Here little Nicks, step uh. We would check out that video well put a link in there for everyone who wants a bit of uh entertainment. If you dont know, Nick already, he has his own YouTube channel whats it going in the name of now uh, well, its just EV, Nick EV, Nick just search EV Nick. If youre not subscribed already check out over there, because Nick has been on a bit of a mission hasnt, he Gary whats, he been doing yeah hes, actually gone away and installed all the EV chargers behind us and reviewed them and then fed back. All the pinch points which means Gordon we dont have to do it, which is fantastic isnt. It yeah and people often come to us. Oh youve reviewed lots of EV charges. Actually, the truth be told on the wall behind us, weve actually only looked in detail at two of them and were in the process of looking at a third at the moment. So watch for that video coming out, and then i kind of but remember also theres one missing from the world back in the early days when we started the channel our first EV charger partner, you had a look at with Joe was the uh. Was the uh yeah? It was Rolec and at that time they owned the market. There wasnt any other chargers really out there and i dont see them on the wall. Behind us. Nick whats happened to Rolec uh.

Well, i used to have a Rolec at my house and i uh took it down. They replaced it with one of these right. Okay, so we went smart yep and it seems yeah Rolec have sort of drifted away and were not were not seeing any of the Rolec anymore, but weve got an immense range behind us who are the rising stars. We should be looking at now. Oh that do you know what that is actually a more difficult question than you think, but i think at the moment weve got lots of money pouring in off Wallbox, because theyve now entered the US market, big big market, the Zappi, the Indra and the Ohme, and The Easee are all at the moment, really heavily investing and really moving forward, and we looked in your video Nick about all those things about, looks about apps and all the decisions the customer may want to make. But this video is more concentrating on the electrician isnt. It yeah and obviously theres two things: electricians really care about the first one being price and the second one being how easy to install well go in the reverse order, Nick which one and youve reviewed them all. Do you thinks the easiest to install so the absolute easiest to install is this one here? This is the new Ohme system, so at the moment, ive just got it for testing purposes. Ive got ive, got a commando socket on the end, but it just basically comes ferruled.

At the end, you put this into a waterproof junction box that all electricians. You know you know how to use youre used to doing them and youve got some CT clamps that go in a Wago box again something that youre all simply. You know using that and then you plug it in turn it on and some buttons come on. The screen you select what the main fuse is for the dynamic load balancing and you select, the customers got solar and then you walk away right so hold up so lets just unpack that there Gary Gary normally comes in. Oh, i love an app. No, no! I dont know i like the fact we didnt mention an app at that stage. So all im going to make is a separate box of connections, line neutral and CPC. So im going to hard wire it in im going to make some connections made for those CT. Clamps i dont have to unseal the box or take it that box box. Do not what you open in the box wow so that that removes one of the issues electricians are feeding back to us. Is that danger of not necessarily getting the screws back on? Maybe the correct torque setting and the ingress of liquids, moisture, etcetera and causing a problem down the road isnt it yeah damage to what we know as the farm yard inside there. So you know that i mean that looks that looks pretty good any other any other star performers from an install point of you, so theres a couple more standouts, so the Wallbox, the Indra at the moment and im just not saying if theres any others uh the Evbox at the end, they all use uh, Wago style terminals inside for their connections, and i dont know about you, but from electricians that ive seen they dont tend to have torque screwdrivers to hand to you know, tighten up some of the connections in there, so maybe Using a maintenance free block like that would get rid of some of those possible issues.

Id say: yeah thats a really important thing there, the seal on often these theres, a torque setting from vitally important once you get in there and youve got a connection on to what you call the farmyard PCB board. Obviously, an aggressive wrist could mean that we weaken and possibly snap it off the board itself and from personal experience i can tell you that normally doesnt show up that failure when youve installed it its normally its only a little bit down the road when the circuit Board connection gives up and youll be back for for a warranty call out, and so you, when you fitted them, have you actually wired these units in yourself, so i ive just wired them up to one of these for testing purposes, obviously, because its just quick and Easy for me, to put it in, show, show me: you know how its installed and how its done and thats just basically how ive done it. So ive opened some of the units up that need opening up now: im, not electrician, so i dont own a torque screwdriver, so to have a a maintenance free block like that. Its perfect for me to to show an example, but ive also seen that a couple of the units they put the screw terminals for the electricians connection right at the end of the PCB, where, if you just tightened it a little bit too tight, you might break The PCB at the back, okay and the tendency, then, is to go a little bit looser and you suggested that youre not an electrician and you dont own, a torque screwdriver thats, not exclusive to people that arent electricians and if you havent, seen Nick on the electricians Challenge you will see he is definitely not an electrician.

Obviously put your comments in below as well on what your thoughts are about: the PCB connections to the chargers, whos, who does a really easy install in terms of your opinion? What you found those cable entries – i mean – i see some of them theres a tendency to try and shrink the size down of the charger. Yes, which is great for the homeowner. Yes, and i know what youre going to say now, what if you got a big armored cable in there and ive got to admit theres some of them. I would not want to install with a big armored, cable, yeah but yeah, and then of course, the smaller it gets. Then the lead becomes a problem doesnt it. So, of course, once weve seen behind us here, weve got leads all around and in your video we also talked about the tethered and untethered lead as well, and whether that was an issue you said the other thing was going to be about cost to that installer And we know as time moves on and depending when youre watching it. There may not be a grant at all now and obviously weve got the full cost up front for the customer, and is that going to be obviously making some decisions based on which one you want to start offering out to your customers, because, obviously, its better value? Whats your things on that Gordon uh well, yeah, well, thats what a lot of Nick finds we know which ones we like, because you dont need extra ancillary items which ones your pick for that uh, the avoidance of an add on cost.

Well, at the moment, i i just think that every single charge point sold in the UK should come built in with most protections like DC leakage and also pen, fault detection, so youre not having to put earth rods or an extra separate device that most consumers lets. Be honest, dont have room for, and some electricians may be tempted to put them in the DNO cabinet, and i would say that RCD, so we can move it out. I think the A type RCD should be at the origin, love your thoughts on that and the DC leakage to be built into the actual charges themselves, meaning that effectively weve done a B type RCD at the uh, the consumer unit end yeah and thats. The trend were seeing across most of them: yeah theyre, moving the yeah, the upstream protection to the the distribution board, absolutely and again, whats your thoughts on. If you end up having to RCD, protect your cable, yet theres RCD protection in the actual EV charger as well. What youre thinking about that on selectivity? Is it an issue isnt an issue and thats another topic, obviously, that wed like to tackle yeah some installers, actually didnt realize theyd done that actually carried on installing them, without realizing that that protection had gone from inside the charger. So it was in say in an EV charger theyd taken it out as a manufacturer, which i think its a good thing and theyd ask then the installer to install that A type RCD at source and youre telling me people have missed that yeah.

If youve missed it, yeah got ta watch those. You know obviously electricians. We dont like to read instructions. No, we dont in this fluid market. I would suggest you always read the instructions yeah. I would yeah because its rapidly changing – and with that in mind, some of the easy charging points behind us are due an upgrade and youre youre. Privy to that – and we know some some different changes about looks as well as whats going on inside them. Now. Nick you did touch on there. I think, as you said in the future, Gary what is happening with the OZEV grant, so the ooze grant is going to go its going to disappear. We we know that its going to disappear. I do think theres going to be some kind of regulations maybe put in on making them smart, maybe from more of a DNO and grids perspective. So i think a lot more. I think its going to be a requirement now that theyve got some smart control for the national grid. In you know, in a grid response level to turn down or off a charger and thats time dependent as well. Isnt weve heard rumors about different times of the day, where you wont be able to charge in the new world of EV charges, but you think thatll be regardless. Every charger has to have it and you dont get a grant for for the installation. Yes, i think it will go that way, but i think well, we wont see the you know: youre not allowed to charge at this time.

I think what will happen is customers will be incentivized not to charge at a time, and the customers that want to charge at that time will will will pay for the benefit. Okay, so you might be able to charge it 530 in the evening, but it might be one pound a kilowatt hour or something exactly yeah now make a choice. Obviously, but what else are you seeing trends in terms of the apps? Obviously, when you talk about smart, there is always an app and thats where Gary normally just glazes over and vanishes on the charges behind us setting the pace when it comes to actually what theyre doing in the apps. So a lot of them now have realised that the way the energy markets going, i mean wholesale prices of electricity – are through the roof at the moment, theyre the highest theyve ever been so a lot of these energy companies are inventing new tariffs with dynamic price balancing Which i know that you guys have got a a referral link for a company called octopus that i refer as well, and they have a couple of energy tariffs, some that are dynamically grid grid, controlled, so theyll turn off and on, depending on the grid, with certain Charges which is the Wallbox currently only and then theyve also got other tariffs that change every 30 minutes and a couple of the ones that can currently handle that really easily are the Ohme, the Sync the Indra and the Zappi all do that pretty well at the Moment they can respond to those prices dynamically very quickly, so the electrician theres probably got to sell that into the install havent.

They theyve got to say that all of a sudden that the app and the intelligence of it can actually avoid you paying high electricity costs. So you might have to pay a slightly different price for that charger, but youll get your money back in it feels like minutes wouldnt you yeah, i mean the biggest example at the moment is Indra working with a company called and they will basically link you Into their vehicle vehicle response system, so some days, theyll theyll turn your charger off some days. Theyll turn your charger on now. It may only be given for five minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes that youll always set a target on the app of what your car wants to charge at in the morning and theyll always reach that target charge, but theyll set it across the hours that youve been Plugged in because lets be honest, you come home from work. First thing: youll do is plug in youre, not bothered if it takes all the way till eight oclock when you leave in the morning for work if its charged, but you will be bothered if thats cost. You an absolute fortune to charge it because its taken up from five till i dont know two oclock in the morning where it could have shed itself across all of those hours and you think thats, a personal, better benefit to choosing the right EV charger. Maybe than looks and maybe on how easy it is to install, is that what you think it is? Yes, i i think, if youre looking at a charge at the moment and its not smart connected, you will really be disadvantaged in the future when all the smart house, eventually all energy companies, i think, are going to go for a dynamic price balancing system where you Will pay more during peak hours and if you dont have a charger that can handle that you are going to pay now? Will that know then so people have now got to this bit and theyre, probably in the panic button, because when i do come in at 530, i want to turn on the oven, perhaps and the kettle etc.

Will the the system be smart enough to understand that its a car youre trying to charge and maybe not a kettle or the oven? I think thats a question for Gordon yeah? Oh well, we are so i mean the chargers behind us. We talked that load balancing yeah so that yeah energy coming in the house is differentiating between whats going with the car and whats going in the house, so yeah. So its your right Gary. If you want to, if you want to cook your tea at 41 pence a kilowatt hour, thats your choice, you know the charger will opt out of that energy automatically. So, okay, so okay, im thinking there, then so our energy prices are in the future, going to be a lot higher at those peak times, regardless. What were doing then yeah, and i think what youve got to remember, is what an EV car using electricity if its charging at that cheaper distance, its going to lower your average rate right down. I mean perfect example for me, my peak rate at the moment because im on an old tariff, so i dont get jealous its 14p and my off peak rate is 5p, but my average for my entire house usage is 8p right. Okay thats because youve managed it through the octopuses, so ive managed it for the octopus app using a smart charger and the smart charger only charges my car at the five pence, so even with cooking at normal normal times doing my washing machine.

You know doing my dishwasher. The average has been brought down from the 14p and close to the five piece, so only only eight pieces im actually averaging closer to using most electricity there, because youve got to remember an EV car. Some EV cars now are 75 100 kilowatt hours of capacity. Okay, so thats a fair amount of time being connected to your 7 kilowatt charger there nick telling the family – sorry folks, why not eat until midnight tonight, because we cant afford to switch on the oven? Oh no im not from Yorkshire is that something that we could find them. Are we going to find that so in this agile, moving tariffs, which sounds great now because its early adopting isnt it that you can have you know you can charge a car for free or for five pence, the more and more people that take on EV? Actually, the cost of anything connected to electricity, whatever youre doing whether it be charging your car is gon na change and youre gon na have to be more mindful. Yes, yeah it its basically eventually going to be that all electricity in the UK is going to cost more. I think thats why i probably think were going to see an influx of more people installing solar battery storage and more not just smart, connected EV charges, but im thinking more smart connected washing machines, dryers dishwashers, just more smart appliances using that electricity when its cheaper, especially The rise of heat pumps now so theres a few bits there food for thought.

I would suggest, and, as always, were absolutely interested in your comments on this.