Its been around since the 50s – and you can see in that time not much has changed. You know still distinctly a million in terms of design, but the car has now gotten so old. Its grown a full manchu. Now the mini electric also comes with these special rims, and do these look familiar to you? No well, they should because and im not joking. These rims are designed after the three pin power plug. I cant make this up, but i guess nobody else has a power plug inspired rim design, and you also get this electric specific, yellow accents on the side of the rims on the badge here and on the side of the wing mirror now coming around to the Back we have the boot and, as we did in my last video im, going to conduct the me test, as you can see, if youre trying to smuggle a dead body in the back of your car, the mini electric, probably isnt the best car for you now. I could lower down the rear seats and give myself a whole lot more space, but wheres the fun in that. So speaking of rear seats, a lot of you guys have been asking us to show you more of the rear seats of cars that we take. A look at so unfortunately for me, the first car that im doing this, for is this two door: four seater hatchback, so im gon na climb into the back of the mini electric, which, as you can see, is not the most glamorous exercise, but once im back Here i am 1.

8 meters tall, any modeling companies want to hire me and i dont have much space, but i have some space and for short journeys. I think itll be just fine. Most of the interesting stuff, though, in this car, is up front, so whoa im in front no im just kidding in front, though we have one of the quirkiest interiors, i think of any car ive. Seen up to this point, you get these toggle switches that look like theyre straight off an airplane. You get them down here, for your start, stop button a bunch of other things, and up here you get them for your lights and the panoramic sunroof and coming back to this thing in the middle is an armrest but its also a phone holder with wireless charging, Which can connect to this traditional mini infotainment display so on the drivers side of the mini electric? We get this digital instrument cluster that is adjusted using the modified. I drive system in the main screen behind that there is a heads up display and i get a nice chunky, leather steering wheel, thats, actually very nice to hold. However, the seats on the mini electric are manual and on the car that cost a hundred and eighty thousand 000, i cant grasp the fact that it has manual seats, Music, so driving the new mini electric and first impressions. It feels fine, its a nice small car, nimble, agile and with it being electric that means i can put my foot down and im instantly in whatever little gap i want to find so as a city runner, i think this car will be perfect.

The mini electric makes 184 horsepower with 270 newton meters of torque, which, in a car that honestly doesnt weigh that much even by electric car standards. Its plenty uh youll never need, i think more than that, especially in singapore. The problem, though right is the range now, of course, being in singapore. You dont need that much range. You can probably charge it every day, if not every other day, but i am at 89 battery listed on my dashboard and my dashboard tells me. I have 123 kilometers left of range, which isnt very much so the mini electric, like any other electric car nowadays has regenerative braking and i have it on high setting now and i dont know if youll be able to see this. But when i lift off it is quite aggressive. This is some of the most aggressive regenerative braking ive ever felt, and i would recommend for low speed, driving put it on the low setting, because you might very quickly get classic if you leave it on the high one in terms of handling, though mini electric solid Handling characteristics short, its nimble, its really agile and you wont, have any complaints i think about the mini electrics handling. So how do i feel driving the mini electric? Well, i feel like im saving a planet above all else, but in a fashionable way. You know i could be in something else, but i think i would rather be in this saving the planet, but with style Music, if youre, the kind of person that eats their food gluten free or only drinks their coffee from upscale cafes.

Then maybe this is the car for you to take to your sunday brunches and show it off to your friends, but if youre the kind of person that needs to go cross the island every day or carry more than one small bag, perhaps not the best choice. For you, but as they say, your mileage may vary and you can choose with your own wallet.