Elon musk is the poster boy of the eevee world, and this company, with all its tech, has shattered boundaries and shaken established car makers who are struggling to keep up. In fact, every electric car maker worth its batteries, wants to be a tesla. So what is it that tesla does? Well? It does things very very differently and after driving the model 3, you realize why tesla is what it is. The model 3 isnt your average 4 door, sedan, theres, no grill, not even a mockery. You see on other evs its as if to drive the point home that this car never had an ic engine to begin with and because theres no engine the bonnet plunges sharply. The body, too, is a smooth organic shape with minimal detailing the charge pot flap, which is part of the rear light cluster, is neatly concealed and the pop out handles close flush with the body. But if you look closely youll notice, wide and inconsistent panel gaps and the overall build quality feels a step behind a traditional luxury car. The way the tesla is built, it seems the body is just something to wrap the batteries. Software and ev tech with which is at the heart of every tesla. Well, the tesla experience starts with this ski, no fancy key fob, just something that looks like a credit card or more like a hotel room key and like in a hotel room. You just tap it over here thats.

What opens it flush handles, which open nicely and im in well the cabin of the model? 3, its different, i mean ive, never been in a car. That looks anything like this for one it is super minimalist. In fact, you think uh its been designed by ikea its a piece of ikea furniture, uh, absolutely uncluttered, theres, not a single button on the dashboard theres, not even an instrument cluster, the only buttons you get. Are these two rollers on the steering wheel and, of course, this massive screen which well come to later and when you start poking around, you start experiencing the tesla ness, which is a lot of quirks a lot of clever stuff. Like this, i thought this was really a storage box, but its not its just a pad to keep your mobile two big wireless charging pads over here massive massive box over here you know, thats the beauty of having an electric chassis or chassis for electric cars, because You dont have the engine, the transmission taking up space, and you can really make use of that massive box over here as well. Two cup holders, which are okay, theyre, not adjustable so smaller things can can kind of clunk around, but really the cabin is is so simple quality, pretty good its uh much better than earlier teslas. If anyone had driven them much better than the model x, which we had reviewed earlier, the grains of plastic are good good fabric, but again its really not quite up to european standards.

Uh the kind of fit and finish over here still very, very good, but where tesla blows away all the other luxury car makers, all the germans be at bmw. Audi mercedes is with this the screen, in fact the whole screen. The experience makes the others look completely outdated. Music. The model 3 screen is so good. In fact, you want to buy the car just for the screen resolution, absolutely fantastic. It is super slick super smooth, very, very quick. In fact, the interface really is like a mobile phone, its and its quite intuitive as well. The only thing is almost every function is in the screen, even something like putting on headlights uh thats. What youve got to do? Youve got your lights over here on off fog lights, even the mirror adjustment. What you do is its quite interesting. You have to adjust it by these uh scrollers over here. So what you do is yes, thats the way you can do it just scroll, then you can go right and do the right one as well. So yeah you have to get into menus and sub menus. But again, you can just see the logical layout of everything and, of course, when youre driving youve got a lot of uh youve got, of course, the energy which you know what youre doing. This is something ev owners want a lot of, but really lots and lots in here and some really fun stuff as well.

In fact, you begin to wonder if this is a car or an amusement park on wheels, and this is really mad – entertainment, beach buggy. I am okay yeah. You can play a video game, obviously not while youre driving, but you know if youre bored, whilst youre charging, because dont forget. Sometimes you do have to turn up at a charging station which isnt a fast charging station and in india its likely to be a slow charger. I dont know what tesla is doing about the supercharging network, but while youre waiting for your car to charge, you can have some fun. Okay lets do chill and yeah just using the teslas wheel. As a as a game console wheel, i mean how cool is that you can play solitaire chess, something called asteroids and a lot more, its like being inside a game arcade with the actual steering wheel and pedals doubling up as game controls. But the real party trick and literally party trick is the toy box of the tesla. I mean it shows the kind of sense of humor. This car has on likely. Elon musk has lets start with this, which is mars. You know now it transforms your map to the surface of mars. Now why would you want that sitting on earth beats me, but there it is youve got a sketch pad uh, you can just sketch on it just just unbelievable the kind of stuff there is back to toy box.

Youve got santa in santa mode and if youve got your wife or girlfriend theres even romance mode, so sound of a log fire through the speakers – and you know you actually even get warmer – i mean this is just just insane and now this one emissions its not What you think it is its its absurd emissions is what we emit. So i mean its the sound of parts so lets see. Theres ludicrous fart lets hear that, oh, my god theres a boring one and oh falcon heavy. I mean after a heavy dhan suck. I think thats what you would have here now. Many of you will want to know if this model 3 comes with autopilot, the semi autonomous driving aid, that tesla is famous and even infamous for well its there in the system, but for some reason it couldnt be enabled. So sorry, i cant tell you how it works now before i forget, the model 3 is supposed to be a car. I better get down to driving it Applause, Music. Now the model 3. It comes with two versions: you get the performance version or the long range version performance version that is serious performance, zero to hundred about three and a half seconds. Thats super castling performance, but what weve got is the long range version which is more practical, but its? No slow coach either it does zero to 105 odd seconds, which is mighty, quick and being an electric card feels even quicker because of that instant top put your foot down and it just goes theres no speedo.

So you have to glance at the screen to know your speed and on an empty road, its always a big number. The model 3 has two electric motors one for each axle and hence is effectively a four wheel drive together. They produce a substantial 346 horsepower. One area where the model 3 just decimates other evs, is with the range this long range version has a 79.5 kilowatt hour battery which delivers 580 kilometers on the test cycle and on the road thats a comfortable 400 plus kilometers. What i really like about the tesla is the driving position. Visibility outside is absolutely fantastic and thats, because youve got this low cowl in front of you again, the advantage of not being tied down by a big power train which kind of restricts or limits your overall packaging and dimensions. So visibility is great. Its a nice nimble car, its not too big, and it handles pretty well because typically evs dont handle that great, but the model 3 pretty sharp, steering it turns in well into corners and overall, it does give you good feedback from the road ride. Comfort is quite impressive, even on these aftermarket low profile tires and you dont get jolted around. But what gives you the feeling of true luxury is how quiet the model 3 is even by ev standards, its almost noiseless. But there is one big issue and that is ground clearance, or rather the lack of it, because even the smallest of speed breakers kiss your understanding, so ground clearance, definitely isnt practical.

But just how practical is the rear lets jump in and find out now in india? The back seat is very important, so whats it like in the model 3. To be honest, not great. Firstly, under thigh support its a bit less the seat back is a bit upright and the floor its a bit raised, and you know you cant help that, because thats where the battery sits and typically evs the floor does go up, you do have the benefit of A really flat floor over here, so you know, sitting three up. That way is pretty uh convenient, at least for for the legs of the middle passenger but uh. Overall, though, space is quite limited and im short, but i think a tall person would have problem with headroom. But you get a fantastic sense of airiness because of this massive massive sun roof, or should i say, a glass roof because it extends all the way back to the to the tailgate, and that really opens opens things up over here. Theres no sunshade, though, and with so much glass the fear is the tesla could become a greenhouse on a hot hot day. Its really gon na test, the aircon, the model 3 does pack in the comfort essentials at the back. Youve got rear air con vents as well and two usb charging ports, but they are type c thats. The way of the future youve got a flip down armrest with two cup holders, so overall fairly comfortable.

But this is not the place. You want to be spending a lot of time in your model, 3.. The model 3s bootleg is small, but the boot itself is quite deep and spacious, and if you want more space, theres a useful, frunk or front trunk in ev speak again. Tesla manages to carve out more boot space than other evs thanks to the efficient packaging of its born electric platform. Now tesla are pretty tight lipped about their plans for india, so we dont exactly know when the model 3 is coming and what it will cost.