The european boiler really likes this suv. This electric suv coming in at that price point and mg have decided to refresh it outside of insight. So lets take a look Music thanks, very much derek, so lets talk about range and battery first well. Weve got a 70 kilowatt hour battery in the larger version which theyre going to come to market with at the start and thats going to follow in time by the 50.3 kilowatt hour version, but whats that going to get me on the road. The smaller one is a 320 kilometer wltp figure, but then for the larger battery were stretching up to 440 kilometers. So this is starting to get into a really really impressive distance that you can cover on one single charge. Mg are talking about 34 battery density improvement over the previous ones, and we can see that been put into effect here, its a liquid cooled pack, which is also very, very welcome. So then whats going to happen once you do run out of charge and you want to get some electrons into it. Well, on dc were looking at 92 kilowatts. So for me, thats quite impressive. Here, yeah theres cars out there that are going to go a lot faster, but youre talking about at least double. If not treble the price of this one, then on ac, you can get this on three phase, of course, with 11 kilowatts, so that at that stage, youre looking at you know in and around a six to seven hour charge time as youre sleeping overnight and then Even with the dc charging stop off the motorway for 20 or 30 minutes and youre playing back in a couple hundred kilometers easily right so whats going to drive it, then weve got 130 kilowatt motor in the car, which once again, is not gigantic.

Considering some of the tesla model y figures were seeing out there, but its still pretty good its going to give you 280 newton meters of torque, now mg youre talking about a not to 50 kilometers per hour, sprint of three and a half seconds so whats that Going to be not to 100, we dont know exactly yet, but something similar to the previous versions. You know in and around that kind of eight second mark lets just say, but anyway i think thats enough detail on the batteries and on the motor derek. Do you want to come in and give us a little bit more of the the detail on whats going on in the car yeah? So functionality is of huge importance to anybody buying any type of car, but an ev, especially and mg are definitely stepping up to the plate. Here it has its able to tow not the biggest towing capacity, its 500 kg. It also has the ability to have something on the roof that was comfort controversial in the original zsev, because it wasnt rated. But this one is rated for 75 kgs trunk space or boot. Space is decent, its 448 liters and then, if you put the seats down that gives you 1166 liters and has a 60 40 seat split as well in the rear. The huge thing about functionality with this car that has vehicle to load technology – and this is stuff that much higher expensive brands and evs are shouting about and mg are giving you this at a really reasonable price.

It has the capability of giving you 2.2 kilowatts vehicle to load. They have an app which is the mgi smart, app. It has route planning it can over there updates it has pre conditioning it also has then some driver assists underneath what we know already. The mg pilot, thats adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, etc, but lots of usb connections, good sized screens a 10.1 inch and a seven inch display they look a lot sharper. There was issues with a lot of people were given out about the the responsiveness of the original mg zsev screen and then youve got bits and pieces like wireless charging as well. So functionality takes a lot of boxes blake. What does it look like inside and outside yeah aesthetically? I think weve taken a step up again, um, most notably at the front end. So weve got that that closed off front. Now we saw something similar with the refresh on the hyundai kona recently, and i really really like it when cars do that, and i think mg have done it quite well here, its not the most beautiful crossover suv on the road im, not claiming that for a Second, but once again for the price, you know so im quite impressed with it. You still got that nice, nice character line that runs down that the length of the the side of the car. Now it sits on 17 inch rims. Are they undersized yeah? They probably are, you know, be nice to see 19s on that, but then again thats, where the mg marvel or is going to come in the one that we made the video on previously um inside.

Then you got a little bit of carbon fiber effect on the dash. You got that nice 10 inch screen there in addition to the 7 inch screen and thats its just behind the steering wheel. Youve got your panoramic sunroof, an old fashioned press, the button and it it comes back. You know electric uh sunroof, so they say its 1.19 meters squared um. It looks nice thats thats enough for me at the moment, uh, but yeah plenty space in there. As you said as well, you got some nice um, leather or leather effect materials, usb cables like yeah. It looks like a a pretty pretty good offering, but once again for the price exceptional, but anyway thats enough about how the car looks inside and outside um derek. Do you want to start rounding things up and let us know yeah bring it back into the studio. Lets have a chat about uh blake. You recently had the mg5 its not the same model, but it is from the same manufacturer, the estate or station wagon version. What were your thoughts on mg before the brand and what do you think of the car when you test robust yeah? I was really intrigued, because this was an estate or a station wagon now lets just discount the uh. The tai can cross tourismo and say that theres pretty much no electric estates out there. You know um and i was just hugely impressed with it. Now when i got into it, i was looking at the materials and the infotainment system was sluggish and you know i.

I would have a long list of of uh kind of underwhelming characteristics or false with the car, and then you pinch yourself and you go look at the price you know, so i was hugely impressed with it. The range that i was getting out of the speed of the motor as well gave a lot of uh surprises at traffic lights in the week that i had it yeah hugely impressed, but doug youve actually driven uh for your own channel, the mg zs, the ev. So the one that were talking about the pre free fresh model, thats – probably more pertinent, do you want to give us uh your thoughts on that yeah? Really, i was really impressed with the overall um size. First of all, for the amount of money that youre spending on an electric suv, it gave a lot of good value and had that mg pilot the assistance. There were some things like youre saying in the mg5 the infotainment system. Some of the plastics were a bit lightweight and inexpensive, but overall it was given a great value for money and taken a lot of boxes, and you could see that from some of their sales in europe and what is your most? What are you most impressed about? In this refreshed or renewed version, blake that weve seen today, yeah well obviously from how im speaking so far, what you get for the money is the main thing, but within that were looking at vehicle to load capability here 2.

2. Kilowatts like this is its starting to take an electric vehicle beyond being simply a vehicle talking about extra functionality that weve never seen on cars before really um. You know over the last hundred years, ive talked about not with evs in the last few years, so its really going to shake up the market, because what you get with this car for the price is just incredible. You know you put this beside like an id4, an aria. You know even the q4 e tron lovely lovely cars um, and they they look better. They have a nicer interior, etc. Some of them are going to be a bit faster, but then you look at the price points and you go hold on. I can have this mgzs ev and i can go to barbados for a two week holiday every year for the next five years. With the change and you just go, oh this is going to shake things up. Manufacturers are no longer justified in adding 20 grand onto the price tag simply because its an ep and the fact that mg are going to shake up the market where i am, but also you know, u.s and european markets with these cars, and these price points is Extremely welcome and im really going to praise them for that for sure um. I really love the the refresh looks the fact that theyre taking the time just to do it because it was a great seller already the mg zs, but the renewed version looks great.

I know were both a huge fan of the blue that they have a lot of the press releases and in the video footage that weve used today really stands out in the road youre, letting people know youre driving an electric vehicle. Let us know in the comments what you think of the mgzs, the original one, the renewed one hopefully youve enjoyed todays video. Let us know make sure you subscribe to the channel hit the like button. This has been evie platform.