The kia ev6 gt line s Music, so this is the gt line, s so thats heading towards the top end of the scale for kia. With this model, we see its got. These 20 inch alloy wheels, which look fantastic, really striking design and sort of cutter design on their wheel. Moving over this clamshell bonnet under here weve got access to a frunk with about 100 liters of storage. Weve then got these led running lights down here and its got led, matrix headlamps, which look fantastic and also give a really clear view of the road ahead. This black splitter, which runs under the front bumper of the car, gives it a sporty edge, makes it look a little bit more like a gt. Weve got parking sensors all around the car and cameras all around the car, as well as the camera. Under the front. There, under each of the wing mirrors and here so being the gt lioness. This comes with some extras that you dont get on the gt line. So its got body colored pop out door handles its got the panoramic glass roof. It has these 20 inch wheels, as opposed to 19 inch wheels that you get on the gt line. Moving around the back, i love these rear lights. I think that this makes a really nice line, so this silver bit here these are indicators. So when you, it falls into a chrome trim. That goes all the way across the back of the car.

But when you put the indicators on these flash orange and look great, then weve got these leds arch, going all the way across the back of the car. Here forming part of the spoiler looks fantastic and access to the boot under here plenty of boot. Space and weve got a powered boot on this model as well, so under that power tailgate, what weve got inside is a very functional boot, so, under this load, space cover weve got 520 liters of boot space um. That, combined with on this rear wheel, drive model is 52 liter frunk, underneath the bonnet as well. So we can store charging cables and things under there. If you want theres, also extra storage space under here, so you can keep charging cables or wet clothes and things under there. If you wish to things you dont need very often, but now weve got a really good wide level load space for putting things in easy to access and uh yeah practical for families really so under the bonnet here, weve got access to a front trunk and thats Got 52 liters of space, which is plenty to put in charging cables. Um or maybe i dont know winter kit. If you want to keep some, you know some safety kit in the car um a little fold up shovel. You know things like that. Bit of extra blankets and so on, it can all fit under there and its not taking up your boot space and rattling around there all the time so thats great on the all wheel drive model because itll have a motor in the front thats reduced to down To 20 liters, but still a usable space that you can put stuff in one thing: youll also notice at the back corner here.

If we just push on here, get access to the charge port. So this is motorized. Flips open inside weve got the type 2 sockets that we use for our standard domestic charging. Then underneath weve got access to the two extra pins that give you the ccs charger. This rapid charge is very, very quickly. Um were going to take it out and try it on one of the rapid charges see what rate we get but effectively. This is similar to the ionic five, so itll take like 18 minutes to get from 10 to 80, so really really very fast. Indeed, pop that down its going to close again so move around well see what its like on the inside kia wants you to feel comfortable in this car. The seats moving to make me in the right position for how i started before memory for seat function. On this, as well so weve got this sensor console which juts out with a sort of cantilever design here massive storage bins under here weve got usb usbc weve got another usb. Under there, weve got a 12 volt socket, so weve got loads of places. We can plug in smart devices and things this jutting sensor. Console here gives you access to the power button. Your drive mode selector as well as um, also got heated seat. Unheated, steering wheel controls on here as well. So put my foot on the brake and press. The power button so when the car comes on, weve got these fantastic.

Two 12 inch displays up here, panoramic displays, which sort of blend across the dashboard into one big screen that the driver can see very easily. I really like the way that these graphics have been integrated here, so weve got the temperature shown weve got the battery status of the vehicle, the range and then weve also got the mapping system for the navigation on the side as well. So it blends all three in rather than being sort of big blocky tiles. It looks really nice. This display up here showing us uh. The current range weve got in the car. Weve got just 84 in the battery and its saying um, based on normal driving mode. It would be 247 miles of range um, based on how its being driven its quite a wet day. Weve got the climate control on today, um, so weve got access on this display here to all the normal car display things. Its also got a whole lot of hidden features which well talk about, as were driving blind spot monitors and things cameras that come up on here. So the drive mode button which changes between eco, normal and sport mode is just done by tapping on the screen here. Um, i dont know if its going to come up on the video, but weve got these little blue lights around the dashboard in the footwell in the door, bins and things here, and if we press this drive mode button.

These change, as we press button so normal and then sport gives us a red glow around the dashboard around these door bins, so it just it makes you feel like youre in a sportier car um. All the other controls are very similar. This is quite funky, so this um control here is dual function: its got uh all of the map, navigation, etc. Controls on here – and if you press this button here, the screens all change and suddenly youve got all of the climate control buttons. So these are all haptic touch buttons um like a touchscreen effectively, but it means that, rather than having loads of buttons all over the place, you just have a nice smooth display um. As i said, weve got in on this being the gt line. S weve got this vegan leather and alcantara seats. These are ventilated and heated, so weve got for both driving passenger weve got ventilation buttons with three speeds: uh heated with three heating modes, heated steering wheel as well on here and weve got parking cameras all round. Weve. Also got this panoramic roof which actually opens and tilts as well and weve got a heads up display so inside as a driver, youre sat into a really really nice premium feeling car i cant get over just how high end this vehicle feels if youve not sat In a kia for a few years, i think youll be blown away with this. This is really right up there with what youd expect from jaguar mercedes, bmw, etc.

So a really really premium feel uh weve got flappy paddles here, which change the amount of regenerative braking. Youve got whilst youre driving. Apart from that. Basically, you can just get in press power button twist it to d for drive and get on with it. You dont have to mess around with lots of features. If you dont want to. However, they are there for those that, like gadgets and light to play, lets take a look in the back, so weve got masses of space in the back as well. I mean these sporty. Looking seats still give me loads of leg room um. I mean im im 511., that seat actually moves back when you open the door so its its not even in the driving position and its actually moved back quite away and ive still got what five six inches of legroom there so thats great. Also, we can see weve got usb c charging ports on both driver and passenger seat and theres, also usb under here as well. So youve got an additional charging point under the middle rear seat, so very, very good. Space good head room armrest with cupholders ski hatch through if you want to put long loads through three headrests, all very, very nice and bright, led lights in the roof as well. So no very nice place tip weve also got um heated seats in the outers. With this being the gt line, s weve got heated outer rear seats which are on buttons for each passenger driving passenger um side and weve got uh air vents for the rear passengers as well, so they dont get cooked in the back.

If the its a hot sunny day, um so yeah, no great loads of room in here, um really really like it Music. So all the models of kia ev6 all have the same 77 kilowatt hour battery pack and in the rear wheel drive, which this model is version that gives you a range up to about 311 miles. Um now the rear wheel drive single motor um version. This coach, this at this house, is 226 brake horsepower uh, which is plenty um, its still able to um step the back end out. If you floor it around the corner, if you want to be that way, inclined – and it certainly accelerates up to the national speed limit very very quickly indeed. However, if you want a bit more traction, a bit more power, you can go for the all wheel, drive model um its about three thousand pounds more expensive than this um, but then that gives you uh 321 brake horsepower and the 0 60 drops down to about 5.6 seconds coming next year is the gt model. This is a gt line s but dont get that confused with the gt. The gt is all wheel, drive 577 brake horsepower theyll do 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, which is actually slightly faster than a lamborghini hurricane. So overall weve got a great choice of power. Outputs im perfectly happy with this rear wheel, drive gt line s 221hp 26 horsepower fine for me, thats thats, absolutely fine id probably kill myself if i had the full gt version um, but it is good knowing that those of you that that were inclined can certainly Put down a little bit more money and get a lot more power having a big battery is great, but of course, if you need to charge it, it takes a little bit longer to charge it normally well, not so much with the kiri v6.

This has got up to 800 volt charging, as we saw in the uh hyundai ioniq 5, and also on the porsche take cam. What that means is that this will charge way above 150 – kilowatts, which is the limit of these charges here, so even at 70 percent battery were still pulling 138 kilowatts charge rate. So really, this means that the stops that youll do at the side of the motorway will be a lot faster than if youre, in a different electric car with a similar size battery. This really is where the battery technology is increasing and really making a big difference to people in their day to day driving. The kiwi v6 has got a suite of quite advanced safety equipment and help for help for the driver. Basically, so weve got lane keep so theres like a on the display. It shows like a green laser pointing at the car in front, and it shows the green lanes either side. So what its doing is using a camera to read the white lines and keep us within the within lane center, its also using a radar to measure the distance of the vehicle in front and its going to speed up and slow down according to that. So if the car in front starts to accelerate its going to follow it up to the limits ive set, which in this case is 70, goes on the motorway, if the coin front slows down because of traffic, the car will slow down and keep a safe distance For you and whats interesting actually as well, is this with having the heads up display.

Is it actually puts a little sort of blue halo underneath the vehicle that youre following and it moves around on the screen? If it tracks it very well, and if a car goes to overtake you and then cuts in front, it will track it as it comes in and youll see initially on. This display here is like a almost like a moving bar of soap going across the road and then on the heads up display you see the little blue disc, follow it across as well so its interesting to see how how much information, how much processing power these Cars actually have and how much calculations theyre doing to work out the safest way for you to to make your way down the road, so id say: weve got speed. Adjusting cruise control weve got lane keep assist, auto steer, so motorway journeys like this are really really easy to be fair um, you just set it to 70 miles an hour set your distance. The vehicle in front and itll start accelerating the slow down as you as you need to not a type of thing you want to be using on a road, though a little or trusted b, road, its designed for use on multi lane, uh highways not for use On um, you know quite little twisty roads, because the speed of the camera is, you know sensing the curves and things is looking for white lines in the middle. If you know if they suddenly stop painting the white lines its not going to work, one of the things this cars got as well is as im just going to indicate come off on this lane here its got lane changes, so all i need to do is Indicate its gon na then slow down slightly and bring me back into lane completely and and lock me there, so it it it does the lane change for me.

I dont really need to steer all im doing is holding the wheel so that it obviously senses my input, but it it checks with the cameras. It puts up a display on here showing the blind spot to my left um, and it will do that, obviously for overtaking as well so thats useful as well on busy motorways, but its got somebody else looking out for you when youre doing those lane changes. So, overall, you know again packed with technology packed with features um, but all intuitive easy to use and and simple. So again, if this is a sort of car that youre looking for you dont need to be a you know, nasa engineer or whatever to be able to operate this. It just drives like a normal car, but just one thats, just that little bit more cutting edge Music. So how efficient is it as an electric car? Well, obviously, it is a big thing: its got 220 horsepower and it weighs the best part of two tons. So it is not going to be the most efficient vehicle, but having said that, weve driven it on a variety of routes today in damp conditions, quite windy today as well and were getting 3.7 miles per kilowatt hour as our average, which sort of calculates out. As if the full battery was usable, itd be around sort of 275 280 miles um, so you know real very much. A real, realistic, real world sort of mileage is way over 250 miles and if youre doing a lot more urban driving or driving on country roads.

A roads you will probably see that creep up above 300 miles, particularly in the summer, so i think you know realistically, if you were using this vehicle for business purposes or doing a long distance journeys 250 miles. So whats that, like four or five hours of driving in the uk, um on a single charge, by which point youd be probably wanting to take a break, have some lunch or whatever, anyway, so a very usable car, a very quick to charge car um and a Very comfortable car these 20 inch wheels um. Some people might consider that you know that often you go for such a big wheel, that you sacrifice the ride quality not really with this. So this is this: 20 inch wheel still got a 255 55 profile tire, so its still got quite a chunk of tyre wall on there, so its quite comforting, right, firm but not overly harsh it just feels very planted, feels very sure footed when youre pressing on Round corners and things so yeah, if you havent test driven an electric car before, if youve not driven a kia before, i strongly urge you to come down to our blackpool branch and test drive the kia ev6. I really think this could be one of those cars that would make you switch to an electric car if you havent already done so, and if you have donald dude car before and youre. You know you know your kilowatt hours and you know your motors and you know your charging speeds and things.

This is one of the best currently available on the marketplace and it still definitely deserves a strong look.