It is the first ever electric car worked on by bmws m division and in this video im going to review it by driving it from here munich airport, all the way to the bavarian mountains yeah its a distance of about 200 kilometers. But this car has a range of 500 kilometers. However, i think im going to take it by the auto barn and max it out and see what doing that does to the range also going to launch the car to how quick it is from north 60 miles an hour see if its quicker than my bmw M3, it could be also after the journey im going to launch it again to see if using the battery actually reduces the performance. Anyway, im at watson and youre watching car wow buying a new car, then head to car wow, and my team will help. You find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison site. Okay, now, im leaving the airport of munchins and ive got 99 of the battery ive reset the trick computer and we have a claimed range of 377 kilometers, which isnt quite the 500. I was hoping for thats, obviously calculated based on how people have been driving this car and thats motoring journalists for you, anyway, the gates all right, ill, aveda zayn enjoy your day, yeah nice. That was awkward anyway lets um lets launch it see if we can get that expected range down even further right.

I found an open stretch of road, so im going to launch this car im going to put into sport boost mode which gives me full 544 horsepower and 795 newton meters of torque this things supposed to not 60 in 3.9 seconds. However, can it go quicker than the best time ive had out of a bmw, m3 launching, which is 3.6 seconds? Here we go. What will the specialist timing gear say? Christ naught to 60 in 3.6 seconds, so exactly the same as the m3 wow. That is impressive. Now launch the car with the battery charge over 90 percent. Then you get full power once it goes below 90. The amount of power you get slowly starts to reduce im. Actually gon na do another launch later on in the video when ive got a lot less battery charge remaining to see how that affects. The performance now were on the autobahn. Its de restricted ive got 84. The battery weve done 48.7 kilometers 330 kilometers of range lets reduce that now so top speed of this car 225 kilometers an hour which is 140 miles an hour with restriction on that other bmw. Cars 155 miles an hour 250 kilometers an hour, but there we go cruising along at 150., ive gone too far and my charge level is decreasing rather quickly, its a little bit rainy. So i dont want to do sustained high speed. Really i just dont feel comfortable still ill. Tell you what you notice, zooming along the autobahn at high speed, an electric car just how quiet it is, in fact, its so quiet im really noticing the rain hitting the windscreen thats.

The only sound im. Getting really are the noise of the trucks that im overtaking right, thats the d restrictions section over showing me how to do it in the wet im sure theres more to come later. I just put the cruise control on the auto steering yes, its auto steering. Is he gon na recognize the reduced speed limit? Oh yeah, yes, thats good! It just set me to the new low speed limit, which is obviously for this tunnel. In fact, this is that thing that everyone does in a tunnel lets roll down the window and accelerate. Looks like thats one thing we wont all be doing in future. One spectral cars abandoned theres, no point in an electric car unless you want to hear slightly more tire noise. Oh my god. What is that smell? We shouldnt put the window down now its like weve. Just driven through a load of cow neck lets talk about the design, so i quite like the front of this car im getting used to bmws kidney grills and they look quite good blanked in because, obviously you dont need engine cooling and their houses sensors as well. Not sure about this, though theyre stuck on m badge, it looks like someone with some basic diesel, bmw found and then badge off someone elses car and stuck it on their car to pretend that they got the performance model. Dont know why theyve done that just looks a bit odd, this being the m50 has a sportier lower bumper than the standard i4 moving down the sides.

We start off with seven for whom the belt holes you start off with 17 inch alloy wheels. Thankfully, these are the top of the range 20s youre going to need 20s. Once again, m50 model gets blue sporty brake calipers got air breather here, its not fake. Another end badge, though this doesnt look fake. The m50 also gets fistable m style door mirrors. Sorry about that side, skirts on this m50 model to make it look more sporty im liking the flush door handles theyre, nice and the swooping roof line. That kind of coupe a design looks cool, but what does it do for practicality? Well find out later, i quite like the back of this youve got sculptured tail lights, a little bit of a bootlet spoiler rather than having fake exhaust pipes on this m50 version. You have a diffuser im, not sure, if thats fake its a bit odd, though weirdly i kind of like the look of the rear of this car in terms of pricing. The i 4 starts from 52 000 pounds the m50, though that starts from 64 000 pounds. Now, if you want to make sure youre paying a fair price for your next new car click on the pop out banner up there to get a car while follow the link in the description, you can also sell your car through car wow now. Well make sure you get a fair price for that as well alternative. If you wanted that after the video simply google help me car, wow and my team – and i will sort you out so weve done – 110 kilometers and weve got 65 battery remaining weve come off the autobahn, but well be rejoining it again shortly.

But i want to show you something first, its the acceleration that you get from this car, its as brutal as ive felt in any electric car im going to illustrate it with jack. So just relax jack ready now, im going to floor it and shock jack. Actually, before that lets put it into sport, boost ready, no just relax, actually dont be ready, dont be ready, were not going to do it whats that, like its okay, when im expecting it, but not so much okay, so i actually think that its probably not worth Us doing it anymore, im going to show people now the hand, zimmer noises, so this is really interesting. So what im going to do is put the car in two. You knew that was coming didnt you yeah yeah, damn it anyway. You might be able to hear this ive got whats known as iconic sound set on this car. So you got this weird noise when you accelerate and decelerate, which has been created by hans zimmer and its different, depending on, if youre, in sports mode or comfort mode. So this is in sports mode Music and then, when you break it, what do you think of that jack? It sounds happy and then sad, okay were gon na put it into comfort mode, its the same but quieter, right. Happy then, sir happy and sad its almost like hes just blowing down some kind of tube and hes just changed the length of the tube for comfort compared to spore.

And if you have in eco pro mode silent. Does that mean that the noise actually uses energy? Maybe insightful right lets get back on the autobahn thanks for your help here, jack its been really really useful. If youre wondering why im now sat in the back of the car, its because i made jack feel sick with all this sudden, accelerating so he said the only way to get over that was to drive. So let him drive and im taking the opportunity to see what this car is like in the back seats. So knee room is okay and jacks. Quite a tall guy, its over six foot headroom in the back, is okay for me because im under six foot, but i think a taller person might struggle a little bit its because the cars got a sloping roofline one thing thats interesting about this is the unlike Something like a tesla model, 3, its not based on a pure ev platform. It shares its underpinnings with the 3 series and, as a result, you have this lump in the floor there, which is designed for a prop shaft and all exhaust and stuff like that which you get with an internal combustion engine car. So you dont have a flat floor, which means that if i can do it, while its driving sit in the middle seat, i have to go legs. Akimbo, darling, yeah, so its not so confident carrying three in the back, probably as a tesla model.

Three. Well, i cant fault those. This look, you have through loading there its good and then you have an armrest here and bmw do bother to cover up the cupholders, so you dont put your arm in them when youre resting on them. Youve also got handy flip up ice fix anchor cover, so you wont lose those when you decide to fit a baby seat in the car which i would have to and now im doing all the looking about myself and just going around the corners its like hes. Getting his revenge because im starting to feel sick, i think electric cars are slightly more sickness inducing because theyre just silent near that sudden surge of acceleration anyway im going to continue. So this cars got climate control in the back and two usbc ports for charging phones, decent sized door, bins and quality back here is actually pretty good click up there. If you want to see a full in depth, video review of the tesla model 3 jack – and i have decided to pull over the side of the road to try and let the sickness pass. So if you see some cars going past thats, why, anyway im going to use this as an opportunity to talk you through the interior of this new i4, and it has a very similar feel to a normal four series. It is only slightly different, its not quite as showy as an audi or a mercedes, but the quality is better and it has a sporty feel so being a bmw, sit nice and low steering wheels in the perfect position.

Obviously, theres plenty of adjustment in it as well and in the seating position which you can get high if you need it to be. However, youve also got blue on the steering wheel. More blue here youve got blue stitching blue on the gear selector and a blue. Stop start button, which signifies this car is indeed electric youre, also separated from your front passenger by this large center console here, which is nice, and this car is the m50. So you do have sporty upgrades like these um seat belts and the m steering wheel. I think that stands out, though this huge screen and its curved and the detail on them is incredible. Its as good as my phone and its super responsive as well runs bmws latest idrive. Now theres lots you can do with it. Theres loads of different features, apps and menus and blah blah blah, which will probably take an age to learn. One thing they have definitely improved is the digital drivers display the layout sort of the same as before, but theres way more information on it. So you can scroll through different views. You can display various types of information that you want. I much prefer it still, not my favorite system, but i like it much more than the system that i have in my m3. However, theres one thing i prefer the m3 and its the physical climate control buttons theyre now just on the screen, theyre like not ideal, but still better than that weird sliding thing you have in volkswagens latest cars, which, quite frankly, theres also voice commands.

Do they work? Hey bmw, set temperature to 25 degrees, hey bmw, set temperature to 25 degrees. I found several destinations, which one shall i select. They still need to do some work on that. I think brilliant anyway lets talk about storage because thats, embarrassing, so youve got some storage under here usbc. You have some storage under here with your cup holders, big wireless charging pad where you can fit your galaxy fold. Hashtag now out, theres, also a decent sized glove box. There theres big door bins, fit a bottle in there. A um bmw launch lanyard there and then some things that you need to carry in the car for german regulations, its all good, all practical on fairly nice good news, jack and i arent feeling quite so sick anymore. The bad news is weve encountered a twisty road. So im compelled to do my job and test this cars handling, so we might start feeling sick again very soon. The first thing to notice is the steering its precise plus the car, exactly where you want it to go, but theres not much feel through the wheel. The next thing is the performance haha response you get from the dual motors is incredible: it really rockets you out the corners and because youve got four wheel, drive grip, even though its fairly slippery its doing a decent job of putting the power down, though, eventually, oh The tires do start to break traction. You get the stability control, just raining in the power whoa.

I do know its good. It really does stay nice and flat when youre going around the bend, so thats impressive, but you do notice when you start going really quickly into a corner, maybe a little bit too quick. You start to see that this car is quite heavy. It disguises its weight. Really well most of the time, but then, when youre really pushing it hard, it just doesnt have the outright agility of something like an m3 or even an m340i, so its fun for an electric car, but not as fun as a proper petrol m car. One of the great things about the i4 is that look. It is a hatchback, so the boot capacity is 470 liters, which is pretty large. It may be 10 liters less than the bmw 3 series, but the hatchback tailgate really does improve the practicality and its quite easy to load. Look so ive got a selection of stuff that i can illustrate that with so. The load lip isnt too big. So its easy to lift heavy things like a camera case out and jacks tatty rock sack, my posh rucksack burberry hashtag. No ad again, oh look weve got number! You dont know about that. Youve got some hooks to hang things off. Youve got 12 volt socket theres places to store stuff in those nets, theres no room under there. Really, apart from your charging cables, which is okay, if you need to fold down the seats, unfortunately, you do have to bucker it go around, but first ive done that you can just about reach it from here.

If you want to and look there theres your space in fact, im going to do the lot, so you can see what its like, with the seats folded out its harder to do this way around see relatively flat, low blade, very, very practical. The usable battery capacity on the bmw i4m50 is 80 kilowatt hours and its going to take you 13 hours to charge it using a basic 7 kilowatt war charger at home. However, if you can use a dc charger, if you charge it at 50 kilowatts, you can go from 10 to 80 full in 71 minutes, and if you find a 150 kilowatt charger, you can charge it. The same in just 30 minutes find yourself a 150 kilowatt charge. All right, ive decided to leave the sweeping country roads because theyre as smooth as a babys bottom, and i want to see what this car is like when you drive it on some porous surfaces, and i found some in this residential area. So im going to put the cars systems into comfort, mode and thats slackened off the suspension. Now this m50 has actually stiffer suspension than standard. I 4 youve got stiff springs at the front and youve got air suspension at the back, but in comfort mode. Even though this is a sporty model, it deals with bumps really well im, actually seeking out poor surfaces and manhole covers and stuff like to drive over and even then this car is not phased, it is comfortable and when you have it in comfort mode, the steering Goes lighter so its easier to do necessary maneuvers when youre reaching a dead end like this go around many roundabouts and uh yeah go back on yourself, embarrassing, i hope no ones watching me.

I probably think im casing the joint anyhow im going to put this car into b mode, and then you get extra regenerative braking. So when you lift off the accelerator, the car slows even more than normal. In fact, you can drive on one pedal alone, because you can bring it to a complete stop by lifting off the accelerator ill show you now so im doing 30 kilometers an hour lifting off, and you can see how quickly i come to a halt easily and Then i can drive away again if there is one minor complaint i have about this car its. The forward visibility. You see, the bonnet is really quite high and long. So if you want something where you can get a better view forwards, you probably want to check out an electric suv and ive picked one of my favorite ones up there. So if you click on that pop up banner, you can check out what it is. Theres. Also, a link in the description, okay, im. Finally arriving at my destination, look theres, all the bmw guys here so ive been driving for 185 kilometers ive got 37 of the battery remaining, which means, if i do the maths, a full battery should take me 293 miles. Based on how ive been driving, which is way off what bmw claims i have been driving quickly on the autobahn, launching the car and hooning it up the mountain. Now, what ill do is see what happens when i launch it from to 60 miles an hour with battery only at 37 will i get a slower time? Will it reduce the power and how much buy? I just need to find a straight road where i can launch the car around here, but i think ive planned this rather badly because im looking at the map here and its all a bunch of twisty roads because surprise, surprise, thats how the roads are in the Alps im sorry guys this wasnt supposed to be clickbait.

I really wanted to do it. I just havent thought this through particularly well at all. Id have to drive another 200 kilometers that way, and i dont think ive got the range for that anymore. Sorry, Music! So then whats my final verdict on the new bmw. I4. M50. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should shortlist, the i4 m50, its a really nice electric car, that does so many things very well and its fun to drive just not quite as fun as an internal combustion engine car. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like. Let me know in the comments whether you agree with my final verdict.