There, in december of last year, the uk government launched a scheme designed to raise awareness for the surging popularity of new electric cars, the idea a little green square in the corner of the number plate of all new evs, and it was a hit. In fact, it was so popular that i know people that had green square number plates retrofitted to their electric cars that theyd bought before the scheme came in so that they could proudly display their emissionless nurse. But what if you want your car to be visibly green from a distance like a big distance like from the moon? Well, you get one of these dont you this. This is the voxel mocha e and its ever so green, but is it any good? Well weve? Actually had quite a long time to decide because weve had this on long term loan and it served as a crew car during that time, just about every member of the fully charged production team has driven this and weve put it through just about everything you can Put a car through, and we can now say with absolute confidence that its its pretty good. Allow me to explain, but before i do please be sure to like and subscribe and leave a comment down below, because it really helps the channel grow. Even if that comment just says green, this is the voxel market e, and this is fully charged. Yes, its the great ev giveaway dont forget to subscribe and enter for your chance to win all sorts of prizes, including one of four electric cars Music.

Now, before we get into the nitty gritty of the voxel mockery a little bit of backstory on vauxhall, because its important to know that right now, voxel is trying its best to have a kia hyundai moment, which is to say theyre, trying to reinvent their brand. I think it would be fair to say that vauxhall have been slightly lagging behind their competition for a little while now and they want to fix that and theyve done two things to try and fix that number. One dramatic design language rethink, as you can see on this car and well get to that in a second but number, two theyve joined forces with a big group of other car brands, who are also slightly struggling at the moment and theyve formed a super group. In order to pool resources and ideas, the group in question is called stalantis and it is comprised of to name just a few citroen peugeot opal, voxel, chrysler dodge jeep, maserati, some serious names and you can think of stalantis as like, the automotive muck busted, in that They have a terrible name stalantis. It sounds like something you catch well, what happened to your eye? Mate? Oh bloody, went for a wee forgot to wash my hands rub my face now. Ive got stalantis anyway. The upshot of this part sharing supergroup type situation, is that underneath the body, the mockery is running the same battery motor and many other bits as other stellantis group evs, like the citroen ec4, like the peugeot e2008.

Regrettably, that platform is not dedicated. Ev architecture stance calls it a multi energy platform, which is to say it was designed with both petrol diesel and ev variants in mind, because of course, you can have the mocha as any of those three well get into that in a second. But for now lets have a chat about this cars angry face. Music right lets have a chat about this design because well theres a lot of design going on here. This is completely different. Looking to any voxel opal that weve ever seen before and thats a really good thing, weve got to start with this. This is called the visor. This kind of letterbox design with the headlights enclosed its a its a homage to the old opal manta for you, car nerds out there and were going to see this across all future voxels. This is part of their new design. Language ive said in the past that this car, especially in this green, looks a bit like a squashed muscle car. You see it like a muscle car that kind of got shrunk in the washing machine. I think its kind of cute – and i like this as well – we see bonnet bulges all the time, but this single one down the middle like a kind of mohawk. I like it, i like the way it looks when youre driving and youre looking out across the bonnet as well Music. I cant tell you how nice it is to just be driving a small car.

Again, i love small cars. I feel like im developing a reputation on this channel for only having an interest in really big expensive stuff. Not so i adore a small, simple car that just gets the job done and particularly driving around london, where i am its so stressful driving a big car in a city where i live in hackney theres, lots of these little narrow gates and theyre about 2.1 meters Wide well the audi etron gt when i had that was 2 meters wide, not relaxing, and let me tell you this car its a delight to drive around the city, its comfortable, its nice and squashy. Ive got lots of suspension. Travel big high profile tires on this. One, and just really really really simple: voxel has clearly pitched this car at people who dont want their ev to be too confusing to other and as such, look just a car steering wheel, pedals, theres, no flappy paddles to adjust my regen strength, just a b button Down here, regen on or regen off, you dont need settings, says voxel theres very little in the way of customizability here again to keep things simple. I do have three drive modes. Ive got normal sport and eco, but as far as i can tell, all they really do is slightly affect how much power you get. You get about 100 horsepower in normal, the full 130 something in sport and a few less in eco to save battery.

But i tend to just leave it in normal. Eco is really for when youre trying to get home and youre not sure youre going to make it and your bums all clenched. The sport button is pointless as far as im concerned. This is not a sporty car. All it does is make it a bit punchier, but it doesnt sharpen anything else up and it does like to roll around a bit in the corners this car, i just dont, think sportiness is a word thats in its vocabulary and i find myself leaving it in Normal mode, all the time – and typically this is around the point of the video where i do my customary whinging about crossover, suvs and how ridiculous they are im not going to do it today, partly because ive probably done it enough at this point, but also because Well, voxel has the corsair. There is a hatchback alternative if you want it, love that thats, the one id have by the way, obviously Music, coming around the side of the car. Well lets talk about this two tone paint job quite nifty isnt it. I think the green is reserved only for the electric mocha, because, of course this is uh available as a petrol and diesel car as well. The green paint thats electric only also the little e you can, literally, if you get the electric one. I like these wheels. 17 inch you can get bigger ones, but i would stick with these because they look really nice and it rides really nicely on these big squashy tires as well around the side, floating c pillar – oh look its floating.

This is a another voxel design hue that we see on quite a lot of their products. Its gon na feature on lots more going forward as well around the back just tidy isnt it tidy. I, like these slim tail lights. I like the way its proportioned its got a nice stance on it, its a little bit sporty a little bit muscular its just so much better. Looking than old voxels do yourself a favor google, the old voxel mocha hold up a picture of it and then look at this and youll understand how much of a step forward this is the old, vauxhall mocha is so boring. I once forgot what it looked like, while staring at a picture of it so were in the office today for a big company wide meeting and what i thought id do is interview. Some of our crew read the market because most of them had to go in and i thought be good to get some normal peoples takes on it b. Uh theyre all really camera shy and i find it very funny. Putting cameras in their faces come on. Jesse old buddy old pal talk to me come on jesse, okay, mockery, um, im gon na, say i like this car. I could feel my street cred draining whatever i had left draining out of me as i started driving it, but i really liked the car. The handling was great. I felt safe in it and when i picked my mom up, she said it was lovely.

Do you not like the way it looks, then i didnt to begin with, and then i actually drew on me. I should say thanks buddy its all right, it wasnt so bad. Was it louie mockery, quick, go nice tidy car struggles a bit on the long range, but apart from that perfect, perfect yeah, perfect its perfect yeah wow its a gleaming review there you go and its green, so in every sense of the world in every aspect: hello, Hello youve got the mock this week, dont you i have. What do you think about it? Uh its a good car, its a good all round car, a bit small on the inside um. I like the driving position, its quite good. You can very a lot of visibility. You can see the bonnet quite clearly. Um and color is quite cool. George george mockery: what do you think mockery is really good, like it um its a great car for driving around the city, uh, so easy to drive anything. You dont, like motorway range, falls off doesnt. It yeah like really declines rapidly city, car, lovely, perfect, cheers, Music Applause and welcome to the inside of the voxel market. You know what ive spent a few weeks with this car now and this interior. I think its really impressive its sensible, its practical, its all the things that a small semi, affordable family car should be, but its also a bit nice a few little details in here just to differentiate it from the other.

Intensely boring crossover. Family cars lets start off with the sensible stuff first. This is the steering wheel, not much to speak about there. Climate control here controls here. I really like these little rubberized flicky buttons. This one is for the speed of the cruise control, and this one is for my volume, just theyre just nice. They just feel nice to press and then weve got this here. This kind of letterbox design, which reflects the visor at the front of the car that houses the two screens digital gauge cluster, really nice design on it. I like how clean it is, and i like the simplicity and i like the font, that theyve gone with its just just a bit nice and then this one in the middle here. This obviously serves the infotainment system, but does anyone use infotainment system on cars? Anymore? Is there even any point in reviewing them because android auto apple carplay thats, what we do thats all we use and its seamlessly integrated in this car? The touchscreen is pretty responsive. Everything works really nicely its just very easy to live with this cabin physical buttons where youd want them. Everything is where you expect it to be, but again a couple little nice things as well, like this gear, selector isnt that nice, it looks really nice as well, and it feels good couple of less good things – fingerprinted material here, ive whinged about that before and ill Whinge about it again, dont know why youd put that on a car, especially a family car, because children, sticky messy.

This is a weird one. This took me a couple of weeks to realize: theres no grab handle up here, theres, not one over there. How is my mother supposed to express her displeasure at my driving if she cant passive aggressively grab on to something bit of a shame, um this glove box, comedically small? These are the kind of intimate details that you get in a long term review like this. Why is that so small? Why i dont know? Overall, i would say that this cabin smokes, the vw id3s cabin. I really do think that because well it doesnt look as clean and space age and minimalistic, but its just nicer to use all the buttons work properly. You dont have to stroke anything to make your aircon colder its its just very sensible, but a bit nice at the same time, Music. But there is one area where this cabin lets itself down and its well sort of this area here, because i am quite tall. Unusually tall as we know, but i cant help but feel that even a even a small to medium sized human adult is gon na its gon na be quite unhappy back here. Its theres no room at all now heres the thing back. In the ice days, we used to just accept that small cars had very small rear seats and small boots like this one does, but in the days of ev we dont have to deal with this anymore.

The vw id3, which is built on proper ev architecture, is about 10 centimeters longer than this car, but in the cabin its got roughly 9 000 times more. Space now lets have a chat about this cars under bits, as i mentioned before, this is a stellantis product and it shares much of its componentry with the citroen ec4 and the peugeot e2008, etc. So that means weve got a front. Wheel drive single motor setup, which has about 134 brake horsepower, weve got a 45 kilowatt hour usable battery and that results in circa 150 miles of real world range. That range will one thing i really do need to have a big whinge about. Is this cars range prediction? That is a problem because, as soon as you take this thing on the motorway, its range just falls off a cliff, its not good at guessing how many miles youre going to get out of your remaining battery thats a problem i drove here from london today to Bristol its about 110 miles, and when i left my house, i had about 65 miles of cushion, that is to say i had you, know 175 miles of range for a 110 mile journey. When i arrived in bristol, i had about 15 miles of range left. I had lost 50 miles of range into thin air and i wasnt driving like a wally. I was just doing motorway speed. This car is overly optimistic with its range prediction.

I think it always thinks its in a city doing stoppy starting regen breaking city driving and it just doesnt really know whats going on when you take it out on the motorway and thats a problem, because in a car like this, that is so clearly designed for People that dont want evs to be intimidating or confusing thats a one way ticket to range anxiety. You dont want an optimistic ev. You want optimistic people in your life, but you want evs to be pessimistic. You want to be down to earth and pragmatic with their range estimations and this car just isnt concluding thoughts on the mockery b plus. I think this is a b plus car, its not a kia ev6. This is not the car that well look back on as the vehicle that transformed vauxhall forever, but it is a huge step in the right direction and dont get me wrong. If you are looking for a small, practical electric family car that doesnt shout too much about its electricness, but equally doesnt make you look like a shadow whos given up on life at the school gates. This may well be the car for you, but i think personally, i have to recommend the less cool but far more practical id3 over this car, because compared to the vw, the cabin space is not good in this car. The range is a bit underwhelming and that range prediction issue really is going to wind you up if youre planning on doing any motorway driving ever in this car Music.

Well, now final thoughts on the mockery. Oh im, gon na miss this car. It served us so well as a little crew car for the last few months and personally, its just been so nice to drive something thats small ish and cheap ish. I feel like ive, had a string of quite posh large electric cars on test recently. I know poor me, and this has been really refreshing. I forgot how much i love small cars that just get the job done and i think i would describe this car and in fact, the whole first generation of celantis evs, the corsa either ec4 the e2008. I would summarize them all as a really good first effort. I really like the whole part, sharing thing that stalantis are doing im impressed by how well theyve managed to distinguish their cars from one another, despite all the part sharing via their design and their cabins, and the way that they drive its all looking good for the Automotive muck busted and i cant wait to see what happens with these brands in the next few years. As for voxel well, theyve definitely succeeded in sexing their brand up a little bit. I think this is one of the best looking voxel cars in recent memory. Now i just want to see this design match with really good hardware and slightly cleverer software. I want to see a voxel that looks this good built onto proper ev architecture, and i want to see models underneath it that are smaller and cheaper, and the good news is all of these.

Things are coming because stalantis have already told us, theyre spending 30 billion euros, building four different bev platforms, which will span everything from tiny economy, cars to big brawny muscle cars, its happening very exciting. In the meantime, the mockery, the charming little electric crossover, just not the one id pick, please make sure to like and subscribe, and if you have been thank you for watching Music Music Music. Well, if you enjoyed that episode, youre going to love this one, and this one too, is very relevant to the topic and also, if you want to subscribe to fully charge, which is a wonderful thing to do, really helps us cost you nothing. You just click up. There, its really simple, and if you do want to support us a little bit more, you can have a look at the patreon link thats up there.