Now weve organised them. So not only can you see them all, but weve also organised them in cost from low to high end, because some people think about the pounds dont they Gary. They do. I take it your at the low end, not just in height but actually in cost. I down here in the more luxurious expensive end and were gon na start, look at what which one we might be choosing when were looking at the aesthetics, as well as some of the feature they have Yea, but when it comes to cost youve arranged them in Cost, including those ancillary items that you might need to fit at the disruption broad I have indeed so Ive organised them based on what they cost to install now, they basically prices all over the nation are gon na, differ and thats. Why Ive compiled a list over at EVnick.comcharge go over there and you can find an installer to find one of these to get installed for you now. Some of them will include PEN fault, some of them dont, but the prices Ive listed them here are what its gon na be costing you to have it installed at your home. So Nick a lot of people will just pick a charger based on what it looks like in the ones that youve reviewed, which one comes up top in your mind.. Well, unfortunately, Im a man that doesnt like to argue with the wife. So unfortunately, this isnt my decision its what the wife prefers and she likes smaller charge points she doesnt like the fatter charge points she likes them to be nice and dinky, so she likes pretty much all the range from here to here and she quite likes more.

The small box hidden out units that she cant really see. I find it quite incredible that your wife likes small things. Nick Dont, you Gordon almost an amazing groundbreaking news, but ill go with my choice. Next ill go its Easee to pick the one I like, because its just behind your Gordon and its even in Efixx Red ill, go for the easee EV charger for me, And it does have a star wars inspired front as weve seen that when we looked at It before yea I mean I would air on that. We do like the easee charger, but were come on to that am sure when we get looking at tethered leads some of these chargers. Ok, a little bit. Agricultural and ok might be a small unit, but then we also got these are hard wired in. So this is suggesting to me, theres gon na be another box on the front of the house. So possibly, this is vanishing into a garage where you might need some additional work. You know these small charge points are great yep, a lot of them until you plug a lead in Yes and which most these units theres a review on all my channel to see all the unit reviews. Some of them only allow bottom entries, some of them allow rear entry, which means your be able to hide a lot of these cables and a lot of these auxiliary systems. But, for example, this one this one and the one at the end just behind Gary – have No pen fault device, so they will need a separate box anyway, just to deal with the Pen fault system.

I just like to push you Gordon, which is your favourite, because you didnt give us the answer, Which is my favourite, am with you in lookswise on the easee until you plug that lead in right. Ok, you know tethered vs the untethered thing from my experience. 3 and a half years driving an ev car, your get bored plugging a leads in ok. So your saying your suggestions, actually gon na be more based on weather, is tethered untethered and youd like it to be tethered. My suggestion to anyone would be yea. Try pick a tethered charger and get that lead as long as possible yea and its worth, noting that some of the charge points we have on display here, just because they dont have tethered unit here doesnt mean they dont make a tethered version of it. So its worth seeing my reviews to mention which one are tettherd and which ones just sold as untettherd version like the easee but ill will another one on that. Youve obviously got the tettherd version and youve gone for the longest cable possible because, where the inlet is on cars, moves around depending on the car id go for the longest lead possible and then, if youve got the long lead. Youve got to think how your gon na wind that lead up, and then you start thinking some of these units look larger than the other ones. But the great thing – and I do like this about the zappi – is that you can wind the cable around it and neatly put it back into holder when it has a tethered version where some of these other ones youve got quite a large unit and then youve Still got cable and a hook on the wall or something else so just all looks a bit agricultural yep and you see for me, I prefer more, the stuff thats based around the app.

So I want useable apps apps that allow me to control more parts of the charging. So at the moment, your just on eco7, I believe at home. Ive got a dumb charger and Ive got eco7, because I cant have a smart meter installed for some reason, but that seems to be big problem, so I dont want obviously back in the day you could have a charger that was dumb yep and then theres. This battle is the technology gon na be in the app or is it gon na be in the car? So I personally think its gon na be more app based with the chargers, because a lot of manufactures dont want to get involved in that. But Gary do you know why we want more app based and more controls from the chargers or the cars based on energy? Do you understand Well minute, you say app. I get a little but nervous because all of a sudden am having to learn something new. I may have to hand my phone over to the installer, which is always a worry, and then what am I gon na do with that app? Is that app gon na allow me to have an agile tariff I keep hearing about? Is it gon na set the charging process? Am I gon na have to set times it all sounds a bit complicated Nick? Can you help me out. yep, so some of these some of these chargers allow you to just set times so charge from 1230 charge till 430 charge from 1 oclock, whatever you just set the time and the days you want to charge and you plug in some Of these charges are even more clever were seeing now, especially with wholesale rates in the UK.

Changing more dynamic rates of charging, more dynamic chargers, and these new dynamic chargers means that the price could change not only every half an hour, but even with some chargers. Turning you off 5 minutes before an half hour period, because there may be a saving where you could be paid money to turn off that charger just 5 minutes early. Does that mean that my app will do that? For me, am I gon na have to be constantly looking at it every 5 minutes and yea. This is why the app based system, rather than time based system are better. So a lot of the app based systems that do dynamic pricing. You say to the app dont charge me above 5p a kwh and the charger will only charge you in that thing. Now some of the chargers, the ohme system. Here they tap into the cars API systems, so they actually see what the car charge rate. Is you scroll it on the app to say what you want to charge up to, and it will tell you, if its possible to do that for the set price target youve done so that sounds like a unique feature to me. So your telling me there the charger itself with interrogate the car to find out what battery capacity is has at the moment and then set the charging regime about what it knows exactly that yeah and where seeing a lot more of that, especially with tesla interrogation.

Like Iphones always get apps first Teslas lot more evs of tesla, so people tend to develop the apps first around them and then the other manufacturers filter down from that one of my other big fears when it comes to apps, they stop supporting it and all of A sudden Ive got a really difficult process of actually charging my vehicle, yes, and I think a lot of small companies who make chargers, especially some of the ones from abroad, may go bust and you may have a non working or dumb charger. However, a lot of companies are investing in what we call v1g, which is basically this charger and the ohme and the Indra, and I believe, myenergi working on it, where they will turn off and on your charger, depending on this and theres a bit of money. In that isnt there Gordon There is well depends on which energy provider tariff your on which energy supplier and whos earning that money. But yea you can imagine a scenario where theres, I would think millions of chargers across the country and if someone can remotely switch them on and off depending on the state of the nations power grid, theres, actually money to be made on that sometimes referred to. As demand side management and yea, are you gon na get money personally, or is the energy company get that and make a significant margin on that, So the way theyre gon na it with this charger? Is there gon na share a proportion of that revenue with you? But lets be honest: there gon na be keeping the big bulk of it them selfs, and I think that will mean the apps will be long term supported because they still got an income from it.

But there is emergent isnt there to make sure the charger is not coupled to the app over in the future. Yes and a lot of these chargers have ocpp, which is the open charge, protocol system and some of them dont if its ocpp in theory, it could be pretty much flashed to work with other apps, not just the company that your brought it off. So the one thing I worry about, as a user guys is these charge points, are not cheap there. A lot of money to have installed – and the last thing I want to do is have it installed, take it out and almost have a cheese wall of new charge points being put in all the time. What shall I look out for for longevity? Ok, that word longevity: no body got one, have they you cant, say an EV charger, been on the wall 7 10 years and get the recommendation from the fact its still going. So with your engineering background, Gordon, what things should we be looking for? Ahh well, youve got to assume the manufacture has done all the things they have to do to ensure that longevity so have they selected quality materials, and that goes from everything from the plastics. Will it withstand the ultraviolet light if its on the front of your house? Will it maintain that IP rating to keep moisture out thats? What youd expect them to do, however, the next level? Down from that? Is it capable of being installed easily to maintain things like that IP rating and chargers behind us mixed things? The biggest challenge I see in all of them bar 1, which at the minute is the easee? Is they have an exposed circuit broad in there soon? As you take that cover off, you can see what I call the farm yard.

Youve got these green circuit broad with silos, and things like that, all over it if moisture gets into the unit. How well protected is that again against damage by moisture? You know if you dont pick the right, cable gland. What happens Gary Yep? We can have that capillary action where the moisture is being sucked up, thru, the cable and into the unit it self. The other issue, for me, Gordon, is heat and managing that heat in the process as well Yep. Now there is, I wont mention which one, but one of the chargers behind us actually includes a fan in it, which gets me a little bit worried that. Why do we need a fan to keep an ev charger cool? There should be a more sensible way of doing that. Other chargers on the wall behind us will imagine the scenario the suns come round to the front of the house. At the same time as charging your car, there is an inbuilt thermal limit in there to reduce charging current. Are you saying your not a FAN of the FAN am not a fan. I mean if I go back dim and distant past into the lighting market. Some of the earlier LED lamps used to have fans in there big cause of failure. Fans bring in dust fans automatically bring in moisture its, not a recipe for longevity. Remember when your PC had the big fan on the back and the dust that went into it.

Often a man of worry. My next worry for me is: I got connect it maybe to the internet to the wifi. Have I got to connect it to some roaming simcard? So it knows where it is in the world. Are there other considerations? I should be taking Nick? Yes, so some of these chargers, so some of them are sim card only and some of them are wif, simcard and ethernet. So you need to make sure that, if your going for one of the simcard only units that mobile reception, where the chargers going, if you, if its only a unit that does wifi, you need to make sure the wifi reaches to where its going and if its Ethernet version your gon na have to make sure the engineer can bring ethernet cable for where your router is in your house, to where its going now some of the units, which is the myenergi unit, they use a kind of different approach. They use an ethernet. So you need to make sure you got a spare socket on your router to fit that ethernet cable in, but then it uses a radio signal to communicate with the zappi device. So as long as they radio signal isnt too far long as your not living in a mansion like Gordon, you should be able to reach it. I havent got a mansion, but what I do have is incredibly thick stone walls and wifi to charge points because of that is a real challenge and, as nick rightly said, also if you need to get an ethernet cable out there.

Sometimes your ethernet router is no. Where near where your power supply is for your house, so that causes the installer and significant amount of challenges when it comes to that other challenges could also be. You want to start integrating with some other systems. Now your spending a lot of money on electricity – often the next dash – is to solar. Do these devices need to actually integrate the solar, so most of the devices here do solar. So if your going to ever consider solar or already have solar, then the first thing you should look at in my personal mind – is that charger does solar. Now most of these have additional CT clamps, but not all of them, and this is why Ive reviewed all of them on the channel that you can go and see to make sure the one getting have solar. So solar leads us nicely on to thinking about futureproofing. The chargers, what else be worried about when it comes to further down the road so further down the road you got to consider? Are you going to have 2 evs 3 evs in your household? Are you gon na have multiple or additional chargers eventually fitted to your house, and that is where maybe you can advise me? What is the maximum thing your gon na need for making sure you can have 2 chargers, depending on your amperage fuse? If I had 60 amp fuse, is there anything I need to consider? You got ta, consider the chances of blowing that fuse from other loads in the house.

Certainly, if you try and put 2 evs on there, your over that limit, your gon na be blowing main fuse coming into house. So some of these chargers have the capability dynamically manage and share loads dont they Yea. So that basically means that if I turn the oven on in my house and Ive got 2 evs charging, those 2 evs chargers will drop there rate of charge. So I dont blow the main amp fuse in the house because am imagining the DNO would charge me a fair bit of money for that being replaced. I am the nervous type and I think now the looks of our ev chargers are the least of my concerns with all of those other things. Weve highlighted that I now need to take into consideration. Can you help me Gordon? Yes, we have produced a full series on ev charging across on efixx, where we take you through all of the things you should consider when your having an install in your property, so thats from that main fuse down to the full setup and solar integration. We go into it all. Thank you very much. Efixx dont forget check out my reviews on all chargers check out efixx for the full journey to installing electric vehicle charger and ill see you again next week.