Oh mountains, Music. Ah well, as you can see its a beautiful hot sunny day. So clearly, im not just outside doncaster. In fact, im in wonderful, sunny, barcelona in spain and weve come here to see this, so its really lovely to be here that over there is barcelona that there is the cupra born, and this is fully charged Music. So the cooper are born. This is i, like this car already im not going to lie. I really like it and ill. Tell you why its not a massive suv thats the end thats, really all really the main thing that i immediately like this car. Basically, its a really cool, looking id3 i mean, and when i say its not like an id3 effectively is an id3. Everything about this car is the same as the id3 except the finessed bodywork, so just to quickly uh explain the situation im in barcelona cameraman andys. Just flown down here, ive, been here already ive, been in in spain for the last 10 days, ive been in france for a couple of weeks before that so im on holiday and im ending my holiday in barcelona with uh with the cupra born, and it was A very nice way to end the holiday, so the very basics. For those of you who dont know about sea at sea is a spanish brand theyve been making cars here for a long time. Cooper is the kind of there was a a brand called seat.

Sport who that made kind of sporty cars, hot, hatches and stuff, and then that turned into cooper, its been rebranded and its a cs has been owned by volkswagen, for i dont know how long some many years and its so its just a kind of brand. That is owned by volkswagen, and now they are, they have brought all their electric vehicle manufacturing under one under one system, the meb platform and so thats. Why this car is built in germany but styled in in spain and uh it does. You know it has definitely its definitely doesnt feel like youre in an id3 when youre driving it it doesnt really look like one. Its got enough of its own style to to stand out, but uh cooper is the kind of particularly cooper born is the kind of sporty hot hatch version of the id3 and im gon na stop and have a fiddle about a proper fiddle about with it. To see because im not blown away by the performance yet, but i could be, i could be. I cant quite work out what mode im in and i dont want to fiddle about, while im driving on a quite a busy motorway, so im being safe Music. So the first thing that grabs you with the cupra is the. When you look at the front its totally different, it looks very unique, its very aggressive, its kind of flared and angry and full of muscular determination and its got this quite big chunky, copper, colored logo that some people are going to love and ive got a sneaky Submission one or two people are not going to like very much.

I like the lettering cooper there thats kind of subtle that is fairly in your face. That is, but that looks special that looks different and and the little bit of uh copper around the around the uh, the ducts at the front. There i mean all that i quite like, and i think that is because its sort of a slightly more aggressive, hot hatch look than the id3. But then, when you come around here, you suddenly go. Oh hang on a minute its an id3 because its this side from sort of there onwards, if you dont, look at that bit, that is an id3 its exactly the same and its only when you come around the back that you realize it really isnt an id3. The back is i like the basically i like the look of it. I like the front and the back, because they look really special and different. So youd know this. Is you wouldnt, follow this and think thats an id3? You know it was a cooper, its got. These kind of spoiler effect at the bottom there, which is kind of odd its stylized, very strongly to be more sporty looking its got 385 liters of space in the boot, which is actually pretty big but thats its the same as the id3 im just saying, but All that stuff is really good, so all the stuff about the doors heres, the charging, flap 125 kilowatt charger, so that charges really really fast thats, a real big plus thats, really really good the ride.

The ride, comfort is really good. The tightness of the vehicle is really really good, so it, but i mean its made by volkswagen its made in the same factory on the same production line as the bwi g3. But if i was gon na buy either an id3 or a cooper im afraid id go for the cooper, it basically tickles my long dormant hot hatch, dna sequence, its my it would have been a midlife crisis car uh. Now, if i was in the middle of life, but its for me, its a late life crisis car but theres something about it, that really appeals to me. I i like them. I, like the name. My name is born cooper born. I mean its got something i like that it just works, it just works for me, so it can be. There are versions of it that are quite chunky, but there is a, but the base version is 45 kilowatt hours, 211 ish miles range 148, brake horsepower 8.9 seconds, so just basically nine seconds naught to 100 kph or not to 60. uh. The the 58 kilowatt hour, which is what this one is 58 kilowatt hours 260 miles range, which i from driving, i would say its close 250. You would get 250 out of it anytime and that comes with either a 201 or 221 brake horsepower motor and that this can do not to 16 6.6 seconds so considerably quicker. And then there is a 77 kilowatt hour version which they claim has a range of 335 miles.

Im dubious about that. But i reckon it will probably do 300 and that can also also comes with a 211 brake horsepower motor, which is at the rear. So its a rear, wheel, drive car. All of them are the same theres. No four wheel, drive version, theres, no front wheel, drive version, we dont know the exact prices. Yet i might find that out later on today, when i talk to the people from cooper, but at the moment theres no theres, no official release of the price, probably going to be over 30 30 000 pounds Music. This is properly genuinely comfortable back seat. Ive got loads of room; this is actually further back than id id. Have it actually camera man andys just pushed the seat back for his own racing position. So you know this is even further back than id have it ive still got loads and loads of room. This is, this is really comfortable, im going to say volkswagen, but im going to say, cupra have done a really good job. The actual material of this. This is what they claim. This is material is made out of plastic, which is fine, recycled plastic. What a good idea! No! This is recycled plastic thats, been gathered out of the sea. Its been collected out at sea brought back to land repurposed and used for these seats. If that is genuinely what they do, im really really impressed Music. So now ive had a bit of time to go through all the settings and the menus on the on the touch screen.

Im feeling a lot happier in my cupraborn because im just trying it out now, because when i first drove it, i wasnt i was going its not really that hot, a hatch, its barely barely a warm hatch but now ive, set it to the performance mode. Theres. Four different modes theres individual, which i think you could adjust to to suit yourself: theres um comfort. There is range and theres performance, so its currently in performance, and that just means that you know youre tooting along a little road like this, and you suddenly give it a bit of wedding. Its got some wedding. It does feel like that is proper. You know proper performance type of stuff, and this is quite a windy, narrow road, but it does feel really good. I love the way it sticks to the road, its a very competent little car. These cars are built as electric cars. From the day they were sketched out by the designer you know, so they just theyre just better theyre, always going to be better Music jack has sent me some because hes on holiday at the moment, but he sent me some some important questions that he wanted answered Because hes really keen to see this car hes very excited about it, have they done anything about those annoying rubby buttons? Now this is on on the uh on the sat nav screen on the control screen and there are buttons up there that you do.

You know that is where the volume is and theyre haptic feedback in the day, theyre kind of annoying. So sorry, jack theyre exactly the same as the id3. Does it feel rear wheel? Drive? Yes, it does. I really love a rear wheel, drive car because im old and thats old school, proper cars have rear wheel, drive jack, wants to know if it has a hot hatch feel because he wants to have a hot hatch hes, a young man who wants a hot hatch And i dont it looks like it does, but so far from driving it im not completely blown away by that and what do you think of all the bronze bits, ive kind of answered that jack? I do i, like the bronze bits, i think theyre quite cool. No im im impressed with the bronze bits, so weve climbed up into the mountains. A bit now were going to turn around and go back down and im just going to see. If i can tell what the regen is like, because its got two modes just drive and brake, so theres not a lot of huge amount of adjustment you can make between the two, the two modes. You know theres not like step loads of different variations of regenerative. Braking theres like basically on on or really on, i think, thats the truth of it so im just seeing now, yeah thats nice. So when i actually apply the brakes were only in drive mode at the moment and im going to put it in the brake mode.

So that does i can feel it slowing down the car much more violently if you like, yeah, oh yeah, oh maximum, regen, Music, so the interior is very much uh. You know along the lines of the exterior in terms of design its got all these little copper bits of trim, which now ive spent a bit more time with it, im less thrown blown away by it, but it doesnt offend me its not like it doesnt punch. You in the face yeah the drive selector is exactly the same as on the uh id3 thats, all very familiar. The couple of things i did just have a bit of time to play with was the adaptable. Cruise control works very well. It has some kind of uh lane assist stuff, which is you can uh set on the screen uh. You know when youre before you start driving, but on the the actual sat nav itself is up its just one of those things with um with uh. You know modern car, oh lets see now apple a car place come up because its so much easier to use, but when i dont want to use apple car plate when i want to use their navigation there, it just takes a while to come up its its A little bit laggy when youre coming up to a really complicated series of roundabouts and junctions, which spain has bucket loads of youre kind of already through and round the roundabout.

By the time the satnavs caught up its just a little bit slow, which is a shame because its actually quite clear visually it works quite well. Infotainment system is what youd expect. As far as i can tell the um, the sound is very clear, good thats iphone. Now over here, youve got things like parking assistance, air conditioning lane assist, but each of these you can choose, you know different aspects of it. The drive profile is now in comfort, but you can change that to performance and it does change it a little bit and it definitely makes a difference. You definitely got more oomph in performance and then the range profile basically gives you. You know the the lowest acceleration. The maximum range you can possibly get out of the car so that screen there, what it basically tells you how fast youre going what the time is, what the temperature is, what setting youre in so that slightly changes it driver profile, comp comfort range. You know it changes those things. Performance, doesnt really tell you a great deal. It does give. When youve got the sat, nav working, it does give you directions, it tells you turn right in 200, meters or whatever Music. So i think this does feel more. Like a kind of enthusiastic drivers car than the id3, i love the id3. I think its one of the best electric cars on the market at the moment, its just a proper sensible car for people who need a car to go from a to b and to carry other people and stuff brilliant.

This one has got a bit more sort of a bit more oomph to it, and you can imagine having more fun as you got used to this car you would have. You could have more fun driving it, but for the majority of the time youd use it. Just the same as anyone uses an id for id3, you know youd, have it on comfort mode or youd. Have it on range mode? You wouldnt probably use the performance mode to the extent quite to that extent. But you know, although the basic un engineering underneath this car, regardless of what the body shape, is and the chrome bits and the copper trim and the wheels which i think do look really cool. Actually, i think jack doesnt like them. I really dont, but apart from all that, its beautifully engineered from the ground up its got pretty almost perfect: 50 50 weight distribution between the front and rear wheels, which is really unusual in traditional cars. That is not how you know. Youve got a big heavy lump of steel engine at the front and a massive gearbox thats, really heavy and chunky in a traditional combustion engine car. And then you know nothing at the back effectively and this one is really nicely balanced throughout and the center of gravity. As is always the case now with modern, electric cars is really low, so the cornering is just exquisite Music Music. So one thing i forgot to mention when i was driving and walking around this car is the turning circle is remarkable, its the same as the id3.

You know it it, but because of the design of the car, rear, wheel, drive no great big engine and gearbox in the front. It just has this incredibly tight turning circle theres a couple of times when were on little windy, mountain roads, and i needed we just did a u turn and it was easy, so that is a thats, a plus for this car. Overall, i love driving it when i see it driving around where theres other journalists in them today and when i see one driving past basically im seeing an id3 because theyre becoming a very familiar site on the roads of the uk and im just going this. Basically, an id3 with a nicer front, maybe different design features, but all in all, essentially its very, very similar and so its down to the taste. If you dont want to have the common or garden you know, commoners muck id3 then get the cupra the cupra born. You know, i suppose, that that side of it its cooler car from that point of view, i love the colors theyve come up with. I actually quite like the copper highlights and all that stuff this little bit of flanging around the bottom. There definitely adds 1.3 kilometers an hour more top speed. I dont know what thats for, but its not thats, not on the id3. You dont get that so you know all in all its been a its been a real joy, a genuine joy to drive this car.

I really have enjoyed it so thats it thats it. So, please, you know all the usual things i said them at the start. Im not going to save them again. Subscribe. Friction, tell your mates but thats, all from this episode of fully charged.