That model is ionic. 6. A highly anticipated sedan follow up to the very successful ionic 5 crossover. In this episode, we will talk about how a new car that has not even seen the light of the day would receive a facelift even before its released before we go on. We would highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video a few months ago, we unveiled the prototype of the much Anticipated ionic 6 electric sedan on our channel, the first ever dedicated ev sedan from hyundai was long sought. After because it was to be based on the sensational, hyundai prophecy concept that shot the world with its sleek coop, like body, perhaps the sexiest car ever to come out of korea in history. However, when the veil was lifted, as prototypes made their public introduction, it was met with one of the harshest criticisms ever on hyundai, with its conventional and boring. Looking three box proportion and the roof line with doors that are more reminiscent of the early 2000s family sedan. It was a far cry from the futuristic shape of the prophecy concept that was promised with an impending design. Disaster hyundai immediately took action not only because the company pride itself on being one of the leaders in producing aesthetically pleasing automobiles in recent years, but it was already trying to dig itself out of a hole with another design fiasco.

The eighth and the latest sonata codenamed dn8, was supposed to be the most striking hyundai ever to be produced in the companys history, based on the awe inspiring la phil rouge concept of 2018. The conspicuous french name of the concept translates to common thread in english and the swoopy four door concept was supposed to preview the korean automakers future design language, which will find its way onto its cars and crossovers in the coming years. However, something really got lost in the translation and what the consumers were left with was a catfish face, sedan with over accentuated and confusing character lines, the publics utter disappointment immediately reflected on the sale of the new family sedan, which has been hyundais all time best seller. Since its inception losing out to the platform sharing and perennial underachieving little brother kia, k5 in sales for the first time in decades, hyundai moved just 76 997 sonatas in the us in 2020, down from over 200 000 just a few years prior, the company immediately sought To find a solution to the problem and the executive decision was made to completely abandon a scheduled upgrading of the current body in lieu of creating an entirely new ninth generation sonata, which is almost unheard of in the industry, to scrap a new model. Only after two years of production, this was a costly mistake for hyundais. Hundreds of millions of dollars would be needed to create an entirely new model, even though the new car was to utilize the existing platform and power plant.

So with a lesson it learned from sonata, it seems to make sense that hyundai took the criticism of the ionix 6 design very seriously, rather than spend hundreds of millions of dollars to fix the design after the production, hyundai opted to spend a few million dollars required To implement design change before the release, a pre production facelift, if you will, when this drastic decision was made back in august of 2021, the prototypes that roamed the streets near the testing centers in korea disappeared overnight and since then, we have yet to spot a new Prototype with a new design revision, but when we do, we will be the first one to let you know please stay tuned. So how long will this new design revision take and what will this mean to the launch date of the ionic six from the internal schedule of the company? The production line, conversion of the asan factory from the current sonata production to ionic 6, is now postponed to january of 2022 from the original schedule of november 2021. This implies that the original production date of march 2022 would be delayed until may or june 2022. However, luckily the design is not the only thing that will be changed during the revision, although most of the design change would take place in the front end and the rear end to accommodate the new sleeker design. The overall length of the electric sedan is to grow from the original plan of 4900 millimeters or 193 inches, which is the size of the current sonata to 4990, millimeters or 196 inches, which is in the genesis g80 realm.

The lengthening of the car is seen as a trendy way of giving the vehicle a sleeker profile, and we hope that it would aid in replicating the prophecy sensuous look. Secondly, the new ionic sedan is to receive a boost in the range originally reported to be utilizing. The 72.6 kilowatt hour long range battery used in the european ionic 5.. The new revision is to now feature a 77.4 kilowatt hour, long range battery of the north american ionic 5 and the kia ev6. The previous range estimate was a respectable 482 kilometers or 300 miles, but with the new revision, the new range is estimated to surpass 500 kilometers or 311 miles. Finally, ionix 6 will be the first ionic model to receive what the company calls lighting grill as electric vehicles. Do not require a traditional grill for engine cooling. Hyundai feels that it would be the perfect location to place the group of leds to act as a signboard to indicate such information as charging stage emergency information and any information that the driver would like to convey to other cars. Interestingly, this design concept was first exposed in discussing ionics future large suv likely to be called ionic 9, which implements such technology as part of the ionix trademark, parametric pixel design feature, and it appears that the lighting grille will be another new brand defining design feature. That would be applied to all ionic models for more information on the chevy tahoe sized electric suv from ionic.

Please check out our feature. Video by clicking on the link in the top corner. Hyundai believes that such a method of communicating between the drivers will become essential as cars become more autonomous with the advancement in self driving technology. Speaking of self driving technology, ionic 6 is to receive the companys latest hda2 feature which hyundai says, is a more advanced form of level 2 self driving autonomy, which is where teslas autopilot currently resides. However, by the time ionix 6 is released in 2022, the level 3 hands free driving capability would be commercialized through the introduction of the companys luxury brand genesis, g90 sedan featuring two lidar sensors front and back, which is the worlds first, and there is even a possibility That this more advanced self driving feature would be available as an option in conjunction with the vehicles ota or over the air online update system. As for the performance of the vehicle, it will adapt. The ionic 5 single motor rear wheel, drive layout good for 215 horsepower and the dual motor all wheel drive setup with 308 horsepower. The torque figure is 258 pound feet and 446 pound feet respectively. The performance of the ionic 6 is also expected to be similar to the ionic 5, with 0 60 miles per hour time of mid 7 seconds for the rwd model and low 5 seconds for the awd model being essentially the sedan version of ionic 5 ionix 6. Also offers the same v2l function that extracts power from the battery to power, anything from a laptop to another ev and the incredible charging speed of only 18 minutes to 80, backed by its 800 volts architecture of the egmp dedicated ev platform.

Finally, ionix 6 will also share the ionic 5s excellent interior features such as dual 12.3 inch, lcd screens, augmented reality, navigation system and zero gravity seats. However, it will come without the added versatility, such as a moving center console that makes passenger movement within the cabin easier being a low slung sedan instead of a crossover, as mentioned previously, the anticipated new launch date of the ionix 6. Electric sedan is the summer of 2022.. The estimated starting price still remains at just under 50 000, despite the improvement over the originally planned model. As for the end of the video question, with only the front and the rear end change with added length, do you think that the revision would make a significant difference to change your opinion about the ionic 6, which was heavily criticized? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell.