Everyone was hoping for at least not from launch. It costs around 10 000 more than australias top selling ev the tesla model 3.. So what does it have to offer? Besides? An epic design lets find out one model grade and two power trains are offered and here were testing the more expensive dual motor model, setting you back more than 80 000 on the road making it the most expensive hyundai. Today, its all new from the ground up and is the first vehicle to use the brands advanced 800 volt ev architecture simply put. This is the first shot fired in the korean brands. 25 billion dollar ev assault, as the ionic sub brand aims to become one of the top three global ev players yep. This is big. Business now have a look at this design, its big, its bold and its. Unlike anything else out there today well, except maybe the honda e its boxy shape channels, the 1980s in sensational style, taking inspiration from hyundais first mass produced car, the pony zoom in a little closer and youll notice. A number of really neat design features, starting with these flush, fitting powered door handles theres, also wheel, arches that mimic the aperture of a camera lens gorgeous 3d pixel led headlights and indicators, and at the back of the car, the retro themed, cubist pixel led lights continue. Despite its angular shape its supremely aerodynamic, helped along by active aero, which improves its overall driving range overall, i love the design its unusual a bit cheeky and tells the world youre driving an interesting ev without looking like a try hard.

There are single and dual motor variants offering rear drive and all wheel drive, respectively, with power pumping through a single speed reduction gear. Total cruising range is a little bit better for rear drive models at around 450 kilometers. Some clever future proofing has gone into the car too, with 400 volt and 800 volt charging capabilities. The latter are first for a mainstream. Ev simply put it means ultra fast charging capability on a 350 kilowatt fast charger. Hyundai reckons it only takes 17 minutes to charge. The battery from 10 to 80, full that is seriously quick. It goes the other way too, so you can charge, or even run electrical appliances and equipment from fridges to laptops with this adapter, its a really neat setup. You basically plug it in here and thats, where you plug in your devices and youve, even got this waterproof section here to keep the rain out Music, the ioniq 5 cabin isnt as futuristic as i expected. But there is plenty of wow factor these dual lcd screens. That clean dashboard and i love the blend of typical hyundai practicality, with some really funky design features, theres loads of room up front and the 12 way power. Adjustable, heated and cooled front seats are nice and comfy. The eco leather seat upholstery is supple and sustainable, partly made from recycled plastic bottles and wool. Just dont ask about the rare earth materials in the battery. The front seats also have a relaxion zero gravity feature which yep i can still feel gravity, but it is pretty cool.

You can sit back here, dial it back and relax while the batteries charge or just stare at the sky through this giant glass roof. You get a manually adjustable heated steering wheel with a trick design and paddle shifters for adjusting regenerative braking levels. I love these futuristic stalks. They feel great and especially that novel gear, shifter and look overall fit and finish is very good. It all feels rather luxurious. Incidental storage is excellent, starting with this sliding caddy that has loads of space plus theres three usb ports, a wireless phone charger and good size cup holders, theres also a massive glove box drawer with 9.4 liters of space theres, another central cubby thats a bit hard to Reach plus good sized door pockets twin 12.3 inch, lcd screens are covered by a single glass pane and they look fantastic. I like the white backing the thin border and they dominate that load dashboard, but im a bit disappointed. You dont get the augmented reality head up. Display offered in korea that said, the driver display is very comprehensive, as well as a digital, speedometer and three drive modes. There are power and charge gauges, plus energy flow and remaining range displays. The central touchscreen looks fantastic and has one of the most intuitive menu systems. Ive ever used theres loads of functionality. It all makes sense and theres even guides to your nearest public fast charger. How good is that you get wired apple, carplay and android auto and the reversing camera is crisp and clear.

With a 3d flick and spin system, it can even park itself whether the driver is in the car or not, which is pretty cool below the central screen is a concise panel for the climate controls, and i like that major functions have hard buttons. You also get smart vents, auto defogging and auto dehumidifying, which is a nice touch. The ev comes with all the safety features, youd expect, including seven airbags and the inclusion of a junction crossing function. That looks both ways if you forget to a blind spot live feed. Is also a great safety feature and one that few other cars offer at the moment, except for headroom this mid size suv, has loads of space back here, theres a really nice sense of airiness and thats, because its got that flat floor, theres no transmission tunnel. Here the only thing under here is a giant lithium ion battery pack, the back seats are heated and power adjustable in two directions, and amenity is very good. With window blinds usb ports, air vents, reading lights, an armrest with cupholders and more seat adjust buttons. Here. You also get two isofix and three top tether: child seat, anchorages, theres, a hands, free powered tailgate or you can open it with the button under here, and it reveals a good size boot. You get this cargo cover here. Removable, if you like and look flexibility, is so so theres no bag hooks, although you do get a 12 volt socket four tie downs and a hidden cargo compartment with clever folding floor, but no spare tyre theres a puncture repair kit.

Instead, the 60 40 split rear seats can also be folded down for a lot more space. Theres. No doubt the interior concept in this vehicle is impressive, but how does she drive lets power on cue, the 80s, since music, Music? Okay, this is slick i will not lie right away, im impressed by how smooth refined and effortless it is to drive acoustically laminated windows. Almost silent motors and excellent autonomous driver assistance systems deliver a premium experience, but behind its serene personality there is serious performance mash. The throttle and it blasts forward with tremendous thrust Music on paper, this twin motor model doesnt, make a whole lot of power, especially by todays standards, but the way in which it develops a high level of torque instantly and without having to rev makes it seriously rapid Yeah, i cannot wait for the hardcore end version, but its not all about going fast. If you want to get the best range, you need to caress the accelerator pedal with tenderness, or engage the eye pedal mode which dials up huge levels of regenerative, braking capable of stopping the car without even touching the brake pedal. It takes time to master, but its actually pretty cool. Using that single pedal system. You kind of have to read the road ahead a little bit more, but in a way it gets you more engaged with the drive. Hyundai claims. This dual motor version is good for 430 kilometers and during this test we managed closer to 400 kilometers.

But i must say i was pushing the throttle pretty hard and there was a lot of country driving in there too, if youre, just doing, city driving and youre not going too fast, youll get really good mileage out of this handling dynamics are where evs often struggle To match conventional cars, theyre extra weight from the battery systems, making them feel a bit doughy and lethargic in corners and the ioniq 5. Well, its no hot hatch. But neither does it pretend to be its an suv and it fulfills that role very well. Despite the massive 20 inch alloy wheels, michelin pilot sport, tyres and no adaptive suspension ride, comfort is actually pretty good. You feel some sharper bumps, but overall it glides pretty nicely on most road surfaces. The view out of the car is pretty good. Thanks to these large glass windows and that low dashboard, the only thing that would improve vision is a pair of digital wing mirrors. I reckon Music. The overall driving experience is best described as smooth and highly integrated with the regenerative braking modes. Changing how you drive in a meaningful way, and while its far from the cheapest electric car in australia, with the likes of the tesla model 3 and polstar 2, costing around 10 000 less, it does have a decent warranty and low service costs. Theres a lot to like about this car, besides its striking design, its a well executed and very polished product, its feature packed and even has a bit of personality, something you cant say about all evs Music.

This is an undeniably cool car. It represents pretty good value for money and its got future proof charging systems, but its not the cut price game.