This ev is truly a technological marvel, its powerful 1 000 horsepower. Zero emission engine boasts a remarkable 350 mile range on a single charge. Thanks to gmcs amazing, new altium batteries and dont worry its future forward. Interior is definitely dressed to impress gm designer al oppenheiser, swung by today with two pre production prototypes, and i got ta, say well im pretty impressed. You know one of my favorite sayings is engineers. Will change the world and youre one of the guys thats doing it? I mean you take something like hummer which when it first came out, people went crazy and then the environmentalists went nuts. So you found out the problem with the car. It was polluting. You got rid of pollution, and now you have something that is eco friendly as silly as that sounds just exactly like. You said everybody remembers hummer, good or bad right, but if you make it um an off road beast, then the people that loved it will really love it. And if you make it zero emissions, the people that hated it have no excuse not to love it right. Right, its actually faster, it has more power, its quieter theres, no place where the gas vehicle beats it. This wins on all on all on all points, which is what i find fascinating and, of course, if you want to take in a little nature the infinity roof system lets you see it all. The 18 onboard cameras allow you to see every single angle of the undercarriage to make sure you can navigate safely over rough terrain, but enough talk time to test it out.

So were gon na go down here and youll see these tight turns were gon na go on with this rear steer that you wouldnt think is possible with a big truck like this. I dont know it its amazing how effortless it feels it just makes me laugh. I really have to do anything i yeah. I can hop in the back and have a sandwich. Well, this thing is yeah. This is pretty amazing. Look at this one of the things that were really stressing with an electric vehicle. Thats, an off road vehicle is how quiet it is. I mean thats, the amazing part and plus it just makes some big old diesel thing just seem so obsolete. You know the torque of this is what really makes me smile its just so incredibly powerful. We can apply it with torque vectoring at any particular wheel. We need it, which is great for off roading. Of course, the fun part on road is. We can use it to get into zero to sixties of this big thing in three seconds. This ev simply has it all, but the coolest feature got ta, be the crab walk from an off roaders perspective. Crab walk will allow you to get around rock obstacles or tree obstacles very cool, but how does it all work? Well, if the hummer encounters an impassable object like say, a boulder crab, walk can engage all four wheels to turn in the same direction up to 10 degrees, while the vehicles body stays straight.

This allows the entire vehicle to easily maneuver around it and keep on going. I miss proprietary, you guys are the only ones that have this feature, isnt that correct yes to our knowledge. Nobody else has this in production, its fascinating, its really amazing. It really is the next generation. Of course, i think i speak for everyone when i say if this was my vehicle, i would never attempt it, but since its yours im gon na give it a shot. Yes lets just hope.