Well, its happened. Yep the mx30 here is mazdas. First production, ev and boy does mazda want you to know it. The cup holder covers and other bits are swathed in cork. The door cards are made partly of recycled bottles and, although youd think youre sitting on leather seats in upper level versions, youre not its pleather, vegan pleather, but then its like mazda thought. You know what we need something: a bit mental and a bit exotic to please the old school traditional car thai people. So what they did was not that thats, a normal door, uh suicide suicide doors, the sort of doors that the artist formerly known as kanye spits rhymes about Music hes wrong about that, like suicide doors, go out, not up hes. Obviously, thinking about going im really happy for you im, let you finish, but other than the doors. You would say that this is a fairly restrained design, albeit one furnished with some unusual detailing, like the contrasting roof panel bits. However, whats really unusual about this – is that, unlike electric versions of this and this, which are pretty much identical, or even these electric makeovers, which dont go much further than tweaking both ends a bit. The mx 30 here has a completely bespoke body as compared to the cx 30 on which its based and a very different interior, too, and not just the cork bits, although, if youre interested theyre there, partly because mazda started out in 1920 as a company that made Cork, true story: it didnt make cork, i guess corks natural in it.

It produced cork based materials, most notably often the stuff. This has a mazda first, its this thing here. Little touch screen down there that controls the air vents. The air conditioning heated seats stuff like that now its really cool it works dead well, but mazda has put a temperature button right next to the temperature section of the touchscreen and its done that because actually i dont know why choice is good. I guess – and it is again very easy to use just like the infotainment in this car, which is lifted directly from the cx 30, its one of the few things lifted directly from the cx 30. But that is a really good thing, because its text based it hasnt got all these dancing, graphics and stuff, and it means its very, very easy to use. It feels like youre familiar with this rotary dial setup from the first click. Overall, you would say this is a very nice thing inside and out, but its not necessarily a very big thing you see on paper. This is quite a long car its longer than all of these things here, but you wouldnt really know it. You see for all this is novel and cool im, not sure what advantage it actually has right know where all the space has gone. So this is my driving position and i cant fit in here properly at all. Now there are some buttons here, so you can move the chairs thats, pretty cool, just gon na play with these for a while, which thankfully dont work when somebody sat on the front seat must have a weight sensor on it or something.

Imagine, though, if it did the trolling kids stop it, it definitely doesnt work. Hang on. You see its not working anyways back to the doors as cool as they look if youre in the car with the passenger and somebody needs to get in the back. One of you will have to get out of the car to facilitate that. I just dont know why theyve done this well. Mazda might say that its in homage to the rx8, but so the rx8 had a wankel engine and you wouldnt want your mx30 having a wank. What, oh sorry, i thought you said something anyway: you wouldnt want your mx30 having a wankel engine. I dont know whether we keep that joke in its a hard one to pull off and moving to the boot, its a decent size by volume, but its also a fairly basic hole: theres, no underflow storage theres, not even a bag hook, and because the wheelbase is Quite short, you have to move the front seats forward to get the rear bench lying flat when you fold it down. What you would say ultimately, is that really this is a tall city car and, unlike some other compact crossover suv type things. It wont work very well as your main family car, but and it is a big, but it is priced that way and to the extent that it really pulls this whole thing right into the realms of being very enticing, regardless of the unusual and occasionally frustrating quirks.

So advana were currently leasing these starting from a lower price. Then you can lease a mini electric, so that gives you an indication of just the sort of value that this gives you. It really does put into context the fact that this is a great value. Electric runabout, the list price for a base model is a mere 26 000 pounds and that really is mere for an electric car and in a base car. You get all this stuff honestly for a lot of manufacturers. This list would be a top level list head up, display screens all over the shop, a reversing camera on top of that, because its an electrical car, of course, you get super low benefit and kind rates, just one percent and thats on every version of the mx 30, so you know high fives for company car users and every model sits comfortably below the 35 000 pound threshold. That makes you qualify for the governments plug in car discount thats, the sort of grant you actually want coming at you. It come on. On top of that, mazda has somehow fitted all of this safety stuff into it enough to give it a five stars. Euro end caps rating. So you do have to keep all of that stuff in mind. When we talk about the powertrain 2, which were going to do now, theres, just the one and mazda says the same sort of thing about it, that it does about its other powertrains or specifically the one in the cx 30.

So, in the same way that the cx 30 doesnt have that much power because master reckons most people dont need it similar set up here with the battery and the electric motor. So you end up with a quite small battery and motor, and it follows not that much range now its quite efficient in terms of the amount of miles that it will eke out from a solitary kilowatt hour. But this is a drivetrain that you would describe as adequate thats right. Adequate. A word dripping in euphemistic disappointment like whoever was happy about being described as adequate yeah hes adequate, but you cant overcome this adequacy well in terms of the battery, at least by being very organized with your charging and obviously thats easier with a smaller battery. Its a bit like lance armstrong, doesnt, take too long to get juiced up. Did you ever take banned substances or blood dope? Yes, so the battery which for context is just over half the size of the one that you get in a kia nero it only charges at a 40 kilowatt maximum rate, which is quite slow in modern context, but thats enough to get it fully charged in about Five hours, in other words, comfortably overnight, even if you dont, get very much sleep that night that will be from your home war box and regardless mazda reckons that the vast majority of people who are going to get one of these wont do any more than 40 Miles a day, hence right sizing, you wont, be doing those miles very quickly either.

Now i often talk about the responsiveness of an electric drivetrain in general because they all have that very similar feel you know quick pick up from take off, but this has been set up to feel more like well a mazda. You feel like you have to work. It it feels like it spools up almost and it feels doubly conventional because for some reason, mazda has seen fit to add engine sound of sorts, its kind of a passive growl. Listen you get that its another novelty about this car that um kind of on the fence about it. You see it doesnt necessarily sound like a nice engine, it just sounds like an engine, a four cylinder engine say in the distance, its kind of mixed with that wine that you get with all electric cars, its a bit odd, like if my ev is going to Sound fake, i want people to think the world is coming to an end order. Sound like this yeah Music. I think the main issue with the sound augmentation is actually motorway speed because it just constantly hums in the background, and it makes this car sound like its got a cvt or something it just adds another noise that you dont necessarily need or want. The thing is, this is generally and especially at low speed, a very refined, very comfortable, very quiet car. Even the lack of a proper b pillar here, doesnt really create that much noise, certainly not a tone speed.

It does a bit when you get the motorway speed, but its that thing, like all coupes, have where you just hear the cars going past a little bit more loudly than youd like, although what it does give. You is a massive blind spot over your shoulder right here and thats, not ideal, although because of all the safety stuff that this has got, one of its features is a blind spot monitor in the head of display. So, whenever theres something approaching you, then you see a little marker to tell you where it is anyway. Generally, this is a very nice car to drive. Really the dumping is quite sophisticated, so at low speed it really feels comfortable. It has that nice little bit of wallow about it at the same time, it does feel quite tightly sprung, so theres a bit of firmness all the time, but the body control is dead. Good. When i say good, i mean its set up for comfort. Its set up so its not smacking you down into things all the time and when you start picking things up a bit, this is very, very good to drive. Incidentally, the reason its called mx is because mazda wants to invoke the mx 5, which is shorthand for fun to drive now. Obviously, it is nothing like an mx 5, but its a lot more fun to drive than you think its going to be. Even then, you think its going to be after the first 100 yards, because again it feels quite soft, but you turn the wheel and thats when you feel how relatively light this is it changes direction pretty quickly, it does roll a little bit its good.

You would probably quantifiably say that its the least dynamic mazda on the market right now, but its still, despite that, manages to be one of the most dynamically engaging small electric cars you can buy in the context of it being tall and what it is and if Mazdas tried to make it sound a bit like a normal call, with the augmentation its done the same with the pedals. The brakes are probably the most natural feeling electric car brakes that ive felt for as long as i can remember, really responsive really stop the car. Quick – and that is one of the great things about this car that it just does the basic stuff really well, like all masters, do the driving positions excellent. All the dials are really clear, its not fussy. You know it feels kind of well considered well thought out. In terms of the pure driving of the thing and the usability of the cabin, but exactly like the cx 30, though im gon na say that i just wish this had more pork because it feels like it could take a heck of a lot. More aside from feeling quite slow, it does that dual character thing quite well: dead, comfy and quiet around town, and then, if you want to drive a bit harder its fun as long as you can keep the momentum going, you know its a funny thing this. When i was writing this script, i realized that a lot of what i was saying was quite negative: its easy to criticize the lack of space in the cabin and the funny doors and the small battery and the lack of pace.

But in fact this is one of the most interesting and the best equipped and the best value evs on the market, its really quirky and its really nice to drive assuming that youre. Okay with it not being very quick in the way that a lot of even low powered electric cars feel, i genuinely really like it its actually. The only one of these small crossover av things that i would put my own money into. Apart from possibly the peugeot e 2008, i really like the look of that thing. Im actually driving it very soon were going to review it in a couple of weeks. So look out for that meantime, thanks for watching hope you enjoyed that review.