This is the latest version of the nissan leaf. The e plus slotting into the range above the base model leaf. The main upgrade in the e plus is a much larger battery pack, allowing for a significant increase in range between charges. European versions get a different chassis tune to suit our more dynamic driving tastes. Nevertheless, boda roll is largely kept successfully in check its grippy, and it keeps much of the right comfort of the japanese market cars providing the surface isnt too pock marked Music, a bigger battery means a heavier weight, a chunky, 2 140 kilograms and a percent stiffer suspension Set up on the e plus to compensate with 40 kilowatt hours of battery power to play with nissan has also increased the output from the standard motor to 146b bhp and 236 pounds foot. Those are upgrades of 38 and 26 respectively compared with the original leaf thats enough extra juice to drop the zero to 62 miles per hour time from 11.5 seconds to just 7.9 seconds. Music, Music only got access to a three pin plug then youll need 21 hours to charge up the 40 kilowatt hours leaf and a hefty 32 hours for the 62 kilowatt hours leafy plus be prepared to plan ahead. Thankfully, nissan will sort you out with a wall box if need be, assuming youve got somewhere to install it at home. This will do the same job for the 40 kilowatt hours model in 7.

5. Hours plug the leaf in overnight foreign Music, Music youll still find some hard plastics if you hunt for them, but overall the quality is higher and the more ordinary car design is less likely to alienate more conservative buyers. There are still a lot of buttons, though, and the 7.0 inch infotainment screen is tiny compared to that found in the vwe golf. The new head unit boosts that to an 8.0 inch touchscreen in the leafy plus the leafy plus only comes in and connecta and take it rims with the former starting from 30 445 pounds on the road and the latter from 32 445 pounds. Music. Music.