In a way, a three suv based on the same platform. It is 50 millimeters or two inches longer than a three and 180 millimeters, or about 7 inches taller just over an inch of that 27 mil goes into increasing the ride height, so the rest of the height is in the body making this car a more spacious And practical one than the model 3., the tesla architecture is pretty skateboardy, which means the batteries sit low in the wheelbase, with double wishbone suspension at the front and a multi link setup at the rear. Wheels are 19 inches as standard or 20s as an option as fitted here, and i think theyre rather nice at launch and in the uk thatll be sometime in the first half of 2022, there will be two versions, both five seaters. This is the long range and theyll be the faster performance version, two its too early to confirm prices, but if its a few grand more than a model, three long range, this car will be in the low to mid 50 000 pound mark youre, paying for extra Practicality, theres, a fruit in the front and a boot in the back or a front, and a trunk as you prefer and in all there is more than 2 000 liters of luggage capacity. Okay, so welcome to the interior of a model y which, if youre at all familiar with a model 3, will feel well pretty similar. The difference is the big difference is ive got loads of headroom in here, and actually, if you move into the back the fact that this car has got the extra room at the top and also this big moon roof that goes over means, you get lots of Head and leg room in the back as well, which is not something youd necessarily say, of a model 3.

in the front. Well, things are good. There was a 2021 update to the model 3, which got rid of some black piano plastic and introduced this kind of silver stuff, and this car gets gets. That too also gets some details uh. Similarly, on the outside, it gets sort of black detailing rather than chrome detailing, but the rest of the tesla experience is, as ever, dominated by this huge 15 inch touchscreen with very few other controls. So ive got door indicators and gear selector and window switches, but other than that pretty much everything is dealt with with this 15 inch touchscreen for good and for bad, so the good things its fantastically responsive. The resolution is terrific. The graphics are great, its actually very easy to to navigate navigate through you get used to what things do very, very quickly. The bad things are well, i just like more actual physical buttons from time to time. Some of the driving controls have migrated to this screen and im, not sure they always should be. The argument will be well. You can just put things on auto, such as the headlights or the windscreen wipers and leave them alone, and youll only adjust the steering column or the or the mirrors which you sort of select on here and then move around. Based on that, you know, youd only do it once before. You go im, not sure thats, always necessarily the case, but as touch screens go its brilliant.

Its really really terrific that i dont think there is a better touch screen in the business, but id just like a few more physical buttons to go with it and in terms of interior quality. Ive heard some people say that you know teslas arent up to standard. Sometimes, but i think this is pretty good fit and finish and feel is nice in here. It probably helps actually that there are fewer. You know buttons to get in the way from that point of view, but you know if you, if you, if you prod things, if you move things, things move a little bit, but i think at this price the quality feel is okay, but lets see what it Is like on the move, Applause! Alright! So welcome to the very quiet isnt it driving experience of the model y im doing 35 miles an hour 36 and get a bit wind noise. You get a bit of road noise ill! Come back to that in a minute. This is the dual motor: all wheel drive long range version, so there are going to be two variants of it. This is one the other one is a performance which is a little bit quicker, but it has a shorter range but theyre both fast. So this has got a motor at the back axle. Its got a motor at the front. Axle tesla is uh. Doesnt sort of officially reveal the size of its batteries, but we think its about 75 kilowatt hours, which is more than 90 percent of the total battery size, is the usable size which is about 75 kilowatt hours, which gives it an official wltp cycle range, which is The new european drive cycle combined cycle range of 315 miles and that suggests its the same size battery as in the model 3, because thats got a smaller frontal area and is that bit lower and its got a wr2p range of like 340.

Something like that. So that would suggest this bigger heavier slightly less efficient car has a slightly shorter range, which is about right on ac. The tesla model y can be slow charged at up to 11 kilowatts. Meanwhile, on dc, it can be charged up to 250 kilowatts on fast charges and for my money, teslas exclusive supercharger network is still the best bunch of chargers in the uk, its also a little bit slower in a straight line. So the sort of peak power combined of the two motors is about 430 horsepower 360 pounds foot but of course, that pounds foot comes in from nothing from rest. So, while a model 3 long range goes to 60 in about 4.4 seconds, this will do it in five seconds flat. Its really fast, if you step off from rest to blend in well other traffic evs are fantastic for that they are really quick. They also make for very relaxed driving the rest of the time because you dont have any gears to worry about, even in an auto, sometimes theyll sort of hesitate before shifting down shifting up the response in this is just terrific. You can affect the response. If you want to now, this is where the thing comes in. I have to go to the driving menu while still looking at the road, and i can put the acceleration mode in either chill which just rounds out and softens the throttle and braking response a bit or i can put it in standard which makes it that bit More urgent, its nice either way its nice, its refined its smooth.

I cant change the dampers or the suspension response, but what i can change is the steering weight from comfort through to standard through to sport, which gets increasingly heavier. I think its probably at its nicest for me actually in comfort where its its got a nice weight. Its two turns between locks, which is quick but not nervous. Its got a nice amount of self centering. It is actually quite a nice steering system. Actually ive got to say, as on model 3. Autopilot is standard with enhanced autopilot or full self driving capability as an option and not fitted here now. Autopilot is a good adaptive cruise control system which helps keep you in a clearly marked lane too, and it works very well. But i dont really like what the phrase autopilot suggests very much. I, like the phrase full self driving capability, even less teslas, reasonably big small print, makes it very clear: keep your hands on the wheel, maintain and control responsibility. You must be in control, pay attention and be ready to take immediate action, including breaking please dont buy one of these thinking. It will drive itself so in terms of the ride and handling. I think this is where tesla perhaps reveals itself to be more of a tech company than a vehicle engineering company, primarily because i dont know, if you can, you can see or hear, but the ride is pretty firm, its pretty its pretty stiff, its pretty knobbly around Town and i know im on the left hand side of the road which doesnt help because in the uk that is the worst bit of the road, but in general this is a pretty uncomfortable.

Is the wrong word, but its a pretty stiff car? You could you quite often get a sort of clunk from things as its as its mooching along, so part of the reason that evs do tend to be quite stiff. Is that engineers trying to sort of keep hold of the body movements? But i was speaking to a ride and handling engineer the other day from another company. He says. Actually, the thing is because the center of gravity is so low in electric vehicles, because all the weight is down the bottom, where the sort of skateboard battery pack is. You dont necessarily need the sort of stiff anti roll bars that have been fitted to evs. To keep sort of roll in check, the center of gravity is so low that actually there isnt huge amount of roll anyway, so you can slack it off. Those anti roll bars and some early evs have had quite stiff ones, which effectively means the suspension is no longer independent because nancy robert ties both sides together. One side moves if youre anti roll bar stiff, so the other side moves and a car sort of jiggles down the road quite firmly as car companies get the hang of doing dynamics for evs better, the ride is getting better and better of them. Jaguars eye pace is very good. Porsches thai can its very good. This is okay, but could be improved, otherwise, its quite pleasant to drive the steering is smooth and slick there isnt loads of roll.

It accelerates quickly, it decelerates quickly. It is quite enjoyable. I still think were a little way off from most tvs being as much fun to drive as internally combusted cars, but as it goes on, we are getting closer and closer and closer. Where does this sit in terms of front to driveness amongst its rivals, its? Not bad, you know, the hyundai ioniq 5 goes down really well with my colleagues as thats ford, mustangs mach e, but i think this is really really in the mix and i, like this car a great deal ultimately dynamically its in the mix ergonomically its in the Mix throw in the supercharger network as well, and i think this is a really competitive ev, which i like a great deal. So thank you for joining us. If youve liked this, why dont you uh like subscribe? If you click the bell notification, you dont miss one.