. The hyundai ioniq 5 is significant for a lot of reasons. First of all, its a huge turning point for the brand itself. Yes, hyundai has just launched its premium genesis brand, but clearly, hyundai itself is also going upmarket. With this i mean just look at it. The styling is fantastic. It looks like a concept car, its really kind of minimalist, but also quite brutal, which i really quite like. Maybe the honda e is similar in a kind of modern, retro kind of feel, but this is still such an original design. The pricing of the ioniq 5 also puts it in contention with a lot of premium rivals, so it does start from well under 40 000 pounds. But if you go for the high performance, four wheel drive version youre looking at 48 000 pounds. So it is clearly in contention with all of those rivals like the audi q4 e tron and the mercedes, eqa and dont think youre going to get away with it. Dont forget to like the video and subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel and turn on your notifications, so that you do not miss any of our content. There are two battery options to choose from 58 hour or 73 kilowatt hour, which offer a range of between 238 and 298 miles and when it does come to charging on the go, the hyundai ioniq 5 is one of the best on the market. It charges at up to 220 kilowatts.

So if you plug into one of the fairly rare 350 kilowatt ultra rapid charges, you will get an 80 charge in around about 20 minutes or a 100 mile. Top up will take well under 10 minutes, plug into a standard 7 kilowatt home charger and youre going to get a 100 top up in under 11 hours. Thats, not the only clever thing about the ionic 5. This is one of the first evs that can actually be used as a charging point itself pay a little bit extra and you get this vehicle to load charging function, which means that you can plug this in here into the type 2 socket. And that means you can actually plug your cable in and charge another vehicle off the ionic not very quickly granted so 3.6 kilowatts max, which means youre going to get about 10 to 14 miles per hour of range at most. Even so, you can see how that would be a really useful emergency feature, its all very clever stuff, then, but the ionic 5 hasnt sacrificed practicality in the name of fancy tech. This is quite a large car, similar in size, in fact to the volkswagen, id4 and ford mustang machi, but the space inside is even better than you might expect. Theres limo, like space in the rear seats, not to mention the useful, sliding and reclining rear seats. The flat floor even makes it fairly comfy for someone to sit in the middle.

The boot 2 is very spacious, so youll be able to get a chunky, double buggy, or a couple of sets of golf clubs in here no problem at all: theres underfloor storage, space too, and a convenient cubby under the bonnet to keep your cables out of the Way, its all appropriately high tech in here as well, so youve got these two screens, which are the major focal point of the dash, but it is a really kind of minimalist, looking dash, definitely kind of reflects that styling from the outside. I think it looks great. Actually, some of the plastics do feel a bit cheap. I have to say, and these touch sensitive climate controls can be a little bit of a faff but generally really easy to use. The touch screen, too, is really easy to use and, of course, youve got your apple carplay. Your android auto sat nav digital radio bluetooth. It is one of the better systems in the class, because the menus are just nice and logical screen responds quickly. Its got everything you expect its got: the digital dials very changeable, all the info on there that you want really good visibility out of the back, and i really like all this storage space, because everythings been removed from down here. Youve got loads of space down here. Nice neat little cubby for your phone down there, wireless charging here and its just a really nice place to sit added to that.

You get standard electric seat adjustment and heated seats on every ioniq 5. So you cant, really quibble with that. Can you equipment levels are good across the whole ionic 5 range, but mid spec premium is our pick of the range not only as you cant get the bigger battery on the entry level. Sc connect premium trim also gets nice. Repulsory heated seats, electric seat adjustment, front parking, sensors and a reversing camera. Topspec ultimate also gets a head up display and leather, but it is a big jump in price Music, so you can get the ionic 5 with two different batteries, as ive mentioned. It also comes with various different power outputs so that entry level car with the smaller battery you get that with 168 brake horsepower and itll do not to 62 in 8.5 seconds im sure that is absolutely fine, ive, not driven it. I have to say i think this mid range car is the one to go for because you get 215 brake with that bigger 73 kilowatt hour battery. This is also the longest range in the uh of the of the various models. So you get 298 mile official range and it will do not 62 in uh nearly seven seconds, so its pretty fast, i mean. Do you remember that was like really significant hot hatch feeds we used to kind of like sing the praises of anything that could do that not that long ago and now youre, everyday middling, electric car, sorry high night, its not middling, i suppose, but you know what I mean your everyday family.

Electric car does not do 62 in seven seconds and it feels completely ordinary anyway. Performance is great. Its good and the ionic is just a very easy car to drive. If you do want something thats, even faster than that, then you can go for the top spec four wheel drive model which has got 302 brake and it will do not to 62 in nearly five seconds, which is pretty mad when you think about it. But when youre asking these sort of prices and youre up against things like the tesla model 3 and the pulse r2, that is the kind of performance that a lot of people expect. I just i wish that the hindi had a little bit more to its handling, because it does feel like a heavy car, even around town, never mind out on country roads, and this kind of thing you can feel the weight of those batteries, and it does lean. Quite a lot in corners, the steerings very light, its just very numb, theres not much connection to it, and not only that you get a lot of body float as well. So, really lovely motorway car really quiet its everything that most people are going to want from an ev like this. I just wish it had a bit more sparkle to the way it did. As for the real world range well, we found that our rear wheel, drive 73 kilowatt hour test car, which has a 298 mile official range, was returning around about 260 to 270 miles in summer.

Conditions on a solid motorway drive youll get a bit less than that and in winter expect to see more, like 230 to 240 miles per charge. But what you cant criticize is the brake regeneration, because youve got three different levels and youve got an auto mode. It will do one pedal driving around town if you want, and because in the hyundai youve got so many different modes which you can control via these paddles, including activating the auto mode which uses the adaptive cruise function, essentially to automatically break harder. If theres a car in front of you, it just feels like the cars doing it all for you. Some people might have a bit of a gripe about the fact that you can get obviously a longer range car in the tesla model 3 and the ford mustang mackey. But the real world efficiency in the hyundai is very good. So i mean ive seen four miles per kilowatt hour fairly easily, without trying very hard at all. Hyundai does have a fantastic reputation for efficiency in its electric cars, and the ioniq 5 certainly upholds that. So there is a lot that the ioniq 5 does. That really sets it apart from all the competition, and it does have a lot of rivals these days. But i think hyundai has really nailed that sense of this being a tech product, which is what has always kind of set tesla apart as well and sort of led the forefront on.

That is that this does feel like a car. Thats been rethought from the ground up its not kind of constrained by all those things that tend to constrain a standard, petrol or diesel car everything from the practicality to the way it drives and all the rest of it and the styling. I suppose it just feels really cool. It feels really original really fresh, and i really really like it, and i think hyundai has done an incredible job of pretty much reinventing itself and its evs. If theres any big gripe its that some buyers may expect high and lighter, have rivaled the likes of tesla and ford with a long range model offering more than 350 miles to a charge. But the rapid charging and other tech features not to mention impressive practicality and equipment levels go a long way to making up for that. It is without doubt something fresh and new, and it promises great things for what we can expect of modern evs head to cargurus.cod.