender if youre after a pragmatic, electric thats right its electric family car. That will get you from a to b with zero fuss. So is it that or is it as uninspiring to live with, as it is to look at well lets find out? Shall we, but before that, make sure you subscribe to the car by youtube channel click on the bell icon? Then you get notifications every time. A new video goes live and hey leave a comment. We love hearing from you and well try our best to reply. This isnt a car, despite mgs history, with small, dynamic sports cars that you can spec with lots of extra trinkets like bigger, wheels or body kits. Yes, theres a bit of chrome at the front around the windows and a bit more at the back, but thats it its obvious just looking at it that this is a sensible car through and through, and that continues on the inside. Oh its a bit dull in here, although i do have to admit everything – is perfectly functional mg havent tried to do anything overly dramatic or super gimmicky like the infotainment screen here, its not as intuitive as bmw or mercedes, but its got everything that you need. Its got sat nav its got, dab, radio, even the basic models all come with apple carplay and android auto we dont have digital dials here, but weve got a very nice layout, little tft screen in the middle here.

That shows you all the information that you need, like range, etc. Climate controls, we all know im a big fan of physical twisty, two dials big fan of those rather than having touchy slidey things or something hidden within the infotainment system. One thing i have noticed is when you are adjusting the temperature, which im going to make a bit cooler, because its very hot today is that they do feel a bit hard and plasticky. Does it surprise me, does it annoy me not really i mean it might work out perfect for some family car buyers quite happy to throw the kids in throw the dog in without the fear of scratching up any shiny switch gear or any shiny fancy veneer. You know its not too bad if you want a full list of the kit you get with the mg5. Your best bet is to head to car buyer code at uk, where youll find our full review and with all the details, suffice to say unless you want the fancy heated electrically, operated leather seats of the exclusive model, wed save some cash and opt for the entry Level excite trim, which is priced from just a smidge over 25 grand after youve factored in the governments plug in car, grant whats, arguably more important than the fairly generous list of kit is range and charging at this end of the market. Battery specs vary wildly, but thankfully the mg5 comes up trumps in this regard.

There are two batteries available with even the smaller one of the two capable of around 200 miles in the real world. The bigger one, which is a 61 kilowatt hour battery, will officially do 250 miles on a charge or 220 to 230 in real world driving. The mg is slightly less competitive when it comes to charging, while the peugeot e 2008 will charge up at 100. Kilowatts. The mg 5 maxes out at 80, but dont, let that put you off itll, still charge to 80 percent in less than an hour or overnight, via a seven kilowatt wall box. Now this is normally the part of the review where i will tell you what this car is like to drive, but its an mg5 youre, probably a little bit more interested in the practicality side of things like boot space, for example. Interestingly, apart from the porsche tycan crosstourismo, this is the only electric estate car currently on sale, which gives the mg5 somewhat of a usp loads of room 464 litres of boot space with the seats as normal or you can fold them down and get 1 456 litres Of space youve also got some netting around the sides. You can hold bits in place. I mean the load. Space is very nice and deep, even if you do have to lug your stuff over the lip i shouldnt have packed. So many shoes lets have a look at the back. Shall we now the estate body works wonders back here, because the roof line just stays nice and high over your head im, five foot, six loads of headroom loads of knee room got a couple of usb sockets.

Here and hey: look a couple of cupholders cant go wrong really, in addition to the impressive level of standard kit, every mg5 comes with a seven year: 80 000 mile warranty. Electric cars should be more reliable than petrol and diesel models because they have far fewer moving parts under the bonnet. Even if you drive it like you stole it, which you absolutely wont lets get this straight right from the outset. The dreary styling translates to driving experience. I mean yes, weve got a decent shove. It does not 62 in 7.7 seconds, which actually makes it quicker than the vw, rd3 or other petrol rivals like the ford focus estate, but its just not as fun as those either or at all. Really i mean it just rolls so much in corners, it pitches and wallows, as youre going over dips and crests, and when you brake hard, it doesnt feel that controlled the steering feels really light. So youre not really having a lot of fun when youre driving around twisty turny roads. Lord knows i have tried all the different driving modes and none of those have made any improvement really. What has surprised me more than all of that is the fact that its not actually that comfortable in and around town, which an mg5 surely is going to be spending most of its time. I mean as soon as you hit a bump or a dip or a pothole youre, just going to get caught out by them its much happier and much better on motorways and like smoother roads.

But as we all know, with electric cars, the faster you go, the less range you have. So if youre going to look at this as a motorway car, those range figures arent going to be that great right lets still make and deal break prices are comparable with many, similarly spec petrol cars. This is one of the cheapest electric cars on sale and it doesnt come at the cost of standard equipment. You can expect rock bottom running costs too. There are two battery options, but even the smaller cheaper version should return 200 miles on a charge, its remarkable. How few electric estate cars are on sale at the moment, but the space inside makes the mg5 an extremely attractive family car. You might get loads of kit, but youll also find pretty hard plastics inside, even if it should prove durable. If you enjoy driving this isnt the car for you frustratingly its not all that comfortable either style is subjective, and maybe you like the design or youre willing to overlook it, but well the mg5 isnt a looker in the traditional sense of the word. I started this review by suggesting that this is the best value new car currently for sale, and you know what i am not taking that back. No siree, i mean yeah theres, no denying this is a pragmatist car, a kind of car if you just want maximum space for minimum running costs, and you dont really care what it looks like or how it drives.

I mean i like fun, exciting stylish cars, and this is none of those things, but theres also quite a lot to admire about it and hey. If you go out and buy an mg5, you will go down in my book as a right thrifty, little sausage.