Ive never had this much fun in economy, life, oh well. We have to actually go somewhere now: tesla model 3. Then most popular gaming chair in the world and by extension the most popular electric car in the world, uh huh. So elon announced that tesla was going to build a mass market electric car in 2016 in front of a crowd of perfectly rational human adults. Do you like the car im good and even though everybody knew it would do well few predicted that this 40 grand runabout from lets face it? Basically, a brand new car company would become so amazingly successful apart from maybe these guys Music. These are the tesla super fans. These folks are obsessed with tesla and are very different from your average car enthusiast im just messing. I love those tesla guys, passionate anyways this year, the model 3 here past the 1 million sales mark having already become the worlds most popular ev last year in 2020 and in the uk, specifically in april. This passed the nissan leaf to become the most popular ev. Here too, thats amazing, for two reasons: number one: the leaf had a six or seven year head start on the model: 3, basically and number b. This is not a cheap car right started about 40 grand and if you want a really fast one youre looking at closer to 60., this seems like a good place. To do the least thing there, just isnt, an easier or more cost effective way of getting into a new car than leasing with vanarama click, the link at the top of the screen or google vanarama to find your new lease of life, maybe watch the video.

First, though, and please hit subscribe to make sure you never miss the best car content on the internet, we dont greet it thing. Is you dont even have to drive a yard in this thing to realize that it is sensational? You see the nissan leaf and most current electric cars pun. They try to make a virtue of being normal for obvious reasons, if its not obvious its because were in a transitional phase to electric cars at the moment, and so most manufacturers have decided to entice buyers into this new technology by trying to make it as conventional. As possible, but heres a car that you can play games in using the steering wheel, while youre waiting for kfc to bring your chicken out and that you can connect to your phone using an app and then use that app to do fairly normal. Things like check and control the charging of your battery or using your phone as a key or awesome things like monitoring the exterior of the car or hilarious things like setting off the horn remotely when somebodys walking past lol. You can also open the boot from somewhere else, which again seems to have more value as a prank than a convenience, but its still fun and that sense of future facing novelty extends to the driving of the thing for better and for not so better. You see most of the cars functions are embedded into this massive display, a giga screen, if you like, it, is absolutely big.

Yeah. The bare minimalism of the model – 3s cabin ostensibly appears like tesla, bought a generic acme car dashboard and then completed it by just gluing. A massive screen in the middle most of the cars functions are controlled or displayed on here, so you can see which drive mode youre in you can control the windscreen wipers or you can adjust the mirrors and the steering column and even look at your speed. Its a car built by a tech company – and it shows it is a deceptively rad bit of design work, though the most impressive job the model 3 does is hiding its technology and its quirks behind a facade of scarcity. There arent even any air vents also, it seems you see the hidden air vents or the embodiment of the sort of thinking that makes the model 3 so different and so cool. It uses electronic vents, obviously controlled by the screen to direct the main airflow, but it also uses thermodynamic principles to guide the airflow up and down. So the whole thing takes a little bit of getting used to, but it generally doesnt feel like change for changes sake. Well, possibly, youd want the speedometer to be behind the steering wheel, but apart from that same with the door handles arguably so theres a button to open the door, how cool, but also in case they fail for whatever reason, theres a nice manual latch to use. Still, if you embrace the idea of change and difference and idiosyncrasy, then the model 3 just does a brilliant job of making the day to day stuff.

You know going to azure or whatever brilliant fun, much more interesting, but the driving experience beyond all that is quite conventional, probably surprisingly, so a bit retro. Even so, the suspension is on the softer side and that makes it brilliantly comfy around town most of the time. So you go over potholes and things and its not really smacking into them. There is a bit of firmness underneath you all the time, theres a lot of weight in this car, but generally its very soft and comfy. Now the flip side of that is that it doesnt ever quite settle into perfect smoothness at motorway speed, theres, always a bit of bob a bit of sway, but its never crashy its, never too turbulent its actually quite pleasant, plus. The visibility is amazing. All the way around and thats, of course, without it being a really tall thing, an suv, so you actually sit quite high in the cabin and its got a really low scuttle and there is loads of glass or so it seems. Windscreen is massive, and i just love the way: the bonnet dips down at the front kind of like a porsches, almost so kind of disappears down on the road. Then youve got these two bulbous bits at either side very 911.. What that gives you, even though youre not really sunk down in the car, its still a sense of it feeling a bit like an old school sports car, somehow even the way it rides, you kind of see the front end bobbing up and down slightly its really Cool now it doesnt actually have a very tight turning circle, but the steering is really light.

Its really direct. It really feels, like this car shifts its front end around very quickly. Theres lots of front end grip and it feels quite fluid in the way it changes direction. So there is a real chameleonic character about this car. On the one hand, its a very light and refined and airy runabout on the other, its a mercurial performance car with potentially supercar matching pace, yeah that so three drive train choices, and here they are so youll see that the battery of the standard car is significantly Smaller than the other two, but because the standard car only uses one electric motor, the claimed range isnt too far away its still really good, regardless the thing about the model 3. That puts it way ahead of other non tesla. Evs is the availability of teslas proprietary supercharger network, its only the most extensive and fastest in the world. There are more than 600 supercharger points in the uk alone, plug your model 3 into the supercharger network, and you will get 172 miles of range in about 15 minutes claimed for comparison. Your average home wall box charges at a seven kilowatt rate, and, incidentally, recently on the twitter elon, said that the supercharger network will be open to all ev users quite soon. Something to look forward to for now, though, its the long journey friendly access to the supercharger network, plus the outstandingly quick and responsive driving experience you get with any model 3 that makes it so appealing to have now.

You might know that the model 3 was updated. Recently but then again, you might not have noticed incremental in it, although some of the stuff does make for a tangibly enhanced experience for a kickoff. The battery of the bigger batteried cars is four kilowatts bigger than before, which innately gives them more range, plus all versions scrape more from their batteries anyway, because of improved energy management. Software and a brand new heat pump theres some new kit too. So the tailgate is now electric for your own. Improved energy management and the wheels are styled a bit differently and the door handles and the window surrounds are now glossy black and if you get a performance model, the brakes or beefier brembo brakes inside theyve redesigned the center console slightly and now using less scratchy materials And there are two wireless phone chargers because passengers they have phones too, and these little scrolly thingies on the wheel here theyve got metal on them. Now, oh and if youre wondering why most of the model 3s that you see are white its because white is the only standard colour. The other colours are 1 000 options apart from red, which is a two grand option. Yep going red hasnt been this costly and mildly painful. Since that time you fell asleep on your sun lounger in the maldives, zing regardless it remains a very well specified car as standard, but ultimately this is a car whose drivetrain really determines which one you buy, rather than pouring over specification lists, its kind of like deciding Which iphone you want, if only that, although partial premium interior thats a funny turn of phrase isnt it, you can see what theyre trying to say, but it does come off a bit like theyre, actually saying semi, good interior, hey ho everything you need is there plus, Because this is all techie its a car whose functions can be updated wirelessly over the air updates in it, but at least one of the bigger batteries model 3s and things are upgraded a bit.

You can see some of the stuff here, including rear bum warmers nice for warmers for the rear seats. All model 3s also have the contentiously named autopilot, which, to be clear, is basically adaptive cruise control, albeit a fancy type thatll change lanes for you when you indicate, and regardless of what youve seen on youtube in the uk here by law, your tesla is not allowed To drive itself, which you know is probably a good thing all right lets talk a bit about the practicality of this thing now, youll see that, even though there isnt a massive amount of headroom, this feels really airy in the back here because of this huge rear Screen now moving across the middle, you feel a bit kind of perched. On top of the middle seat, there isnt a massive amount of room, but tesla has scooped the center console out here so theres loads of room for your feet and, by extension, quite a lot of knee room and, of course, two boots or, as they might see. In america, two boots one at the front and one at the back magic. Now, although this is a large space, you might find that because this is a saloon and not a hatchback, that you want the actual hole to be a bit bigger. If you know thatll be the case, then you might be better served by one of the myriad electric suv options. Stuff like this or this or this or even this deceptively large and very pleasant hyundai.

But none of those things with a possible exception of the hyundai have this cause sense of future ism, and certainly none of them are as fun to drive honestly the combination of the way this thing just feels in general, you know the big screen and the minimalistic Covering and the way it steers the way it changes direction the way it sits you in the cabin so youve got all of this, like visibility around you and even how natural the brakes feel thats, not a given in electric cars even now, it all just adds Up to something that is pretty special, you can be doing 10 miles an hour in this and it still feels as special as, if youre flying around the corner, really quick, all right. So this car does have a couple of nods to being fairly conventional in the driving modes, so it has steering modes for one thing: between comfort, standard and sport, where sport just weights it up a bit. It gives it more resistance, so you feel, like you, feel more on the road. Three regenerative braking modes, so thats fairly standard navs now, but you get creep roll and hold where roll is just free rolling. When you take your foot off the accelerator and then hold gives you a strong energy recapture effect and then ever different, the acceleration modes are standard and chill because thats a bit slower, theres a couple of things that it takes a little while to get used to Mainly on the screen, you know like having a speed there and not there and learning how these scrolls work and what they do: theres, no markers on the wheel and that one pedal driving thing that it has by default.

So you lift off and you get that strong regenerative braking effect. It feels a bit weird when you lift off the accelerator and you slow down so aggressively, but you just get used to managing the accelerator in a different way. It is just doing great now, if youre looking for something with a bit more heft with a slightly more traditional sense of luxury, then you might be better served with a jaguar eye pace or a mercedes eqc or even a pulse star 2. theyre. Arguably, a little bit more refined a bit more relaxed, but for me well, i can see why elon dances so much. I will end it there. Thank you very much for watching really appreciate. It hope you enjoyed that. Please have a look at our other stuff.