This is the front of the mg aster. As you can see, it has a diamond studded grille with nine crystal elements led and led drls, but it does not have a led fog lamp. You can see the front parking sensors as well as the front parking camera. The mg aster is powered by a 1.3 liter turbo petrol engine with 140 ps power and 220 nm torque. It is also expected to come in a 1.5 liter, naturally aspirated engine with 110 ps power and 144 nm torque the length of mg aster is 4323mm. The width is 1809 mm and the height is 1650mm, it is a five door car and the wheelbase is alright, which is 2585mm. The side orvms are given with leds. There is a black lighting at the bottom. All the four wheels are 17 inch diamond cut. Alloy wheels with red brake calipers mg has given the same 9. Crystal elements led and led drls at the back as well. The aster logo placement is in the center. You can see the zs and the adas badging, which is the autonomous drive assistance system at the bottom. You can see fake exhausts, they have also given the reflectors parking cameras and parking sensors at the back. You can also see a rear wiper. So this is how you open the mg asterisk boot, just like the volkswagen. The boot carrying capacity of this car is 48 liters, which is decent enough. There is a cabin light, and the spare wheel is a 16 inch steel wheel.

It also comes with a 6040 rear seat, split to increase the boot capacity. This is the british dynamic badging just to show its, not chinese. These are the ac vents which are inspired by the audi a3 at the bottom. You can see the orbm controls and the headlight adjust. This is the bottom flat steering wheel with steering mounted controls at the back. You can see the 10.25 inches massive digital cluster with the mg pilot, which is the new safety system they have given the cruise control. The headlight adjust the right and the left indicator, but they do not have the paddle shifters. So this is how the mg aster gets its name. The ai aster robot, which will answer to your millions of questions through voice command. Now they have given a manual adjust dimming rear view, mirrors now theres a very unusual placement of the usb button. At the top, you can see the engine start, stop button, the ac vents, and now this is the 10.27 inches massive infotainment display, which has a tons of control. They have wireless android, auto and apple carplay. Now this is the gear knob for the mg aster. They have given a 360 packing camera button and a button for traction control. This has the regular automatic, the parking, reverse neutral, a drive mode and a sports mode and a manual override mode. This is a cvt transmission. The whole interior of mg aster is wrapped in a very nice touch, leather.

They are available in three colors. This is the red one. The door panels are stitched properly. Hello astoria here now lets talk about the rear seats of this car, its just adequate for three people, and they might not be that comfortable. Now this is the massive panoramic sunroof of this car and i must say it gives a very nice view and makes the car look more spacious. I am a six feet guy and the legroom was just fine. The under the support was all right, and the headroom was not that good. The good thing is that they have given three adjustable headrests with 40 60 split to increase the boot capacity. The armrest is given with two cup holders with a closing lid, which can also protect your cup from spilling that covers all the details about this car. So are you planning to buy a new car or a bike, and are you still confused? Dont worry? We provide a free car consultancy for that head on to our instagram account and you can dm us or email us from the link given below so thats it for todays video.