This is the Kia e Niro in this video im going to show you around it. Tell you about the cool and interesting things it has going on and then take it for test drive and then im going to give it a take in the car rating. So you know what i think of this car Thid is the Kia e Niro, which is Kias electric car, which has been out for a couple of years, and this is a 2022 model year and theres been some changes to it to the specs which im going To go over with the trims, i really like this car spoiler. Its got lots of great technology in it, its not the most expensive car, its also not the most affordable car, its somewhere in the middle, and i think it really fits well into that. The one thing it does have is amazing: battery life. This model actually has a 64 kilowatt hour battery, which is good for 282 miles. Wltp range, that is one of the highest ranges you can get on a car and one of the biggest batteries for an electric car. The kia e nero is available in different sizes and different specs. This is the top of the range four plus 64 kilowatt. One speed automatic, which costs ‘ ‘5 pounds on the road there are two models, are able to take advantage of the 2 500 pound plug in government electric car grant, which are available in the two trim level, which youve got the ‘ kilowatt hour and the 64 Kilowatt hour batteries, this one is not included because its too expensive compared to the amount the grant requires you to be under lets talk about this front design.

So, first of all, on top trim level you have led headlights and led dslr running lights, thats, really cool for great vision. The front here has your traditional kia grill. However, obviously it doesnt have any vents because its an electric car, so it doesnt need it. So its covered over, but it still looks like kia and then down here we have the adapter cruise control sensor. This has a ton of assistance features which make driving it really really easy. I like the front of this car. I, like the contrast, green one of the things i really like about this car is this: i love electric cars that have front charging ports. This car is no different. Its got a front port with its ac and dc charging connectors, and this car is able to charge from zero to 80 percent in 59 minutes or just under one hour now. That might seem like more than other electric cars, and it is but thats, because this car has got twice the size battery from the side. The kia inero looks very purposeful, very much like a traditional crossover suv style. Car youve got 17 inch alloy wheels as an option. Youve got keyless entry as well, folding mirrors as well, which come with a top trim model, and then youve got this really nice finish down here. Interestingly enough, i havent seen many cars that have a black bottom trim and then a top silver trim. Thats very, very unusual theyve got roof rails.

Weve got a nice little curve here in the door, with some protectors down the side here, for when you open the car, so its really really keeping in mind its practical use, as well as having a stylish look. I actually think that the rear of the keen era might be the best if you have all of them. Weve got this sporty spoiler on the top here. Weve got these little fins sticking out the bottom. Weve got this trim here and, of course, lets not forget. The space in the back here weve got 451 litres of space more. If you put the back seats down, i had my bike in here and theres tons of space weve got this parcel shelf kind of cover, which goes up here and protects your view of whats in the back of the car. That also is removable. There are tie down points and clips, so you can attach stuff to so youre, not compromising here. In actual fact, the e mirror has more space than the internal combustion version of the car because the batteries are lower down and so theres no drivetrain going through the back here at the front of the car. I love that theres, these little bulges or cutouts here, which make it look very sporty, makes you imagine, theres a massive engine under here which obviously there isnt and then, of course, the other thing i really really like about this car. Is that the front here where it charges is actually a little light, so you can see where youre plugging in at night and then behind the windscreen this lights up here to let you know how much charge there is in the car and if its charging theres Three green lights and they flash and go solid as the car charges and when its fully charged all through them are very solid, thats, really cool and helpful.

So what is under the bonnet of the kia nero well opening up and looking? You can see that there is all the electric stuff that you need and you have what looks like an engine cover, but actually its a cover for the electric motor but theyve designed it. So it kind of looks like an engine cover which is really interesting to see. Pretty cool lets see how much space there is in the back of the kia e nero and immediately it should be obvious to see. There is a lot of space here. Ive got tons of headroom ive got tons of knee room. These seats are nice and comfortable theyre soft theres little pockets at the back here. Weve got climate control theres no usb back here, but even the doors still have the contrast stitching on them on the inside, and they are also heated. The rear seats welcome to the inside of the kia mirror. This is a top trim model of this car and, as such, you can see by looking inside that its got pretty much everything you could want to start with. Above me, right here is a sunroof which you can obviously get lots of nice light into the cabin which makes it much more airy and more spacious inside at least it feels that way. This is actually a very spacious cabin that has no problem with space. In this car, and then we have this massive 10.25 inch display, which can do android, auto and apple carplay and its a really easy to use system which is easy to understand and very responsive as you swipe through it.

You can connect your phone to the car, so you can check on the status of your car, whether its locked or unlocked using the uvo app kia live. Shows you things around you like petrol stations, and you know ev charging points you can connect your usb to it, its just a very easy to understand system. One thing which is a really interesting quirk. Definitely of this car, however, is the driver. Assistance features are only accessible through the drivers. Cockpit, i didnt expect that it took me a while actually to find them. So if you want to look at driver assistance, features theyre all in here. Also, this car has ambient lighting and you can choose between several different colors, including white gray, blue eco, green bronze and red, and that will light up underneath here and around the center console talking about the center console of this car. We have a rotary dial gear. Changer very similar to actually the one in the mgzs. I recently did a video about works. The same way. You turn it one way to go into reverse one way: to get neutral, one way to go into drive. We have also hold and park buttons there and then the seats here have both heating and ventilation in them. So you can cool your seats at the front and also heat them again. A really nice feature that you dont get on a lot of cars and then youve also got a heated steering wheel in here in the middle here of the center console theres.

Actually, a nice gap with a little tray that you can put stuff in which is very cool, so theres an extra storage space, and that also makes it feel a lot more spacious. And in this middle here we have a usb charging port type, a sci fi. Usb for the data, so you can create azure, also carplay and a 12 volt socket and above that is a wireless charging port as well, which has a little light, which lights up to. Let you know when its being charged inside the car theres. Also, a lighting system which lets you know the status of the charging. There are three green lights and they change from solid to flashing, depending on if theyre, charging or fully charged, which is nice to know, whats going on theres other cool things in here as well. These seats are also electric and actually on the drivers side. Here they have memory functions as well, which is again a sign of a high quality luxury car. A couple of other cool things at the back here weve got this center console, which i can pull this back and weve got secret cup holders. Yes, that is right. There are secret cup holders here, you press a button and they pop out out of thin air and in this little compartment here, theres also a usb as well. So youve actually got three usbs in this car, so you can charge stuff, plus your 12 volt charger and your key wireless charging.

So you really shouldnt run out of anything needing charging spaces in this car and just the whole interior of this car is really really nice. We have a digital drivers, cockpit its split into three sections, so each of the diors has a digital screen and the middle has one too and, as i said, you control all the driver assistance settings from the middle of the cockpit, which is a bit unusual. But hey thats how it works on here. The steering wheel is nice and not too thick, not too thin. Its just right and youve got some interesting controls on here. You can obviously turn up your volume skip tracks. They were a tiny bit confusing for me when i first got in the car watch my infotainment review video, so you can learn more about what all of the buttons do inside this car, but inside the car really comfortable. I like it a lot lets, go for a test drive now and see how it drives welcome to the top range model of the kia e nero. This has got the 64 kilowatt hour battery and this is fully specked out. Weve got a 10.25 inch display in the middle for the infotainment weve got reversing camera. This has got all of the gadgets and stuff you could one which youve probably seen if you watch the rest of this video weve also got data cruise control. Lane assist the infotainment system has got a lot of stuff going on as well so check out my video on that.

This car rides really comfortably. It feels firm but supple, and what i mean by that is some cars, especially when theyre raised up in height like an suv. They bounce around a bit when you go over the bumps in the road and that kind of moves you around a bit and you accept it, but it isnt necessarily the most comfortable thing it isnt, something which will stop you from enjoying the car. But you definitely notice it, especially if its a big bump in the road with this car, its firm enough that when it goes over those bumps it isnt moving around you. So you feel very confident about where it is on the road in its position, which is really really good and then, with all the driver, assistance features. If you do a long drive, you can have that support to know that it will help just keep you in the lane and it will keep you a safe distance from the car in front and then in a city like i am now you dont have to Worry about somebody breaking suddenly, because the car will break for you if it happens with the emergency. Braking weve got a really good viewing position. The car its just. This is just a really lovely car to be in, and i havent driven any other kias before, like this at electric and im really impressed for my first q electric car. This car has really really impressed me, obviously youll see in my taking the car score.

What i think about this car but spoiler, is a good car and spoiler alert on my range video. This car pretty much does what it says on the tin and it lives up to expectations, which means that if you buy one of these cars youre going to feel like you have a really good car that you are going to enjoy and not for. One. Second, wonder if you made the right choice now in the actual driving there are different drive modes, theres, eco and eco feels like you would expect eco to feel everything is a bit slower its designed to save you, energy and obviously maintain your range. If you go into normal mode, then what will happen? Is youll get a more responsive throttle. So when you push the pedal, youll definitely feel its more responsive, but you still kind of feel like the car is lounging around its like its basically eco mode. Just with a bit more structural response, i would probably describe it as its a bit accelerates faster when you press the throttle, but if you go into sport immediately, the car feels like its about to pounce. It really does you put your foot on the accelerator and the whole car kind of feels like its moving straight away. So there is a noticeable difference between sport and the other two modes. I would say the difference between normal and eco isnt. That much i did my range video on eco mode and i had no problems.

I could accelerate fine, i could drive fine, no problem and it was really comfortable and i got a really good range on it in sport. Youre going to get that acceleration and youre going to get extra performance that you might want, it will obviously eat into the range, but still it will get that extra performance and it does go red on the digital dashboard when you put it into sport mode as Well, but you do also see a difference in range, so right now, if i put it into sport, it tells me 86 miles of range. So if i put it into eco, it says 88 miles of range if i put it into normal, this is 87. If i put in sport, it says 86, i imagine that the differences might be more if i was driving outside the city. Obviously any sport mode will reduce the economy of the car. Now, obviously, here do make versions of this car that have smaller batteries and slightly less trim, which also end up costing less overall, but youll get im imagining comparable performance in terms of range depending on the battery size and as i found out with this car, the Range is pretty much what it says. So, whatever kia quotes on the lower capacity battery models, i would take pretty much to be what youre going to get, and that is a really really good thing. You get what it says when you order a car and youre not being surprised by the range being different than you would expect so thats a good thing, so lets go and check out my taking the car score and see what i think.

So one of the cool things about this car is its got app, which lets you do stuff. Like turn the charging on and off and control the air conditioning and its got an app called the uvo app, which looks like this so im going to swap over to a screen shot now, so you can see it clearer. The car is open, lets lock it. So im, locking it and the car is now locked its pretty cool right lets say i want to unlock it. I can see the unlock button and now the car is unlocked. Now i can see the status here. I can see that the batterys, currently at 45 percent i can tell the locking status, is unlocked so lets say i want to turn on using the remote, the air conditioning and you can hear how the air conditioning is turned on and you can hear the work From the motor and now in the app it shows that the air conditioning is on in the status and on the home screen. So this app lets you see other stuff like where the cars parked. I really like the kia ian hero, its very comfortable, its really highly specd, its got all the latest technology and its got a massive battery which goes a long way, theres lots of love about this car at ‘. ‘5 for this model, its pretty decent value, thats, not cheap by any means its also, not super expensive, but for what you get its a really good package, so whats my taking the car score well for comfort.

This gets four out of five. Its really comfortable dont feel the bumps in the road nice and easy to drive no issues at all. With connectivity, five out of five its got an app. You can turn the charging on and off. You can unlock it from the app you can do all these cool things plus its connected to live traffic plus it has android auto plus it has apple carplay, plus it has wireless charging. So its got everything you could want. The only thing thats missing is wireless. Android, auto apple carplay, so maybe i should knock it down a tiny bit, but i think its a package – five out of five for driver assistance, five out of five, its got everything you could want adaptive cruise control lane assist emergency braking it has it all and Itll, keep you really safe when driving for parking four hour, five, its got a reversing camera, its got parking sensors. It shows you where youre going. The only things missing is a 360 camera, perhaps the value i give this car 4 5. Its got a huge battery. Its got all the technology and features at just under 40 000 pounds. This doesnt get the plug in electric car grant. So i mark it down a bit there. If you went for one of the lower spec trim models, then probably the value would go up. So this is a really good value car. Overall, i give this car 27 out of 30.

, its reasonably good value, its got great performance in terms of battery life and range, its got all the technology, its got all the parking technology. It helps you drive, so it keeps you nice and safe and its an electric car. This is a really good car check, your key narrow out, if youre after a crossover, suv, extra car or indeed any electric car. Please give this video a like found.