So if i do right, everyone – apologies, hopefully youll know what i mean in context. Lets review the aqa. So i reviewed the mercedes gla not that long ago. Just roll the tip now jaw big fat, a class today, one of three big fat, a classes that you can get at the moment, actually, the other two being an mpv called the b class and another suv called the glb on top of that theres. The long, a class, the other long, a class and then another long, a class thats based on the second long, a class. Yes mercedes offers you no less than seven a class based cars at the moment and theres soon. Gon na be an eighth because theres an electric one, coming called the eqa hold on a second. Is this what the eqa was supposed to look like um yeah heres, one of those times where concept and reality are like poles apart a lot like milton keynes winter wonderland. Remember that thankfully, unlike mks winter wonderland and arguably milton keynes itself. To be honest, the reality of this isnt, a soul, crushing visual nightmare, in fact its very pleasant, its stony stratford one for the mk massive there anyways. What youre really looking at here is a car that takes the production, gla and electrifies it same as the eqc is to the glc. Eqc is another car that i reviewed recently and enjoyed immensely. Do you know what i like about this car? What do you like? I dont, like it lol maya, still talks about that whats great about the eqc.

Is that its this big quiet and composed luxury suv? On the one hand, while on the other having this unbelievable turn of pace, the eqa, though not quite the same, but thats, not to say that it feels like the lesser product, far from it. In fact, its actually very good much better than i assumed it was going to be. To be honest, so first i have to to talk about facts, because i think its important it is first thing to know is that it has a starting price about 20 000 pounds lower than the eqc, and while that doesnt make it an affordable runabout as such, Its actually quite reasonable, so you look at these electric suv things and if you want one with a prestige badge, they tend to be bigger and pricier than this, with the lexus ux and the audi q4, the only ones about on path. Now there is lots of choice and variance in this list, as you can see, but youd fundamentally say that if you want a high riding suv of german affectation, this looks decent value. Well, come back to some of these. For now, though, this makes loads of sense. Even before you get into the imaginations of the thing you know what its like to drive practicality battery range car review stuff. We will do that its mainly because, despite looking nothing like the concept car for shame, it also looks nothing like a budget mercedes runabout.

It is lovely the electric specific face and backside thats been grafted onto the body of a gla, basically really lifts the thing inside and out its one of those cards that looks much better in the dark. No, that sounds bad doesnt it. What im saying is that the led work is really good. One of the most pleasant things about being in this car is that it has some of the best backlighting youll ever see, but especially the air vents. You can pick your cola, you can have them cycling around, so they keep changing. But if you make them orange, then it looks like the car is being heated by a row of tiny little fires and when you adjust the temperature, the relevant blower glows blue. If you go cold or red, if you go hot id like to have been the guy that thought about that, little detail that he was dead pleased with himself, and rightly so. Now there isnt as much change in this cabin as compared to a gla as there is in an eqc as compared to a glc that car basically gets a new and modernized dashboard, whereas this is pretty standard gle, and that does mean a couple of little issues. So this plastic bit in the middle can be a bit creaky thats, a problem that all acos based cars tend to have and while the dual wide screen, infotainment and instrument screens look mega, the mercedes infotainment setup is a bit graphically busy its a bit fiddly.

Now you can control it in no less than four ways, so you will find something to suit. You use your voice, the steering wheel, the trackpad or the screen, but give me bmws rotary dial any day of the week. Generally, though, and most importantly, this feels like a big comfy and ergonomically prodigious suv from the drivers seat. Just the basic stuff is all right. You know the space all around you, everythings nice and adjustable so youll get comfy. No problem seats are particularly comfortable, but the stock phrase that we tend to use when were in an suv is high riding visibility and that doesnt quite apply here. Because of the way this thing sits. You down in the cabin youve got a high shoulder line here and the bonnet is really high. It almost feels like its on your eye line, so you feel more like youre in a hatchback than you are in a tall suv. Now some people will like that because you feel like youre in the car, not on top of it. Now the actual visibility is fine. Its got quite a lot of glass, this car, quite tall windows, but the way this sinks you down will probably make it feel a bit too big for some people like a bit too difficult to park. You know its a little bit more difficult to judge exactly where the corners are, if youre after a truly compact suv, then this doesnt feel like a nissan juke, see to be honest, its not actually that capacious inside either now to be clear, its big enough, its Just about family car sized – you could use this as your main car, but you do lose some space as compared to a standard gla, including rear leg room.

So here is the classic me behind my own driving position thing and then the boost. Now, as you can see its easily big enough for most day things right, but you do not get any real underfloor storage, its just a tiny little space here, which means youre, probably gon na end up just throwing your cables in the boot like this. It also means that this car loses space as compared to a gla and, unlike a lot of electric cars, now theres no front boot fronk. So why is that then well its because this is based on the same platform as the gla but modified for electric? All this bulky stuff in the middle of the chassis here is not in the gle. By contrast, the audi q4 e tron is on the volkswagen groups, electric specific chassis, so its not on the one that the q3s on, for example, and thats. The main reason why the q4 has a boot that is much bigger, because it was part of the packaging question from the beginning of developing the car. Still, the eqa does have a lot going for it in the flexibility stakes, the rear bench folds flat and the cabin is a wash with storage solutions, good ones. The center console box is deep and its damped nicely and the door pockets theyre deep, but theyre not damp. Obviously they are molded for a bottle, however, and the glove box is also big, including a mini shelf for um, something small and flat.

Maybe you could stash your book of comfort there, a book that mercedes has been adding chapters to for decades now, what a link clearly mercedes consulted that book for this car. This is one smooth riding and highly refined fat hatchback and those qualities are actually the best and possibly most surprising thing about this car. Now, obviously, we expect electric cars to be quiet and we also expect mercedes cars to be comfy, but in both cases, not to the extent that this is honestly. This is one of the most outright refined electric cars that ive driven at any price. There is virtually zero mechanical and wind noise in this thing, especially at low speed, in fact, at low speed. You can actually hear the noise that this makes on the outside to warn pedestrians that its around and then when you get on the motorway. It just feels, like youve, turned the blowers up a couple of notches theres, just a little bit of wind bluster, but honestly it is brilliant and its that overall sense that makes this feel like a proper big nice luxurious mercedes. So this is a 250 and its not that quick, as you can see, theres a 350 version of this. If you want more pace, but i dont think thats necessary honestly, i dont think you should get bogged down in the note of 62 time of this car. At all, so its called 250, because on paper it roughly matches the performance of the gla 250, but in reality when youre pulling away from junction or traffic light or whatever.

This will feel like one of the quickest cars youve, driven its really responsive and actually its really responsive at mid speed as well. It just feels like a quick car – incidentally, everybody thats got into this car with me – has used the same word about it genuinely smooth. So you can get adapter suspension this car doesnt. Have it honestly i wouldnt bother. This is on comfort suspension and you dont need anything other than this like. Why would you give this car a sport mode and make it ride a bit worse, and this is an amg line version, which means its sporty, but it still has that slightly floaty sensation of being a luxury suv thats, not just because of the damping. If you look at the tires, you will get a very visual representation of how well this car rides look at how fat they are its equivalent of a person wearing foam fingers as actual gloves specs, then generous, all cars get twin wide screens, which is not given In lower level a class based cars, they look great and if you were a person, you would sit in this car with its big wide screens and its pleather seats and its lovely, backlighting and stuff, and you would say yeah. This feels fancy and, although you might want an amg line car because it looks a bit better, it doesnt actually add that much by way of comfort and convenience stuff, anything a real note anyway, so like.

If you want wireless phone charging or a better stereo, you need to go even further up to amg line premium trim and, although even further up the amg line premium plus pack does give you a lot of really nice stuff. It is also a six grand option. You can also get a driving assist pack with loads of additional safety kit, but regardless of that, this is a very safe car euro end cap likes it look at those argument, scores man. The thing is, none of that equipment. Stuff necessarily makes this feel any more. Like a lovely mercedes suv, it feels luxurious from the base level and also faintly futuristic bonus, its stuff, like the doors they have. A satisfying thunk and the interior quality is exceptional. Generally, some little plastic parts aside and the way the gear selector is on a column. Thats like a given in a merc, but it is one of those little things that makes a car feel like a merc. Its still kind of unusual and its a nice touch and the steering is quite slow geared, which does nothing for the cars dynamics. But it does a lot for comfort. This doesnt feel twitchy. It has that nice relaxed way about it. It all feels very luxurious. In other words, i probably use too much without luxury costs, because electricity, so the claimed efficiency of this car is about three and a half miles per kilowatt hour, which, if youre spending roughly 15 p per kilowatt hour on your electricity.

That tells you how cheap this is in a pence per mile away, all right, thats good. So the cars tell me that ive been getting 3.4 miles per kilowatt hour, so there you have it cheap, plus the tax breaks very little bik and no road tax. Quick word on charging, but you probably know the score by now. It has an 11 kilowatt on board charger, but your wall box is probably going to charge it at a seven kilowatt raid anyway, although in a fit of generosity on mercedes, as it is part, you do get a three pin plugger standard, so you can stick it In next to a lamp or something, if you do do that, its going to take about 30 hours to charge which isnt ideal, obviously its more of an emergency measure plug it into your wall box, store its going to take about six hours. So its a good overnight job and at maximum charging speed 100 kilowatts. You are looking at about half an hour to get from 10 to 80 cheap to run and fairly easy to live with then and again largely feels like a fully fledged posh mercedes experience. I think you could honestly consider one of these instead of the bigger eqc, especially if you stretch to the 350 version, which gives you that proper accelerative lol really the only problem this car has, if it has one, is other electric suvs see going back to my List from the start of evs and their prices, you cant sort of forget about the stuff above the eqa, but a lot of what sits below it is arguably more enticing for various reasons: theres a tesla in there and well its a tesla enough said the ford Machi is more rare and exotic, seeing nothing of whether it should actually be wearing the mustang badge.

Well, leave that for later, the hyundai ioniq 5 is both more spacious and more futuristic than this. But for me its this thing that really makes the best case for itself if youre looking for a moderately priced, but very nice, electric suv, this skoda thing is brilliant. It is just as high quality, it is just as refined its more spacious and, as you can see in context, it is brilliant value if youre interested in more detailed thoughts on that call, then ill put a link to the review in the description below and, of Course, any electric car or any sort of car that youre interested in go to to find the best way of getting into a new one, including, of course, the eqa, its very good and well leave it there. Thanks for watching appreciate your time, please hit subscribe.