My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the bmw ix3, so lets get started Music, starting at the top and front you have your glass back roof rails. You have your pano sunroof. Moving down. Youve got your sensors, which are nearly on every car now up here, and it has connected eye drive on there love some lovely creases here on the front of the bonnet. Some really nice designs, youve got your led little lights and you can spec them out to be laser lights as well. Youve got some fake vintage going on here. Oh not real um! You have your. This is obviously where youre going to know its the difference between a regular combustion engine and the eye version. Youve got the blue around the ring, but you also have these nearly fully closed off grilles. Somebody reckons it looks like somebody kind of closing their eyelids, but this version doesnt have the blue inserts like some of the idrives. Has it then, underneath that then youve got your 10 stage? Active air intake youve got some satin black, some glass black and then some silver accents down there. Overall, i think it looks well from the front. Ive got a lot of compliments because its not a ground up, ev and thats, where usually the engine will go. Theres a lot of wasted space in there, but there isnt any frunk lets have a look along the side. Moving down along the side.

Youve got your 20 inch aero wheels with the glass black with the silver trim on them. You have that plastic cladding around there that make it look more suv, some serious distance there as well between the wheel and the wheel arch youve, got your parking sensors. This is the blue. It comes in four colors white, black gray and blue another identifier and the eye badge that is the bmw signifier, that its electrified youve got your ring mirrors with your indicator light on it. We talked about these when were looking at the front, the glass black rails and they can hold up to 100 kgs. This model doesnt have the keyless entry, but it is an option moving down, then youve got your glass black and silver sill very similar to the front of it. Some nice creases on this and then back here, is where you have your charging port and then youve got those sweeping around the corner. Those tail lights coming down the back as well hasnt got that fast, back roof line like some of them have gone for so theres a lot more space in the back, but you have a different spoiler and a different diffuser, but well around the back. Well, have a look at that now, along the back, you have a different spoiler to the x3 and a different diffuser at the bottom. Has these kind of where the exhaust should be kind of chrome, met, silver effect, blue identifier around here? This is marked as an ix3 premiere edition, but its actually going to be an m sport and then sport pro edition thats going to be in ireland, so theres been a bit of chopping and changing with spec and trim naming and whats actually on it.

So if you go to the bmw, ireland website now and i think even on the uk, its going to be all m sport versions – hasnt got a kick, but it is electronically adjusted. Has that reversing camera back there? So in here you have some netting. You have a nice flat floor, 500 liters, you have a couple of different charging cables. There you have the home, chair, granny, cable and you have the type 2 got that lip and then underneath it. Then you have some spaces in there as well. Youve got your emergency first aid kit, your manuals, your entire compression kit, your wheel, lock and the boot as well. You have the ability to fold down the rear, seats, either side, and then you have usb sorry, uh, 12 volt and also some shopping bag hooks. So its a lovely space and then youve got that luggage cover at the back as well. Lets have a look on the inside Music whats it like inside the bmw ix3. As always, i start from the door all the way over good size, chunky door. Youve got a nice x feature here on the as the door hits the actual er teams up with the front dash youve got presets on this model. Two youve got your center lock in and then youve got your electrically adjusted windows, front and rear, and the wing mirrors retractable and the ability to lock the rear, mirror windows and the ability to also open the rear trunk, good sized door bin and nice for water Bottles etc.

Youve got the bmw, i chrome detail: you have um electrically adjusted front seats for driver and passenger, so moving across the front of my knee youve got the light control nice circular, size, leather, clad, steering wheel, this isnt heated because its not the m spec, but the M spec will have a heated version um, i think, on both models. On the left hand, side youve got your cruise control and your driver assist and on the right hand, side. Youve got your audio menu selection phone and bmw assistant behind that, then, on the left hand, side, you have your light stock with your indicators and on the right hand, side. You have your window wipers lovely massive 12.3 inch screen for the driver and also for the infotainment system in here blue button to signify that it is an eye or an electrified. Bmw blue around the bmw ring on the on the steering wheel, blue on the mode selector, so yeah. You definitely know when youre youre in a bmw, ix3 and it has a huge bmw, ix3 logo on it screen is a nice size. It uses the real estate. Well, android, auto and apple carplay as wireless option, you have your hazard lights and your pro parking assistant are parking. Let me see: whats called intelligent safety is what its saying when you press that button its definitely to do with um. The awareness of pedestrians line lane assist, etc, etc, but you can set that all up yourself, a physical volume button.

This is the exact same as a x3, except for some of the blue dashes and dots, and so you have your presets radio and then you have another section. Then, for your hvac system, heated seats, um dual zone tri zone on this model, just jewels on up the front, and then you have the slider that i do not get on with its just so difficult to. I think its im not doing what maybe its a magnet system point proven. I cannot open it. It just doesnt want to open, sometimes its. Definitely you have to get it right on the middle of the anyway wireless charging pad with usb type a, and you have two cupholders a 12 volt. This is obviously has the smoker pack, because it has a cigarette lighter, and it has an ashtray behind that. Then you have your traditional bmw. I drive system with your media menu nav on the top and on the bottom. Youve got your options, you can rotate and you can click. Then youve got your drive mode, selector, reverse, neutral drive and uh. Two second stage: regenerator braking but on bmw d, is adaptive cruise control on this model, so it sees whats in front of it. Little traffic lights stop signs. It knows the map that youre on it sees traffic so its. It turns on the regenerative braking but b. Then, if you want it will be for one pit, one pedal driving: you have your traction: control youve got your three modes: sport which you can set as individual standard, which isnt its just set up the way its set up and then eco pro you can set Up as well so, depending on youve got your parking cameras as well.

There isnt a parking camera at the front, but there is at the rear. Youve got your handbrake and youve got your automatic, hold good size, um armrest, decent size bin with a usb type c power outlet. In there nice head unit, youve got a lovely panoramic sunroof on this, and it is opening at the front, and it has a blind. Not like the sexy one button frosting on the bmw ix, which i suppose is as much as this is fifth gen e drive technology in here. The operating system is seventh, whereas the ix is eight, obviously its a ground up, ev as well, but if you want to see that review have a look at it up on the top right hand, corner ill, stick it up there. This is a lovely well built. Youve got another cubby hole actually here in front of my knee for valuables. You want to hide them away beautiful car up against the audi e tron 50., and i have driven that on the channel and you can see the review up on top of the corner of the screen its a while ago now, im hoping to get the s Version which is the sporty version, but it wouldnt be the same price as this, whereas this is similar in ireland to the e tron 50.. This is also a very similar price to the jaguar. I pace and i havent reviewed that yet either. So anybody knows anybody in jaguar, ireland, id love to have a driver that and the volvo xc40 p8, which i did have on the channel uh recently ill.

Stick that up on the on the channel out on the screen, the um that was a beautiful car as well. That was super fast, whereas this is a bit more tempered um. That was dual motor, whereas this is a single motor and the volvo is about 10. 000, cheaper and then some people are comparing this to eqc, but in ireland the eqc is about 15 000 euro more expensive. So i wouldnt it wouldnt be fair. To put it against that um beautiful seats are gorgeous with the next level up. Then you get lumbar support. You get heads up, display, thats the m sport pro and you get the harman kardon system wrong with the system in this lets have a seat in the back and see. I always thought that the x3 was a small 4×4 xuv um, but no its not its. I must be thinking of the i, the x1, which is a small one, whereas this now is good size, but anyway, lets have a seat in the back and see um. What its like before we take the road you have your x identifier on the back here: youve got your um lights are blue as well, im, not sure if you can adjust. If you can change the color on that a decent sized door, so im 187 centimeters. Six foot two and youre talking, probably one or two centimeters between my knees: youve got uh hard back but theres indents in it.

So its smart youve got some netting for some magazine holders, etc. You do have um, so it is trizone uh. You have climate control back here. Automatic climate control and youve got two usb type cs, so good space there great base in the head room. Absolutely no problem. You have some course hooks. Youve got some court racks. Youve got some vanity lights, um, very good, some decent sized door, bins for liquids, yeah two isofix, i dont think theres a third one up the front. No and so two and then you have nice, bmw and you have more. No, oh! You do so, then you have your ski hatch as well: well, thats, not ski hatch, really its 40 20 40. So that goes all the way through to the boot that drops down. Leather is nice canberra letter, yeah good sized space, the batteries are being put underneath. So this is slightly the ground clearance and this is slightly lower to the current to the combustion engine one. But batteries are all on the floor. They put it nice and thin underneath the seats and its rear motor. But again the boot is slightly smaller than the x3, but we dont talk about combustion engine on this car on this channel, so the boot is 500 liters and 1570. When you drop the seats down – and you can do that, another option on the ix3 is you can let the seats back, which i really like lets, take it out for a spin that panoramic sunroof is gorgeous so far back whats it like driving the bmw ix Here on, the m11 were at 100 kilometers an hour and a bit of road noise, a bit of wind noise.

It is a windy day now, but there is a bit of wind noise off. The wing mirrors at 100 will be coming up to 120. Now, in a second up to 120, if i dont exactly have to shout, i think, its more so that its a windy day outside very smooth yeah ive, no problem with that range for the bmw ix3, the wltp rating on it is up to 460 kilometers real World youll probably get around 385 very much depending on how youre driving it like anything outside temperature and the speed that youre driving at uh. I got it at about 260, i drove it a lot and it started creeping up because i was driving it better than the last journalist that had it um better robberies, the wrong words more efficiently is the correct word, but um yeah active dampeners, its a lot Of weight, 2 200 kgs, its practical s, a v as bmw. I call it sports activity vehicle, it is 500 liters in the boot it has. If you drop that seats down, it brings it up to 1560. It can have 100 kgs on the roof rack. With the roof rails, apologies, it can um Music, you can have. You can talk to 750 kgs, braked and unbreaked, so yeah im, not sure if the panoramic sunroof is helping me or hindering me today on such a sunny day with exposure on this camera, but um. Well, keep plowing on price its coming in at 73, 295 for the m sport version and then 76 985 for the m sport pro version.

So what are you up against youre, beginning to jaguar? I pace youre up against the audi e tron 50 quattro quattro. 50 e tron um volvo dual wheel, p8 or 10 000 euros less. The mercedes eqc is about 10, 15, 000 euros more, so yeah its. Definitely in that premium mark space, some people were comparing it against an audi q e tron. Sorry, some people were comparing again against a mercedes eqc, its too theres too much gap there. Some people are comparing it against an audi q4 e tron, no um, so yeah jack, i pace is probably its main competitor and that uh e tron 50 quattro quattro 50 etron. Whatever the terminology is, it has a 210 kilowatt motor, giving you 286 brake horsepower, and that gives you 400 newton meters of torque charging. It comes with an 11 kilowatt ac, so overnight takes about 12 hours on a 7 kilowatt home box. It can take up to 150 kilowatts on a dc fast charger, so that will get you from zero to eighty percent in about 36 minutes so well able to take the charge top speed of zero. Sorry it can reach a zero to 100 kilometers in 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 180 kilometers, but is any of that stuff relevant to you potentially potentially not um? Bmw in this fifth generation e drive system, their motors dont use any magnets, so they dont use any rare earth. Minerals, metals, apologies, so all about sustainability and keeping control of that supply chain.

They know where their cobalt is coming from. I talked about that in my recent bmw ix review battery size in the bmw ix3, its an 80 kilowatt hour battery and 74. Kilowatts of that are usable overall, really nice drive seats are great, steering wheels, are nice size well weighted in comfort mode and then in sport. Everything just tightens up and yeah. Just with that instant torque with every electric vehicle. You have the 400 newton meters in this one youre not going to be left at any traffic light its comfortable, even though its big, let me know what you think in the comments is the styling enough of future bmw grille for you. I think it just blends right in absolutely blends right in ive, passed a couple of bmw, x3s, todays and really, unless youre really spotting it with the closed off partial grille on the front and the big badge at the back. If you de badged it nobody know that you were driving an electric aero wheels, may give it away and the eye flashing on the side with those fake silver, grunts fence, but otherwise recently went over 4 000 subscribers. So, thanks to everybody who has helped grow the channel and we are going over for how 400 000 views of my reviews so were about a year coming up to a year over a year and a quarter in existence so really happy with the uh. With the progress on the channel so far, hopefully you are too thats.

My look at the bmw ix3 for a card that wasnt set out to be fully electric from the start, even though bmw said that they thought about it when they were building this third generation. X3 platform handles very well its, not four wheel drive so its not your typical bmw x series suv, crossover yeah. I really enjoyed my time with this car. I have to check out the eqc. I have to work with the likes of the jaguar eye pace, but overall i think it was a great car.