You can see it behind me so today, ive been driving this car, this red one, which is the all wheel, drive its a 321 brake horsepower, and i got ta say you certainly do feel the difference between yesterdays car, which was a rear wheel, drive car 226 Horsepower and this one which is going to motor at the front and a motor at the back um this morning. It was really rainy, very slippery and weve got some tight, twisty roads and the level of grip and reassurance that you get. I mean even the rear wheel drive was very impressive, but this one was absolutely planted, so its actually very impressive, but more than that, of course, the performance, its, not the instant. You know: gob smacking, shocking performance, but its like a solid surge of performance. That does that never ending thing that electric cars do. I have to say that of the two ill, do a full review soon in full review stay tuned. The full review is coming on all both of these cars on this launch event, with all the details, the full look at the interior and everything im going to do all of that, but i have to say just on first driving impressions if youre, if you want A comfortable long range uh car go for the rear wheel drive, but if you want to be a sportiness to your car, then definitely go for this. One spend a bit more go for this.

One personally id have this one. I think its definitely the better car theres slight differences. In the looks i mean ive noticed that the styling on the wheel, arches, is a little bit different, so it doesnt get that corrugated look and theres a few subtle little tweaks, but overall they look pretty much. The same, which is to say that you know its not a bad looking car at all. Now, where are we? We are at a place called rid sound and quicksand is one of the only places i think theres ionity and grid servant. They tell me that i only charge 70 pence per kilowatt and they charge 30 pence per kilowatt, which is actually quite reasonable. What they have is, you can see behind me, 350 kilowatt hours, but also the trouble is that these only work with a few cards. So looking around here, i can see a jaguar eye pace. They told me that the porsche take hand will do it. The hyundai ionic obviously will do its got the same. Drivetrain uh how the e tron will do it, but most of the cars wont necessarily do it, but that doesnt stop. I mean theres a peugeot thats plugged in over there as well that doesnt stop you using other cars here. All that happens is that when you plug it in and its very easy to use, so you pull up you open up your hatch or your your socket area, wherever it is, for example, in this case here at the back just around the taillight its interesting arrangement, They can see that just where the taillight is you press that and it kind of automatically opens and in there youve got the double.

This is the bigger one, its a bit with the bit at the top and a bit at the bottom as well. So you turn up you open that you grab the the plug out of the machine and you plug it straight in there once youve done that you just take your credit card, you just tap it on there once you tap it on there. It starts targeting and then it gives you the information on here, so you can see that im 99 charge its taking less than half an hour to do that. Um. The same charging error i dont know, but anyway i guess its full now thats. Why um, but its very, very quick now not all like, i said not all of them can do it, but most of them can do it, and even if your car cant do it, then the good thing is that the car and the car and the machine Will automatically talk to each other and they sort it out and they will charge it at the speed that its capable of receiving it. So dont think that if you plug it into 350 watt, youre never going to blow out the charge or the transformer in your car, its going to be fine, itll just adapt, so there you go. This is a very quick uh inside is pretty much the same as the last one very nicely done this one. You know one of the things about these cars is, this ones got suede in it, but they use vegan leather, which we can leave it and they use a recycled plastic bottle for the dashboard and stuff like that.

This ones also got some features where, if you indicate right or left, then the camera comes up on the instrument panel, showing you the blind spots on your right and your left, so thats quite handy – and this bar here is actually i realized didnt realize yesterday, but Realizing this bottom bar here, where the ac controls are also, you get the stereo control there in the fat knife. You just touch it and it changes completely ill. Put a video of that in the actual um thing later on. So there you go, there is very short, quick impressions of the kia ev6 on this drive, like i said, stay tuned and stand by a full review is coming on this channel and meanwhile do. Let me know what you think of bacteria, a big thank you to my top tier patron and sponsor jay williams over air technic check out their shop for brakes, exhaust body kits and, of course, suspension, plus thanks to muhammad ali ahmed and tom conway, gordon, who are Both tier 4 patrons and, of course, all of these guys for also subscribing to my patreon account and contributing so much towards helping me to continue creating this content, join them over at, for slash brown, car guy and, of course, make sure that you are subscribing Liking and sharing this channel hit that bell notification icon, so you dont miss any of my videos and also check out and follow me on all social media channels, just search for my hashtag, which of course is hashtag brown.