Instead of the previously planned 35 kilowatt hours battery capacity, the cyan will get a 54 kilowatt hours battery with lfp technology, while the cyan is billed as an affordable, solar car. To be fair, there are not exactly any other solar cars yet on the market with a 120 kilowatts motor, it should also have plenty of oomph offering 270 newton meter torque and a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. According to sono motors, the new battery increases the range of the cyan to up to 305 kilometers according to wltp instead of 255 kilometers and increases the maximum ccs charging power to up to 75 kilowatts instead of 50 kilowatts, the additional solar range of 112 kilometers per Week, on average remains unchanged at peak. It should be possible to cover up to 245 kilometers per week with solar energy, and although it cannot charge at night, it can still be driven in dark thanks to the 35 kilowatt hours liquid cooled battery that can offer up to 255 kilometers driving range, even when The sun is not shining the solar electric cars price of 25 500 euros, including german vat, is to remain unchanged. Also sono motors is cutting production costs by utilizing existing production capacity by partnering with swedish car maker neves, which ticks its boxes for high quality production 100. Renewable energy and high staff standards.