The ev6 was designed under kias new design philosophy and demonstrates the transformation in terms of design, identity and future orientation of our company. As kias head of global design, karim khabib stated ev6 is a showcase of human centered, progressive design and electrified power. The new ev6 is a crossover model with a length of 4.68 meters, height of 155 and width of 1.88 meters. It comes with a generous wheelbase of 2.9 meters, which creates a very unique offer dimension wise, while allowing plenty of space for the passengers to enjoy. Lets. Look at the exterior design in detail. The car from the front has a very bold look due to the muscular front fenders and the hood nerves that give a strong, powerful feeling to the vehicle. Since we dont have an engine under the hood, our designers managed to create a completely new look for the bonnet and the way it fades to the sides, creating volumes and amazing proportions. With the absence of their adidator, the car points down creating a strong front. Look while the new digital tiger nose that is saved through the design of the full led headlamps, introduces a new progressive look. The daytime running lights have a very slick and modern design and provide distinctive character to the front of the vehicle below them. There is a lower air intake which visually widens the front of the car, accentuating its high deck image. The side profile displays a slick and aerodynamic crossover.

Silhouette a character line runs along from the front to the bottom of the doors curving upwards, towards the rear wheel. Arches to visually elongate, the profile of the car designed in part to realize ultimate aerodynamic performance. The rear profile displays a sloping rear seat pillar with an integrated black glossy insert, which appears to extend the window glass. The mirrors and window surroundings are high: glossy black, creating a visual separation between the body and the roofline, enhancing the sporty stance and delivering a very dynamic look to the car. An interesting designer aerodynamic touch comes from the flash door handles which are part of the body, but also feature an automatic pop up function for easier access. The vehicle comes with stunning, 19, 20 and 21 inch alloy wheels, especially designed to improve aerodynamic performance, while making the vehicle stand out following the character line from the side to the rear. Ev6 makes a clear statement with its unique looking rear, led light guide that spans across the rear of the car. This gives a very distinctive look, something that everyone driving behind will remember for sure. The rear turning signals are hidden under a translucent chrome, finish that extends on the lower part of the trunk door, delivering a firm and also high tech. Look to the vehicle at the top sits a prominent wing type iron roof spoiler that channels air downwards towards the rear spoiler. On the lower part, we have a black glossier diffuser with a center position, reverse light that complements the powerful look of the new ev6.

The rear also hides the charging port that is strategically positioned on the rear right with the charging port. At that spot. Ev6 has the easiest access to the charging stations because of the short distance, no matter the charger position when developing the ev6, we wanted to give a truly unique experience for everyone on board. Passenger experience is one of the core pillars during the development of the ev6 and the perception of interior space is one part of this experience. The trunk space goes up to 520 liters, while the rear seats fold easily in 60 40, with a single touch. Extending the storage area even further additional storage is available in the front of the vehicle, with a volume of up to 52 liters bringing the total available space to 572 liters. The ev6 is based on the new dedicated platform called the egmp. This platform allowed us to introduce a completely flat floor, but also provide enough space for all rear. Passengers will have the chance to enjoy plenty of space for their legs without any compromise on the head room. The driving position is easily adjustable and features the key relaxation seats. They provide a relaxing way to enjoy the time inside your ev6. While you are on a quick charging stopover, the car will be available with combi premium, vegan, leather or sweatshirts in different colors, depending on the trim. Configuration as you would expect from ikea flagship model of the future. Ev6 is equipped with a lot of technologies focusing on connectivity, convenience and safety.

Getting into the car were instantly impressed by the dual curved 12.3 inch displays. These are curved high definition panels in front of the driver. We have the new cluster that introduces our new graphic user interface with plenty of electric vehicle dedicated menus and modes in the middle. We have the navigation and multimedia display, giving us all the core vehicle information. The ev6 also features the new multi mode, intuitive controls from our studies. We have seen that drivers still want to have a mix of tactile and touch menus, and this is what we are able to deliver in the ev6. A customizable lcd display gives quick access to the climate control or the navigation and multimedia, while adjusting the knob functionality between the driver and the passenger. The vehicle features a floating center console very prominent, is a shift by wire and also the touch sensitive controls for the seat, heating and ventilation. The high tech features dont stop there. Ev6 comes with a new augmented reality head up display that introduces a next level of navigation experience since it draws the route on the street ahead of the driver. Key information remains inside for an unobstructed driving in terms of safety technologies. Ev6 features among others, the latest highway driving assist with lane change, support lane following assist forward collision avoidance with junction turning and crossing surround view, monitor and blind view monitor inside the cluster meridian is our new premium audio partner, introducing a 14 speaker audio system for an Immersive sound experience, including kias new active, sound design system for a truly unique electric vehicle experience.

The ev6 is based on kias dedicated electric vehicle platform introduces the first mainstream market 800 volt system. Large amount of engineering work was required in order to bring you this new technology and all the great benefits that come with it, 10 to 80 within 18 minutes, or simply up to 100 kilometers of electric range. Only with 4.5 minutes of charging possibility to charge at maximum speeds on 800 and 400 volt charger, three phase, ac charging and vehicle to load that allows you to power household appliances, but also, for example, other devices like your drone when going on holidays ev6 will be Available in regular drive and all wheel drive configurations and comes with two battery packs: the standard 58 kilowatt hour and the long range 77.4 kilowatt hour that achieves an all electric range of over 510 kilometers with a total output easily over 300 ps ev6 marks the beginning Of a new era for kia, it resembles our companys shift into becoming a major electric vehicle player.