Qr codes and coping passes to get myself to spain to drive something super exciting, of course, its electric, but its not just electric its really sporty. Now, when i say sporty im not talking just about instant acceleration at the lights, we know electric cars are good at that no im talking about sporty around the corners and forget about those billion pound electric hyper cars. This is a car that you and i might actually be able to afford. So here we are in barcelona, because this car has a very definite spanish flavor, that is the cupra born a five seater all electric hatchback that cooper says is the perfect blend of electrification and performance. Well, i think ill be the judge of that. Anyway. What do you think? How good does it look if youre thinking hang on a minute that cooper born looks just a little bit familiar well, you would be right now: cooper is normally associated with making a seat a little bit more sporty a little bit faster, but actually they became their Very own standalone brand in 2018., now seat is part of the volkswagen group like aldi, like skoda and like any good family. They share things perhaps unwilling at times, but the cooper born is in fact the sister car to the vw id3, with a spanish twist. Of course holly sorry they made me do that, but its still a good looking thing and, dare i say it, a tiny bit better.

Looking than the id3 theres, the same basic proportions, kind of an egg shaped bullet, but the bourne has a cooler, nose and huge set of rear lights. It feels a little bit lower more purposeful, with these side skirts and comes with copper accents which, frankly, are just super cool. Now, once you get inside, take it all in um, because you do get that sense of vw deja vu, but its no bad thing. This is actually a really nice place to be um. The first thing i notice has to be these amazing bucket seats. They are pretty dominating in the interior and theyre kind of encroaching your space, but i love them. They are really really comfortable, and actually i do really like this recycled neoprene, its sort of everywhere when you start looking for it its down here in the center console and its also on the seats um, its called dynamica. And, of course, not only does it have sustainable properties, but it also actually feels quite nice now. The other thing i really like is in the center of the bucket seats there is this material called sequel now? This is quite important because its actually made from recycled plastic bottles and also plastic taken out of the sea so just think what you could be sitting on: someones, recycled diet, coke or something found at the bottom of the ocean um, but again its the cooper borns Nod to sustainability, which you can see kind of scattered around the car.

So when someone describes the interior, if this car is rubbish, theres actually a compliment um. The other thing that is obviously staring at you in the face is this: brilliant: 12 inch, touchscreen and again its angled towards the driver, putting the driver at the center of the whole driving experience um. You also have an additional screen right in front of you. A bit smaller and one of the first things i notice, which i absolutely love, is i love as soon as i get in the car to change um, the location of my steering wheel, um and the screen moves with it. So the steering wheel is never in the way of your screen, which does happen in some other cars, so that was a big thumbs up for me um. The other thing is that youve got this massive center console. It really is quite big, which makes it feel a little less spacious up front. However, youve got loads of storage space for things like surgical masks. You could have a lot of masks in this storage space if you wanted. The other thing that i do really like. As well is the gear shift, because its up here right next to where your hands are on the steering wheel, all you have to do click it back for reverse click, it forward for drive and motion for park. I dont understand why more electric cars dont have this gear shift up here. Honestly, it is so easy to use its so intuitive.

I do like the sporty steering wheel and decent size, and that comes as standard now. You will notice all the steering wheel. There is this lovely copper logo, and then you start to look around and notice that there is copper trim everywhere. Im, not huge fan of the color, copper, so im not quite sure. If i really like this trim everywhere or not um, but they have taken the opportunity to put it on almost everything: um theres a little bit on the vent here, its around in this center console its on the handle yeah its just a little bit everywhere. I mean you could say its a nice um part of the design and style its just, maybe a little bit unnecessary, the amount that has been used in the car. But overall i still do really like the kind of clean, sleek style of the interior. Now the other thing um to point out is that theres augmented reality navigation system in the optional head up display. Unfortunately, this model doesnt have it, and there are other things that you can have like: a beat stereo system, theres, also standard apple, carplay or android, auto, which is great, and i have been using that here today, um as well as a host of other stuff. Actually, generally, i would say its very well equipped, but small thing to be aware of the very base version is fairly bare. It is fairly basic, no surprises, i suppose, but it is just worth a noting now.

Theres also plenty of standard kit. All the details of that is actually found on electrifying.com, so do make sure you check it out now. The other thing that youll find is that it has the same kind of comprehensive, active safety systems that you find on the id3, which of course, is always going to be a positive ah now on to the versions right. Well, here comes the rundown. There will be four versions of the cooper born on sale in the uk with three different battery sizes, so theres the cheapest slowest one with the smallest battery and 211 miles of range at the bottom and then the most expensive one with the biggest battery the longest Range right, on top with 335 miles of range, now the two in the middle have a medium sized battery and the same range of 260 miles, but one of them has a thing called e boost, which is like a go faster button for your car bit. Like fan boost in formula e, if you know what that is, that means that the e boost mid sized battery version becomes the fastest in the range, mainly because the bigger battery weighs more and therefore isnt the fastest. However, the bigger battery version isnt that much slower and genuinely 335 miles of potential range is really lovely to have what a treat now that one also has the option of 125 kilowatt dc charging, which means up to 62 miles of range in just seven minutes.

On a rapid charger, but i guess the big question here is whether koopra has actually made a car that is actually sporty, which means i better get on with the driving okay. So what have we got here? Well, this is the version with the 58 kilowatts hour battery, which gives you just over 200 brake horsepower. Um well, ive got to say it feels like surprise, surprise an id3. It really does. I think, because the 58 kilowatt hour battery that im driving at the moment, doesnt come with the e boost, its not really the sportier version. Dont get me wrong: its a brilliant brilliant drive and its really smooth its very comfortable, its nice and dynamic, and you can actually feel where the engineers have been working on it to sharpen it up a little bit um. But overall i would say its very similar to the id3, which is kind of what we were expecting um. If we look at the sportiness of it, i think obviously it depends what mode youre in its definitely more sporty than pretty much any other electric hatchback ive driven, maybe bar the electric mini. Now the bourne comes with standard sports suspension, but you can also option the dynamic chassis control system for even more pointiness and that comes within four modes. Youve got range, comfort, individual and cupra. I am going to whack it into performance at the moment, because you really do notice a difference in the way that it drives and lets see what a difference it makes.

Oh, yes, and that is exactly what i was hoping for. You can really feel the difference. Actually, when you do put it in the performance mode there and you know just adding to the sportiness of this drive, okay. So what about the other driving modes? Well, youve got range which, as you can imagine, gives you the maximum range available while driving much more sedate, similar to comfort, really and then individual means you can set things up exactly how you would prefer and then, if the cupra model is available, that is just Everything turned up to the max and i think its how we should be driving it for the rest of today, no its, not an electric gti, but actually, when you get into a corner it delivers a really engaging drive. You can even get bespoke tires to get the most out of the cars range and grip. Add that to near perfect 50 50 weight distribution, a rear mounted motor rear wheel, drive and a heavy battery held low in the car, and this is an electric car thats. Actually, really fun on twisty roads, then, when you hit the eboost switch, you get all of the available power for a short burst perfect for that quick, safe, overtake, okay time for the verdict on the cooper born. Well, this is a bit of a complicated one. I think, because for so long when we think about electric cars, we think about range, and rightly so, of course, but i think now it is time to start thinking about which cars can convert, that instant acceleration, that we get from electric cars into something.

That is consistently fun to drive. Yes, i know there is the porsche tycan and the audi econ and many others, but theyre expensive and theyre quite big cars, so they need to be fun to drive to make up for the lack of noise and lack of gears. So if youre looking for a super fun car to drive, then i really dont think you should look that much further than this koopra born. Okay. Is it the equivalent of a mark ii, golf gti, 16 valve no, probably not, but if youre looking for a pure electric hatchback that is fun to drive that has this kind of sporty look that comes with all the tech that you would expect, then really.