Ben from regal chevrolet has given us the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev1 lt in your silver flame metallic. This is going to have updates to the exterior styling, which i think it does have a nice little pop to it, its going to have a more contemporary interior theyre, going to have some updates to that infotainment and your tech standard 55 kilowatt dc fast charging now And the best part they lowered the price of the vehicle, so this one is going to be less money than the 2021.. Does this tick all the boxes? Is this going to be something thats going to give the vw id4 or the nissan leaf a run for its money, im anthony from hawkeye rods and im going to go over all the specs and details, starting now, Music, Music, the chevrolet bolt ev gives the classic Electric styling to the fascia its a very futuristic, especially in the grill area. You have some air intake as well. You dont have any storage underneath. So whenever you open this up, the bolt is based off the bev2 electric vehicle platform, ground clearance at 5.35 inches. So you can go over any terrain without any issues, its not going to be so wide at 69.5 inches. However, he got a half an inch taller at 63.4, inches led headlamps and daylight runnings and the setup the way it flares over the fenders. It really gives that electrifying look to the front fascia, especially the way they did a little bit of an aerodynamic structure here by the chevrolet badging.

You have some air intake as well and down through here. I like that they didnt put the gloss black because you would have had some more chips and things like that and it kind of makes it look and disappear. The way the image is and it just flares off. You do have your standard dc fast charging thats going to get you 100 miles in 30 minutes the matte black that runs over the fenders encasing the 17 inch painted aluminum wheels. 11 inches is the front disc. Reading the rear is going to be at 10 inches regenerative. Braking, independent mcpherson strut front suspension, a semi independent torsion beam for the rear. The bolt is going to be a little bit shorter by almost an inch at 163.2 inches the wheel base 102.4 inches chevrolet keeps that nice styling with the high gloss running down, but then they stop it and put like more of a mat and they keep that Gloss on the top with the chrome and on your side, view mirror trim. I like that they added the chrome piece here to just finish it up. So it keeps that bolt style and thats. Really, what were looking at something that just looks electrifying, and i think they did a good job, especially with the lines even on the lower sills here, because everything just really mimics it chevrolet is going to add safety with your automatic emergency. Braking your front pedestrian. Braking lane keep assist and lane departure warning forward collision alert and your automatic high beam where it will low or raise it back to high beam if someones on the other side.

So you have all the safety and flare, and everything just goes right in and i like that. They keep that high gloss going into the rear, integrating into your led tail lights, and i like that. They keep it going right where the chevrolet badging is, and they put it here as well, which hide those reverse parking sensors. You got your reverse camera. If youre looking at the rear of this and comparing it to the volkswagen id4, i think this ones a little bit more polished. However, the bottom, they still do pretty much the same aspect where its not painted its just going to be a dull black going inside. Your cargo youre going to be receiving 16.6 cubic feet. You can open up and theres some more storage underneath the rear bench split folds. At a 60 40. thats going to max the cargo at 57 cubic feet. The chevrolet bolt backs the performance with a 65 kilowatt battery pack front wheel, drive producing 200 horsepower and 266 feet of torque achieving 131 to 109 mpges estimated range at 259 miles 0 to 60 is where its at 6.5 seconds, its almost electric fast, definitely faster than The vw id4, let me know what you think of the exterior of this 2022 chevrolet bolt ev 1lt as we go into the interior, go over the tech and take this for our test run entering inside the chevrolet bolt ev youre, going to get 40.1 inches of Headroom 44.

3 inches of legroom. The redesign is going to really start in the interior in the center youre going to get a new push button center cluster with the one pedal drive button. So i do like the fact that everythings accessible you do have a sport button. As well right, there two usb ports in a 12 volt and you can easily slide your phone and it literally gets hidden inside you have your climate control updated as well from an 8 inch to now a 10.2 diagonal hd color touch screen the chevrolet infotainment 3, Plus we dont have navigation. However, you have wireless apple, carplay and wireless android. Auto am fm sirius xm, bluetooth connectivity with six speakers inside. So you have enough speakers. I mean its not that big of a vehicle, its gon na be loud enough. The dash is gon na be flat and simple. I do like that. They keep the metal look through the center and then they keep that gloss black on the other side, more or less, for the passenger and around the air vents as well on both sides. So they do have a nice little pattern structure and it really mimics like a lightning bolt pretty much the way they have everything set up, which is exactly the segment that were going after its a leather sports inspired steering wheel, multi function, you got the chevrolet badging Square bottom, the gauge cluster is an eight inch digital gauge cluster, its going to give you some information, so you have your turn by turn navigation.

You can do your bluetooth, connectivity, your stereo and then on the other side. You can see your destinations, your favorites and all that good stuff. But really the main thing is you being able to see how much range you have left and how fast you go because the vehicle it does perform pretty good its under seven seconds. Zero to sixty opening up in here, youre gon na have a pretty deep storage. Its just not so wide as for the elbows, its going to be more firm, this is more of a daily used car, so some of the luxury amenities are going to be pretty much like the seats so youre going to have a 10 way power adjustment for The driver – this is in your jet black six way manual adjustment for the passenger, so that is something that i dont necessarily like so much because why didnt you just give us a four way or a six way power on the passenger side as well. We did lower the price, however, give us the power seats. The thing that i do like, though, because we dont have a lot of storage up here. You have another storage underneath here that you can fit a lot of stuff which makes it so much easier. You have an area for your key fob cup holders. 16.9 ounce water bottle no problem, i would say a 20 ounce, its kind of the max. As for the door panel, one touch up and down for the driver.

You got the bolt image coming in storage. I would say two to three 16.9 ounce water bottles without too many problems, but you know the best part about it. Is you can fit everyone in the front without too many issues, because you have enough width and enough length lets check out the back seats for the back seat, im at 37.87, inches of headroom 36.01 inches of legroom, so its going to be a little bit cramped To fit three which well see in just a second another thing whenever youre entering, if youre tall like me, youre going to hit the headliner as you can see, you cant really move too much because youre going to hit it, so you actually have to kind of Sit inwards like this in order to really relax and enjoy the ride. No usb ports, no air vents, so youre, just really relying on the air to circulate which it does a pretty decent job. With that cup holders in the door panel, you only have one so a 16.9 ounce water bottle and maybe a taller water bottle and thats. It elbow its going to be a little bit firm. Nothing here also that door panel youre going to be a little bit more stripped from the design from the front. So i feel like the back is just like you know what get the kids in just relax lets drive and get the groceries or our fast food, but lets see how look in the center sitting into the center its going to be a little tough.

I moved the passenger seat back just a little bit. My leg is completely against it in the position id be sitting its grazing headliner. My head is grazing shoulder and leg space, even though the floor is completely flat. Im going to be sharing a substantial amount, so its going to be tough to fit three people, my dimensions in the rear, fitting two is not a problem and you actually will feel the air circulate a little bit better. If theres, only two back here taking the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev out some nice things about electric vehicles is, they are super quiet, theyre a little bit more airtight. You dont really hear anything. When you drive it at a low speed, you will hear noise thats perfectly normal, whether youre, comparing it to the nissan leaf or your vw id for now, comparing them to the two. I will definitely say this: one does lack a lot of room in the rear. This ones not going to have as much space comparable, but i do like the fact that youre getting a pretty decent range 259 miles, so i mean you can literally take this wherever you want for a vacation. Nearly you dont have to just drive it locally, so that is something nice in that aspect of getting. You know 100 miles in 30 minutes its also pretty quick, if you think about it, because most journeys that we travel now and days are between 20 to 50 miles max so youre getting there and back and you still have range to keep going.

But the best part about this is a 0 60. It is pretty quick for the price point. This is in the lower 30s when you get it specd out like this. It gets in the mid 30, so its around 36 37 000 give or take, however, comparable wise with the electric speed you have to take that in consideration, so were going to put it into the sport mode were going to see how well she does and were Going to just give it full gas and set you back pretty good youre, going to start hearing a little bit of the wind noise, but for the most part it is pretty quiet handles. Well, the suspension holds itself pretty nice going over any impurities. You dont really feel it in the seats visibility. I can see everything i dont like the prius windows that are in the front, but i get it its a design element because they had to make the front windscreen so sloped down. But i mean everything else seems pretty airtight. If i use that one pedal, the regenerative braking really works heavy i mean it is its literally stopping me, as you can see its super quick, so i dont really recommend using that too much unless youre in stop and go traffic. As you see behind a ford f 150, you sit pretty good doing that turn. Radius were gon na, obviously get a lot better than that. Ford were getting right at two lanes, and this is the best part.

Look at this were gon na. Try to pass him to show him what electric vehicles can do and we we could pass him, but were not gon na break the speed limit. So just to show you how fast this vehicle is obviously were not going to be, comparing it against a truck im. Just showing you that, because of the fact that people will think oh its an electric car, its slow, its, not a big deal, you know what were going to come to a red light, so were gon na see. Right now, here we go green light gon na give it some go. She just kind of rips off the line, its always funny when you drive an electric car, because you dont hear an exhaust note and being a petrol head youre always looking for that. Throaty exhaust note all youre getting is wind noise, so youre, just like oh its just kind of funny. Now there is three things that i like and three things that i dislike is anything more than that id be buying this vehicle. The three things that i do like is how they really stress that bolt image throughout the car. They did an excellent job. I dont know if a lot of people really touch basis on that, or they really look at that, but it was very unique. The way they engineered the interior in the exterior because they literally made segments of bolts, so that is pretty cool.

The second thing that i like about it, its a super smooth driving vehicle, its quiet for the most part. You dont really hear wind noise through the wheel wells. You do hear it, though, through the side windows. The third thing that i like about the vehicle is how they have made it a lot: more user friendly and cleaned up the interior. So i got it in regular mode, ive taken the sport mode off just to see how well it performs, and it dries pretty much like everybodys car youre not going to have any issues. Three things that i dislike about the vehicle is in the back seats. They take away a lot of storage. You dont have any usb ports, you dont have any air vents. You only have one cup holder on the door panel. They take away the bolt design. I know its a lot just going to encase it as one. The second thing that i dislike about the vehicle is in the front: they dont have a lot of storage, but they do mask it with that storage underneath its just something that you forget is there at the beginning, so i guess its a plus and minus the Third thing that i dislike about the vehicle is: i wish that it was something more like the vw id4, where you get a quick charge. 20. 30 minutes. You can go and do everything you need 80 charge in that 30 minutes is really what i would be.

Looking at instead of 100 – but i get it, it is what it is. Those are just the things that i got to nitpick, but as for a daily use drive i mean this is definitely something that sets it apart, its very comfortable, its not overly wide, its actually pretty small too. When you look back not really any blind spots, you do have the blind spot monitoring, so you dont really have to worry in that aspect as well, and i do like the fact that we dont have oversized wheels. So it does have a little bit more of a nice drive, comparing it to the vw id4 thats, an suv so youre going to obviously have more storage capacity and its going to have a lot more room even for cargo, if youre, comparing it to the nissan Leaf, i would say that its pretty spot on, however, youre going to have some more leg, room and headroom in the back seats the nice thing about these vehicles. You can whip in and out every which away give it some gas and everybodys literally im just waving by to him now. Cars pretty fast here at the 60., were going to take this back to regal chevrolet, go over the reverse camera and wrap this review on. Switching to reverse, you do have trajectory its a clean screen, and i like how wide it is because you literally can see every single thing.