My name is derek reilly today were looking at the citroen ami, so lets get started Music. Here we are with the citroen ami and it is a kind of a mirrored design. So the front is the exact same as the rear im here with my umbrella, because its absolutely soaking wet so the only difference youll see is the taillights are just changed from the headlights and the reason they do, that is, for ease of maintenance, but also easy Manufacture and then with the doors, the drivers door – and this will be left hand drive only in the irish market – opens back the way, whereas the passengers door opens the traditional way so left hand drive. Only so citroen. Ireland are working with insurers to get insurance over. Here for and you can be 17 because it is a quad recycle. So once your tax insurance and youve got your license. So really nice design and potentially commercial fleets in next year in ireland, price to be confirmed and if you buy it as a fleet and citroen will brand it up. Uh, potentially, as as part of the package 14 inch um wheels with some theres steel rims with some hubcaps on it. Youve got the ionic citroen air bubble. Youve got the dinky. Little side mirrors ill talk about the inside now in a second. But then the front is the same as the back. Even the uh, the citroen logo is just a sticker to save on weight square plates, quadricycle style, so very similar potential price point around 9995, just underneath the 10 000 again competing against the renault trizzi.

But with this at least youre, you are a um in from the elements single wipers we talked about on the trip and then going in gracious for the door is operated by a pull handle. So you pull it to close, and then you pull it open. The windows are clipped down, push out and clip up. Youve got lots of visibility all the way over and, dare i say, a panoramic sunroof you can see the steel box frame is the manner how its made in this panel then put on the outside of it. The dry, the passenger seat, is set back so that your shoulders arent rubbing off each other, just because it has that width, but its a full seats are actually very comfortable for the spin that i hadnt this morning. The door bins are massive and their necks. So up top, then you have things that you can customize yourself depending on what you want making lego and my bag is hanging up there, but you can see inside here. It has a little icon too, for store in that bag. Um youve got your d. Mister. Your hazard lights, your usb type, a your phone holder, and you can run that cable down and up your little driver display its a key, traditional key, which is a bit interesting, and then you can see up here the single wiper going. You can see the battery that weve left 58 kilometers on charge and it has 724 on it very dot matrix, and then you hold push it forward for the theres.

The drive neutral in reverse the seat. Moves forward and back you can see the clip there. Youve got your manual handbrake, the passenger seat doesnt move at all, so they just have to like it and then weve got the door buckle to handle on this side because its opposite to that side. Youve got your windows there, um yeah, very utilitarian, but great crack. I love it. Charging is around the other side. Let me show you that pulling the wrong handle the rain, so charging is done via in here. You can see thats where the cable is located its all going in there too. It doesnt even retract, you just push it in yourself, so theres a little plug and its a french one. So at the moment its got the european plug, but that will be coming with a three pin plug and you can get an adapter to for the uh. For the uh ac, if you want to charge it on the public charging network, but overall, let me just close down the windows. Was it like driving the citroen amy, very like the twizzy, but so much space like i cant touch the windscreen there cant touch the side panel. It has a range of about 70 kilometers has a top speed of 45 kilometers an hour. It has a 5.5 kilowatt hour battery and it has a three pin plug to charge it built into the frame of the door and takes about three hours to charge front wheel, drive thats our little wiper.

A wiper only covers the drivers, side, Music, tiny wing mirrors. You can hear another pressure there now 45 kilometers an hour maximum top speed here. Yeah great visibility, theres great light youre. So far back as well, uh everything is plastic. Everything is wipeable theres inserts everywhere. Music. You wont forget that the indicator is on as well its 2.4 meters long. It is 1.3 meters wide and 1.6 meters high, so its a perfect little cube Music phone holder, thats great on a rainy day like today, its exactly because its closed in thats. Exactly what you want im going to turn on the demisters theyre a bit loud so much space, so much space take off wheels feel this thing. So a window is launched, yeah its a great car, its a quad recycle, so its not technically a car. So citroen are working with a couple of insurance brokers to see if they can get insurance sorted for us technically, its a quad recycle. So at the moment you need to be 17 to drive it. You need to have a driver license. Suspension is interesting. Its coilovers in the back and um im not sure whats in the front fog it up pretty quick today now so there was another journalist in before me, really good great crack, wish it wasnt raining and looking forward to it, and so, as i said in france, If youre 14, you can drive it um in ireland, its a quadricycle, so you need tax insurance and citroen.

Ireland are working on the insurance piece there now itll be 17. um that mirrored design 14 inch wheels 8 horsepower electric motor 5.5 kilowatt hour battery with three pin plug. It takes three hours to charge top speed, 45 kilometers and its saying 75 on there leaflet here, but ive, read 70 kilometers and price were looking at around about just around the 10 000 euros uh. They had the dealer conference here in ireland for citroen yesterday and when they brought out the emmy they um 80 of dealers said theyd be interested in stocking it great to see. We need more of this on the road. This electromobility piece hopefully youve enjoyed the review.