So for a good, while weve been patiently queuing up for our turn, which conveniently us brits are more than happy to do, but the wait is finally over dont. Let those dutch number plates fool you. We now have a model y in the uk to drive, but the question is this: has it been worth the wait? Well, yes, and no before we come on to the ins and outs of this car, make sure youve subscribed to the auto express youtube channel for all the latest news reviews and track battles. The model y is entering a segment is absolutely packed with capable challenges. Theres plenty of appealing choices from premium brands like the audi q4 e tron, bmw, ix3 and volvo xc40 recharge, while the skoda eniac is a more pragmatic option than all of them and lets not forget our car of the year for 2021, the brilliant hyundai ioniq 5. So theres a lot out there that the tesla must beat if it continues the trend that weve already seen in the us, then we are going to see a lot of these on our roads in the first half of 2021 tesla sold over 76 000 of these. In its home country, which meant that it even outsold the model, 3 and thats hardly been a sales flop itself, and the comparison with the model 3 is an interesting one and an obvious one, because under the skin it and this model y share a lot of Their tech – and that is a very, very good thing.

The model y has two electric motors theres, one at the front and a much bigger one at the back and together they make 434 brake horsepower and charge is sent to those two motors by a 75 kilowatt hour battery. When it comes to efficiency. Tesla is just the best in the business. No other car company has yet offered a car that can use so few watts for such amazing performance thats, something that you discover every time you put your foot down like this 30, 40, 50 and thats 60 miles an hour in just five seconds. Go for the performance and that number drops to a faintly balmy 3.6 seconds. Yet, despite this, and despite the fact that my inner child cant stop accelerating like this thats crazy, this model y is covering roughly 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour thats using plenty of motorway miles too, so it could potentially get even better with mixed use. Based on the official wltp figures, itll cover over 300 miles between charges and then theres. The charging, the tesla supercharger network is, by some margin the best in the business, its just so easy to use. You just turn up plug your car in and away. It goes at the end of every month. The amount youve charged is debited from your account, its so so simple im, yet to come across a supercharger which has been broken either, which is really not something i can say about any of the charger in the uk network and you never need to queue for One its not like youll ever need to spend too long at standstill either because, like the model 3, the model y charges at 250 kilowatts.

Now an ionic 5 can be quicker because it charges at 350, but youll have a job actually trying to find a charger which can keep up. So what else is great about the model y? Well, if you sat in the back theres plenty of space across that three person bench knee room is great, so is head room and the flat floor means that theres plenty of space for your feet move further into the back, and the boot is huge too theres. Even a seven seat version offered in some markets, but squeezing two more people back here might be a little bit ambitious but ambitious isnt. The word that id use to describe my first gripe about the model y, which brings us on to the styling. Now i know, looks completely subjective and some people might adore the styling of this model y, but im just not really seeing it to me. It looks like somebodys taking a model 3 in photoshop, stretched it up a bit and gone. Oh nearly lunchtime, thatll do compared to an ionic 5, which is full of these fabulous details and interesting shapes. It just looks really well boring, but lets put that to one side im not going to mark a car down because i dont like the look of it, because that is completely unfair. Instead, im going to mark it down for the way it drives, i mean we can gloss over the fact for a minute that, looking out the back window is like peering through a letterbox, because the main issue with the way the model y drives, is the ride.

Its poor really poor it just never ever settles down. You just get this constant busy feeling that its jiggling you around and thats on the 20 inch wheels on the 21 inches you get on the performance model, itll likely be even worse to me. It feels like a hot hatchback like a ford, fiesta, st or a random, again rs, but in those cars you forgive it because one, you expect it from a performance car and, secondly, they offer some form of body control when you bring up the speed. But this doesnt have that its a two ton suv. So if you hit a bump in the middle of a corner, it just goes a bit unsettled and gets a bit flustered and doesnt quite know what its doing now. Some of that is a result of the weight penalty that comes with pretty much any ev and their batteries, and some of that is also down to this car riding on 20 inch wheels. But there are other evs that have both of those problems and manage the ride much better. It goes around corners, okay, with not too much body roll, but again, hitter, bump, mid corner and suspension. Just gets a bit confused and wobbles about the steering. One of the weak points in the three is also the case here in sport mode. It has this rather nasty gloopy feel normal mode is better, but its just okay, rather than brilliant. Unless you get your kicks from going quickly in a straight line which, to be fair, the model y certainly can do.

Then this isnt a very fun car to drive and it doesnt really make up for it with comfort either so weve established that the powertrain is a big hit and the chassis is a little bit of a miss. So what about the in car tech? Well, its a bit of both first, the great – and i mean theyre very, very great – this screen is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are so sharp. The loading and response times are brilliant and the navigation system is pretty much the best of any car that you can get today. Some people have grumbled about the speedo being off to the side and not in front of the driver as they are in conventional cars, but, to be honest, its not really a problem its still easily. Within your eye line and its very clear to read now it would be nice if tesla relied slightly less on this touch screen, though i mean other than these physical multi function, controls on the steering wheel and the electric window buttons. Here there are almost no physical controls in this car now for some things: thats. Okay, controlling the mirrors on here, for example, is not a problem because its not like youre changing shape every day, so you set them once on here and thats it, but the glove box, for example theres theres no button on here. You have to go onto the screen and press glove box. I mean whats.

The point then theres the back seats, theyre heated, but you can only control them from here. So if you sat in the back, youve got to ask somebody nicely to do it for you now that doesnt smack of high tech to me that just screams, corner cutting and corner cutting doesnt quite seem okay for a car that costs the best part of 50 Grand especially when the ioniq 5 is even cheaper, but heres the thing, though there really is plenty wrong with the model y. It is so utterly brilliant in other areas that we absolutely have to rank it among the best electric suvs out there at the moment. So, coming to a verdict on the model y really depends on how you want to approach things. If you care about how good it is to drive, or particularly how comfortable it is, then there are better options out there.