My name is zach, and today i am driving a 2021 chang lee explorer below me is a 85 kilowatt hour lithium battery that powers a single motor. Now i am super excited to be driving this here: low speed, ev for really one reason and thats. Just how weird and cute this car is, this is a low speed, ev meaning it is in fact legal for road use, but its not that quick as you are now seeing. These are imported from china by scooter cars here in sparta michigan and, like i said they are road legal now its going to depend on your county, how you are going to register the vehicle, but basically scooter cars actually gives you all the required paperwork for the Vehicles, and so basically, you just have to get a permission, slip slide by your local police department, saying that you can drive it on the road and then you can drive it on the road before we get on with the rest of the video. If you are looking to help out the channel, there are some awesome links in the description below one is for cash for cars. If youre looking to sell your vehicle, get a quote help the channel. We also have the fixed obd2 bluetooth sensor to help diagnose your car, buy one help the channel and we have con plates. If you dont want to drill holes in your front bumper, but still need to display your license plate, you can suction cup it to your windshield and when you buy one, you help out the channel.

Thank you to all the sponsors of this video, but lets get on with it. Now lets get back to that all electric drivetrain well power wise. It makes like five horsepower, maybe, but you can go between 80 and 100 miles per charge and you can charge them on a 110 outlet which will take several hours, but its doable 80 to 100 miles is quite the grab for these little cars. Here we go foot to the floor: Music, 50, kilometers 52 kilometers, not great, they do struggle on hills. However, we will talk about how there is a remedy for that and they dont quite keep up with the flow of traffic, especially with modern cars. However, im doing 53 kilometers an hour and im doing it pretty happily now this car does not have a transmission, but it is rear. Wheel drive – and this here particular explorer has disc brakes and it actually stops on a relative dime, which is great so with that out of the way lets talk about the interior. Well in front of me, i actually do have a gauge cluster, its giving me some information, like my speed and my battery life and things like that, the battery is just shown on a battery diagram and again this is a chinese import. So there are a lot of chinese characters in the gauge cluster and in the information screen. I also like that it says ev car safe trip on the gauge cluster on the steering wheel.

I do have a horn Laughter, which sounds like its directed at me and then i do have turn signal stocks like a normal car. Moving on to the door, i do have a little door handle and little leather trim as well as i have power windows again. A very nice feature: this is not just a golf cart. This is really something different which is nice moving into the center. I do actually have an infotainment system. I can go to my music movie, bluetooth and my settings. However, it is not a touch screen which is kind of annoying and its frustrating to use while driving, but this isnt really a car that youre going to be taking on road trips or anything like that. So if you got to switch the music just pull over, i do love that it has this modern feature in it. It actually helps the vehicle feel like a 2021, rather than just something thats been mass produced for years and years and years, because this actually is new. Something really cool for 2021 is the fact that it also gets a reverse camera. Look at that now, its not the clearest thing in the world, but its honestly, better than some american cars that we have here in the states, its honestly, a really nice backup camera and a great feature to have in a vehicle like this and down below that. We have the engine start, stop switch our heater switch, which, because its an electric vehicle, this just has like a heater blower, which you can hear now sounds just like a computer fan.

Turning on because well its not far from it, and then i have this light. Switch for the led lights on top of the vehicle, so if youll notice there are led lights mounted to the top of the explorer which i could toggle on and off, and i can actually swivel if i want a wider field of lighting now on the floor, I do want to point out: i get this nice leather flooring as well as i do get the pedals now. The pedals are a little bit weirder to get used to coming from a car. However, if youre used to driving golf carts or smaller electric vehicles, its pretty standard, there, then to the very left. I have this weird looking knob. This is actually to put it into high or low gear right now, its in high gear. But if you do have to climb a hill like im trying to do right now, you can actually flip it down and do low gear moving into the center console. This is the shifter. I have reverse neutral drive and sport, which will sport, will basically let you do 30 miles an hour. Of course, the chang leaf fails. The big friggin bottle test on the basis that it has no cup holders Music. Now up above me, i do actually have a fan system again. These actually are just computer fans that i can turn on and while i dont have ac listen, i can have a little fan blowing on me to keep me cool kind of nice and then we have the seats.

The seats are a little hard theyre. A little rough, but for short trips into town on the farm, whatever it might be its totally fine, the seats are good enough for that application. Would i want to do a road trip with these seats? No, but i also wouldnt want to do a road trip in a chiang li theyre not designed for that. So why would you i do have lap belts as well? I know in video it doesnt appear like im wearing a seat belt, but i do have my lap belt on, but speaking of seats, this little car has back seats, so lets go. Do a back seat review. So i am surprisingly in the back of the 2021 changly explorer and a couple things to note back here. First of all, physically i fit as a human. Now i could move this front seat up a little bit. The passenger seat is up a little bit further and that offers a lot more space. Headroom is actually pretty good for it being a tiny car im 511 and my hair is starting to hit the ceiling, but not bad. The seats are kind of hard theyre. Basically, golf cart, seats and theyre, not super comfortable, but again this isnt really a long range vehicle, so popping downtown get some food pick up supplies whatever it might be. Im gon na be fine back here. Interestingly enough, i do get crank windows back here as opposed to the power windows found up front, but we actually do have a trunk behind me and a frunk.

So lets go talk about the storage options in the chang li, so around the back of the changly explorer open it up right here. Just with that push button and we dont get a whole lot of storage, but you can actually fold these seats flat to have a flat loading ground, so you can have probably about three feet of cargo space if youd really like to have that this does have A swinging door as well as a spare tire right here, which you can pop open and theres your little spare. However, coming around the front open the door here, pull the hood latch and not only do you get a strut, but you get a sort of front trunk now. Obviously that goes straight through to the ground, so i wouldnt recommend putting anything in here without putting maybe something flat, but you do have your washer bottle, because this does have windshield wipers with sprayers very nice, something not very golf carty, and here is your horn – that I honked earlier so you do get some storage up here. You can put stuff up here if you wanted to, but again i would recommend putting something flat. Now we got ta talk about the looks, and i think this is one of the most adorable vehicles ive ever driven. It looks kind of like a new chevy silverado kind of not, and the reason for that is because chang li who designed and built this car actually manufactures oem parts for a bunch of other manufacturers.

So they used the parts that were at their disposal. Keeping these vehicles cheap and making them pretty attractive, it does have led lights, which is great, and the bumpers you see on the vehicle are added to make it dot approved. So lets get to my final thoughts here on the changly explorer. Well, i think that this is really really unique, really cool and something that i did not expect to be driving today. I think honestly, for around town use, it makes sense. These are affordable, electric youre, not putting any sort of pollutants into the air, and, while no, i wouldnt want to take it on a road trip, but for driving it around town just going to get a snack. If i have a small walkable town honestly, this isnt a bad idea. I could also see this very much in rural use like up here in michigan, a lot of farm towns. Charging up you dont have to use your gas to go into town. You can do your shopping, you can put it in the back. You could take people with you and thats it. The only real downside to these cars is that they do sometimes struggle to keep up with modern traffic. So if you live in a highly congested area, you might run into some slight issues or feel like youre holding people up, but out here in the rural areas. Why not might as well? Well, i hope you guys enjoyed the video huge.

Thank you to scooter cars in sparta michigan. If you are interested in buying one of these, as well as their other scooters, golf carts and other imports, please contact them with the information down in the description below they are super. Super helpful ive been talking to doug. All morning really really helpful guy and if you have any questions, comments, concerns about legality where to buy one or anything of that sort. Please contact doug hes been awesome and i cant thank him enough for letting me do this review, but i hope you guys enjoyed the video dont forget to rate the video comment on the video and subscribe.