This is the new audi q4 e tron, and it has all of those things in a very lovely, practical suv body. So, if youre driving around in an audi q3 or any of the number of countless rivals like that, could this be the car that youve been waiting for? Could this be the model that could make you make the switch to electric or have no fear nicola? Is here and im going to tell you everything that you need to know about the audi q4 e tron, but before that make sure you subscribe to the carbi youtube channel and you see that little bell icon tap that and then you get notifications every time. A new video goes live. This is technically the fourth pure electric audi to wear the e tron badge. First, there was the self titled e tron suv, followed rather quickly by the sportback version and, more recently, the flagship e tron gt saloon based on the volkswagen groups. Meb platform, the q4 we have here is mechanically very similar to the volkswagen, id3 and id4, as well as the skoda enyak iv and the forthcoming cooper born. It gets the same batteries and the same electric motors, but as well find out in this review. There is plenty to separate it from its siblings. So do you like how the car looks from the outside because im not going to tell you how to think, but it all feels really nicely proportioned in the metal.

It feels more cohesive than an id4 and it feels less dumpy than an enyak, but in here this is where the audis personality really shines. I mean youre instantly drawn to this optional, squared off steering wheel. That looks and feels really nice also dont, if you notice, but it matches the nose of the car. I also love this central screen, which is integrated into the dash rather than plonked on the top. It just makes it so much easier to use. The quality is just really nice, it is an easy match for the mercedes eqa and while basic sport models only come with fabric seats. I dont mind, and i know leather seats will look a little bit more plush, but this all feels very nice and soft and very cushy on my bum storage is very good now. This is because the electric specific platform frees up so much space, so youll just find like holes and cubbies bits everywhere: lots of places for your kids to lose toys and food and all of the things you have been warned. But my personal favorite thing, unlike volkswagen and skodas, you dont, have to go anywhere near that screen to change the temperature one button hula warmer arf. I know that is the future im telling you this believe it or not. Is the entry level model? Okay, its got a few options like bigger wheels, matrix led lights and a few packs that bundle up various accessories, but even without those items it offers you most of the kit.

You realistically need you get the big screen with satnav plus apple and android connectivity, the digital dials, heated seats and three zone, climate control, the usual s line and vor sprung. Trims are also available alongside a limited run, edition 1 model. These add extra luxury and tech, but are quite expensive, while those after a bit more style, can opt for the sleeker sportback version for around fifteen hundred quid more four specs are available on carbide code uk just search for the audi q4 e tron via the drop Down menus on our home page now, we spoke earlier about luxury and refinement, and that is the first thing that hits you the moment that you set off. It is really nice and quiet when youre around town and the best thing is that doesnt change the faster you go remember. This is a 40 000 pound ish family suv, this isnt a 75 grand rival to a jaguar. I pace or a mercedes eqc and it drives really nicely as well. Now we have the optional 20 inch wheels, but the adaptive suspension means that it softens the lumps and bumps in the roads really nicely if youre driving around and youre arming and arring as to whether you want to go for that option, we would recommend test driving The q4s standard setup just to double check that youre happy regardless the fact that the majority of the q4s weight is quite low down because the battery is located in the floor.

It means that the center of gravity is exactly where you want it to be, which makes it that little bit more fun, doesnt really roll much in corners, i mean yeah, the steering is reasonably light, but it still feels nice and agile. It feels like you can place it on the road really well performance. As with most vw group, cars is satisfactory rather than spellbinding. I mean this 40 badge model sits right in the middle of the range in terms of price and performance. Its got a single motor and 201 brake horsepower. Now there is a 35 badge version, which is slightly less powerful and a 50 badge version which is slightly more powerful and that one has four wheel drive the naught to 62 time and this 40 badged car is 8.5 seconds and its got a speed limit of 99 mile an hour i know i know some of you are going to sneer at that, but it gets up to motorway speeds, fine and sits very comfortably up there as well, and its got a nice decent shove. When you put your foot down, the fact is, if youre going to be thrashing this about all over the shop and youre going to be sitting at that top range, that top speed a lot of the time. Then the official figure of 316 miles range is going to be a lot less than 316 miles, isnt it since taking delivery. Weve seen around 3.

5 miles per kilowatt hour out of this audi q4 e tron. That equates to a real world range of around 270 miles. More than enough for most family buyers! Beware, however, that the entry level q435 gets a smaller 52 kilowatt hour battery with closer to 200 miles of range from a single charge. Charging itself couldnt be easier, unlike the basic version of the vw or skoda. Every e tron comes with at least 100 kilowatt rapid charging with the q440 and q450 models getting even quicker kilowatt capability. So quick top ups on the go are perfectly feasible. Think 80 miles of range in just 10 minutes topping up a home via a 7kw wool box takes seven and a half hours for the smaller battery q435 or 11, and a half hours on the bigger battery 77 kilowatt hour 40 and 50 models. Ive said it before and im going to bloom and well repeat myself: if you set out to build an electric car right from the start, rather than turning a petrol or a diesel car into an electric like they did with the mercedes eqa, then you get to Avoid a lot of the packaging constraints like a bulky transmission tunnel right down the middle because look at the results. There is so much space back here. Im five foot, six ive got loads of leg. Room ive got loads of headroom its a flat floor. So i can quite happily sit in the middle seat.

I mean this is supposed to be smaller than the original e tron, but it feels a lot bigger. That means there is loads of room for child seats, while those in the back will benefit from their own climate controls, plus usb slots for charging phones and ipads. The door bins will take bottles and there are nets in the back of the seats and the practicality advantages continue here in the boots. Weve got 520 liters of space, which isnt as big as the skoda enyak, but this is still a very usable space. Weve got the charging cables underneath the boot floor, a couple of cubbies either side and if you fold down the rear seats, youve got 1 490 litres of space, which again isnt as big as the skoda but its a perfect size for a family. So shall we have some deal makers and deal breakers for the audi q4 e tron? Yes, yes, is the answer. The audi feels special alongside its vw and skoda, siblings, going some way to justify its higher price, its not as spacious as the skoda, but the audis. Clever packaging makes it a practical suv, the bigger battery models, tick, all the right boxes when it comes to long range and fast charging. The sport model is pretty good value, but straight towards the s line or vorsprung cars and youll pay rather too handsomely for the pleasure. You know what having driven the original e tron, which was a car that was based on the diesel version of the q5.

My expectations for this werent exactly high but building it on a bespoke electric platform, has made this a very accomplished. Car overall youve got more range, better interior packaging and just as much luxury i mean it seems a little bit silly if youre going to spend any more on an electric family suv than this.