But hyundai wants to be more than just a competitor in the electric era. It wants to be a leader, and so does the ionic 5 have what it takes were going to take a closer look, but before we do remember to check out the full written review over on carsguy.com dot. A? U! And if you are watching on youtube – and you are enjoying our videos remember – to hit those like subscribe and bell notification, icons just to stay up to date, with all of our latest content, were gon na break this review down into our eight categories. Youll see the time codes for them on the screen now. So, if you do want to jump ahead, you can do that. Youll see them in the description below if youre, watching on youtube and theyll be in the timeline as well were going to talk about design. First, because when youve got a car that looks like this, its a topic thats really hard to ignore the ioniq 5 is really something that draws eyes on the road. But as it turns out, it goes all the way back to the beginnings of hyundai. For its inspiration, lets take a look thats, because the ioniq 5s retro futuristic look is meant to be a reinterpretation of the 1974 concept on which the original hyundai pony south koreas first true domestic car was based harking back to the squares edges and wedges of the 70S, the ioniq 5 is as much a celebration of hyundais origins as it is a statement of its futuristic direction without context.

The ionic 5 looks as though it may simply be a hatchback, but on a wheelbase as long as the palisade, with nearly the width of a santa fe. This is a big car that needs to be seen to be believed, while it dwarfs other hatchbacks and even other suvs on the road. The retro elements add up to something interesting with a snub nose, an angular, sporty profile and a 45 degree rear hatch, which, combined with its oversized wheels to make something quite endearing and hard to conceptualize as simply just another mid size, suv going beyond shape alone. Hyundai has imbued the ionic 5s exterior appearance with slotted line. Motifs 80s inspired pixel led lighting and cutout bars at the front and rear to round out its theme as to not interrupt the flow of its angular visage. The door handles and charging port have been hidden flush into the body inside looks more to the future than the past, with a minimalistic, clean design, soft colour palette, heavy digitization and abundant use of organic and recycled materials arriving in just one highly specified variant in australia. The ioniq 5 comes in wearing a price tag which is taller than some of its smaller rivals, but nowhere near as expensive as other evs its size for more premium automakers. It is really the first mainstream car to set a benchmark in this category and while it may be too expensive for some hyundai says it has many ways to bring the price down for this model in the future, especially since there are versions with smaller battery packs Available overseas on the topic of battery, though the ioniq 5 really delivers on range, the all wheel drive model we tested has an officially rated range of 430 kilometers, while the rear drive version has a range rated at 451 kilometers thats, getting towards on par with many Combustion powered suvs this size and when you consider this cars, great charging capabilities its a recipe for driving without range anxiety, at least as long as youre, located in or near a capital city standard stuff.

On this single available trim level includes 20 inch, aerodynamic alloy wheels. Matching 12.3 inch screens for the multimedia and digital dash, respectively, wired apple, carplay and android, auto connectivity, a wireless charger, eco processed synthetic leather interior trim, heated and cooled front seats, heated, rear seats, electrical adjust for both rows with fully reclining front seats, full led lighting front And rear, led interior lighting, dual zone, climate control and a panoramic fixed sunroof, the cabin can be chosen in light or dark interior themes and is made of environmentally responsible materials like recycled bottles, yarn made from sugar cane and corn plastics and leathers treated using eco, friendly Processors and a paint made from various organic oils lets take a look on the inside and see how it feels in the cabin of the ioniq, 5 and theres a whole bunch of stuff. That feels a little weird. For a start, it doesnt feel like an suv at all. Actually, it feels like a hatch but its like im, a tiny little man sitting in a giants hatchback. If that makes sense. The other thing you should know is that it smells a little weird like this one smells like sushi, for example, and thats, because of all the organic materials used in these soft trims in the dash in the headlining and in the doors its all a bit odd. There are a few small negatives in here, even though it feels super, futuristic and open and airy, and one of those is, the screen is a little distant from where you are so.

You do have to reach all the way across, especially if you want to hit that home button, which is at the most distant point from the driver. The other thing you should know theres only usb 2 and theres no wireless apple carplay, and that leads to an interesting issue as well, because ive got my cable here connected to the only data port down under the center console. And that means i have to clutter up this otherwise beautifully clean space with a cable and thats a bit of a shame. This all adds up to give the ioniq 5 one of the most unique cabins ive ever sat in lets. Go have a look in the back in the back seat. Here is where you can really tell where hyundai has made the most of these electric underpinnings theres. Just so much room in here for my knees for my head and loads of amenities as well. Youve got adjustable air vents here. Youve got these nice trims, which continue into the doors youve got heated, rear seats, youve, got usb ports and that sliding console again and you can even adjust these seats electrically from some buttons on the front passenger seat. This is also one of the few suvs in this midsize segment, where i truly think you could fit an adult comfortably in that middle seat and theres plenty of storage, too theres a big cup holder in the doors that fits our full size bottle theres nets on The backs of the front seats theres a little tray in the center console, thats rubberized, so your objects wont move around and theres.

This drop down armrest as well, which has small bottle holders that wont actually fit this bottle, but itll fit something in there. Regardless. Now on the downside, there is no third climate zone, but i dont think you really need it. Given youve got those heated seats and those vents okay, so some things to note about the boot it has volumes which youll see on your screen now and thats about right for a mid size. Suv. The floor is quite high and the available space is flat and wide, but it is limited on how tall it is. So some larger objects might not fit as easily theres, also a frunk under the bonnet, but it is tiny on the all wheel drive model. So its not particularly useful for luggage, it is handy to have as a small spot for your charging paraphernalia speaking of charging paraphernalia. The ioniq offers something called v2l or vehicle to load. This means it can send power both ways out of its european standard type. 2. Charging port: this is a great feature and opens all sorts of opportunities. You can power, campgrounds or small business stalls. You could even charge other evs with it and i think, thats what we all hoped for from the electric car future. There are a choice of two drive trains for the ioniq 5 single trim level. You can have either a rear wheel, drive version which produces modest outputs, youll, see on your screen now or the version we tested.

The all wheel drive, which adds a second motor on the front. Axle combined outputs for the all wheel, drive version, take a significant hike, allowing a zero to 100 kilometer sprint time in just over five seconds and correspondingly the brand adds more capabilities to the four built in drive modes to adjust the torque split between the two axles. The car can also entirely disconnect the front motor when not required to reduce, drag, and therefore, energy, consumption and hyundai has built on its already good adjustable. Regen braking system with a new single pedal mode lets take a look how it feels from behind the wheel. Now he and i talked a big game on these underpinnings which sit under the ionic five and ive got ta say they both make this car feel really good, but they also make it feel really strange from behind the wheel, and that is because its so big. Yet somehow it feels like it has the dynamics of a hatch, and that really took me by surprise, because when i sat in it immediately, i didnt think the steering would be so responsive, so organic and i think that really suits this cars personality. Somehow too, its almost as though everything here has just been scaled up from something smaller. It doesnt feel like an suv at all and thats, really quite a feat for something this big, this heavy and this wide, and that feeling of responsiveness and reactiveness does extend to the ride and handling as well.

This car feels really engaging really stable in the corners. I will go so far as to say it: doesnt quite have the limpet like grip of a tesla product or even the porsche taken its not quite that secure, but it does feel sporty and secure, nonetheless, in its own way and again, to make something. This big feel sporty at all pretty impressive. Now some of those dynamics are helped along by the fact that the ioniq 5 is a rear, biased, all wheel, drive car. You can help secure it up a little bit more by setting it into that sport mode and that will force the all wheel drive system to work a little bit more. But its also efficient too, because when youre cruising, it switches those front wheels off and that helps keep your consumption number down and the ride doesnt just make for great handling for something this size either its also really comfortable theres, no local tune for this car. Hyundai said that when they received this car from overseas, they thought the ride was good enough as a global tune, and it really is. It deals with big bumps really well, while keeping the car secure over corrugations and those smaller sharper. Bumps too, which is pretty impressive. Given the giant wheels on this thing, and so all of that leads into something that is great as a car generally, but is it good as an ev? Well, this is a big question.

What does it bring thats different from just a combustion vehicle and its things like regenerative, braking its things like the way you can interact with all these motors and this car? Does that really well as well? In fact, it brings something over the kona electric, which was already good. Youve got three levels of regen braking controlled through these paddles here on the wheel, but youve got now a fourth level as well, which is essentially a single pedal, driving mode thats, something that ive really liked in the nissan leaf and its good to see it here. In this car as well, because it really does let you max out that efficiency, this car is ridiculously quiet as well, its even quieter than some of the better cars ive driven in the segment like the nissan leaf, and it just takes it to the next level Of what you can expect from electric cars in the future, now, obviously youve got all those great electric features, but does it actually lead to a good efficiency number for something this big, obviously right now kilowatt hour, efficiencies vary greatly across all different models: all different sizes. There seems to be a little bit of a small suv point for that equilibrium between efficiency and performance. The ionic 5 performs pretty well here its not as good as the kona electric, which i scored a ridiculously low 11 kilowatt hours in, but this one was pretty good. I achieved 17.

3 kilowatt hours in my time with the car, which really for something the size is not too bad with this size of battery as well. That helps really maximize your range. It is actually lower than the wltp number worn by this car. Theoretically, the rear drive version should be able to produce lower numbers still so stay tuned for a future test. On the topic of charging, the ioniq 5 has a european standard type 2 combo charging port in australia when attached to a dc fast charger. It can charge at a rate of 350 kilowatts allowing a 10 to 80 charge time in just 18 minutes thats. One of the fastest on the market now to be clear here, there are very few charging stations currently in australia capable of 350 kilowatts, but on a more common 50 kilowatt dc charger, the ionic 5 will take around an hour to charge from 10 to 80. On the slower, but more common ac charges, the ioniq 5s inverter is rated to 10.5 kilowatts, which is an improvement on the smaller kona electric. It allows a charge time on an 11 kilowatt or above ac location in just over 6 hours. Finally, if youre stuck using a standard household wall outlet, the ionic 5 will charge in 31 hours Music, as we only get one high trim for the ionic 5 in australia. It comes with the full list of active safety gear included, is auto emergency braking which works to freeway speeds and detects cyclists and pedestrians at speeds of up to 85 kilometers an hour thanks to radars theres.

Also, a new junction assist feature which helps avoid collisions with directly oncoming or crossing vehicles and intersections at up to 30 kilometers an hour, and this feeds into an advanced lane, assist feature which can avoid oncoming vehicles or parallel vehicles when traveling at up to 145 kilometers. An hour theres also lane keep and lane following assists blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert adaptive cruise control, high beam, assist driver retention, alert a low speed, auto braking feature for parking, maneuvers, a 360 degree, camera suite and a safe exit warning feature and the Only downside i really found with all of the assistance features in this car as well is, i was more inclined to turn the active steering assist off as it bullies you a little bit to try and keep you in the middle of the lane. On the expected front, there are seven airbags, including the usual array of six front and side, with the addition of a front center airbag now required for many models to meet maximum safety standards. The aeonic 5 is covered by hyundais existing 5 year and unlimited kilometer warranty promise, as well as a separate eight year and 160 000 kilometer warranty for the high voltage battery components. As expected, hyundai offers its cap price servicing promise with the ioniq 5 and im pleased to report that its very affordable as it should be, for an electric vehicle with less moving parts than a combustion equivalent prices, regardless of whether you choose the rear or all wheel.

Drive versions are the same and work out to an average yearly cost youll see on your screen now for the first five years, youll need to have the ioniq 5 looked at once every 12 months or 15 000 case, whichever occurs first, its really hard. To sum up something as different as the hyundai ioniq 5.: this is a car which brings hatch like dynamics to something as big as a mid size suv.