Well, electric cars are one of those things that are just not going to go away if youve been praying for some sort of turnaround, so you can keep driving brand new petrol cars. Sadly, that is just something thats going to go to the past. Now, what is becoming apparent is our growing choice of electric cars, and so that means we have more options than ever in 2021. On what evs to choose, however, that doesnt mean that peoples budgets have changed and 60 000 is still a lot of money to spend on a car for a fair amount of people. So ive gone out, and i picked two evs that i think would be really good for a budget of around 60 000 or underneath that at least so im jumping into the toyota prius of the electric car world, its the 2021 nissan leaf. This thing this thing has been around for so long and its just been something nissans been tinkering away at and offering as a reliable electric car. The earlier versions had pretty poor range and thats just because the technology wasnt there now in 2021, you can get a base model which starts at the low 50s, and that is actually you know of decent range, around 280 kilometers for a full charge and so thats. Okay, but this one i got here is the e plus, so this ones got 385 kilometers of range, but it does come at a bit of a premium, so it does cross at 60 000.

However, the only difference really is the range and some other little trim pieces for the ev plus so youre, basically paying just over ten thousand dollars for an extra 100 kilometers of range. But most people dont really need that. If you do need that, you might want to shop, something thats even got more than 385 kilometers of range, and so what do you get for your money when you buy a nissan leaf? Well, the outside is actually very unassuming, and for some people, that is a big plus, its still got a bit of a grill on it. Its all smoothed out its got error, design, wheels and the whole thing just looks like a smooth version of a normal nissan hatchback. Now the leaf is a traditional hatchback, its got a giant boot. Its got plenty of space in the second row so jumping into the nissan leaf. It can feel a little bit alien for some people, jumping out from a conventional car and thats purely because theres one or two things in here, which dont necessarily feel exactly normal, because one of them is this shifter, which ive seen affectionately, referred to as the nipple Style shifter the overall fit and finish, is actually pretty nice in here theres, some nice leather up on the dash. The leather seats are really nice, but there are plenty of scratchy plastic. So, if youre looking for something that feels ultra premium, its not really going to be found in the leaf, but in saying that you are buying one of the cheaper evs on the market, so you cant really expect to have it all with the build quality.

It just does feel a little bit scratchy with just maybe a little bit too much scratchy plastics everywhere, which doesnt really go in with making this feel like a super premium product, but the seats save that a little bit and also i do love the blue stitching. Thats through it, i dont know why blue is the theme of evs, but it just is so. This ones got blue on the outside on the badges and yeah the stitching, and so this one here the e plus, has got a 64 kilowatt hour battery and you know what its pretty good with its range. Like i mean you, ive been driving this for the best part of a week, and ive only got down to about 87. Considering i cant really go further than five kilometers from my house. At this time. The drivers display in front of me is kind of interesting. As well, its got a giant screen with all your information on it, but then theres an actual analog speedometer, which i guess a lot of people. Maybe when theyre checking this out love the idea of having an analog speedo, even though the digital ones, on your left. So theyve kept that there, but theyve kept a giant screen with plenty of information here now in the leaf. We have just under 300 newton meters of torque and its fine, because this isnt a massive ev. So it does move along quite nicely, also having a low center of gravity with all the batteries below the floor, its actually a pleasant driving experience with minimal body roll.

The center display in here is interesting. It is just nissans normal infotainment system, its nice and responsive and yeah. You just throw apple carplay up there. Nothing really all that advanced re happening in the middle and then the camera system is quite good. Although the picture quality could be improved because it is very grainy and although we have a 360 degree camera its sometimes hard to make out the small details in that now we do have a heated steering wheel, heated front seats. We have a heated rear row, which is quite interesting. I havent seen that before, instead of an individual seat, the rear row decides if they all want their bums toasted or not rear seat comforts, actually quite good for the outer passengers. What is just mind blowing to me is that there is a massive transmission tunnel running through the second row and im just so confused as to why that is over in the us. They opened up that transmission tunnel to see what was in it and turns out nothing. There is nothing in that transmission tunnel. That needs to be there to take up that much room but yeah. I just really like the overall cabin in the leaf, its just nice and spacious. It feels like a normal car, but theres little touches here and there to make you feel like youre in something a little bit more special and then compared to a normal economy. Car from nissan this thing actually has some get up and go.

You dont really have any driving modes to speak. If you only have an eco mode, which is just designed to try – and you know, make your range last as long as possible and whats cool – is that the range does update as you change things in the car. So if you turn off your ac, if you turn off your heated seats, youll see the range creep up or creep back down, theres only one usb up front as well and theres also a really small center armrest, which is nice to have, but its a storage Wise, its a bit tiny, so theres, not a whole bunch of storage up here now. The initial acceleration on the nissan leaf is awesome. Its really good it just goes to show you dont need stupid amounts of acceleration to have fun in a car like this, the acceleration is rapid and it might throw some people off too. This one also has a thing called e pedal, which is brings me onto the braking of this car. So if you have e pedal off it sort of drives around relatively like a normal car, it lifts off the accelerator. It continues to roll, and then you press on the brake. The issue i have with this brake is that it feels so disconnected from the car. It is an awful brake feel and its something that ive come up to stops on pedestrian crossings and stuff like that, and when i normally start braking you sort of have to sort of panic brake and it brings the car up to a bit of an abrupt.

Stop so then, i turn on e pedal, and what that does is that its sending regen back to the battery, which is really cool, but in a way thats done so smoothly. Ive only seen it in the likes of tesla, so nissan have definitely perfected this over a longer period of time of having the leaf out, and so it means that one pedal driving by lifting off the accelerator the car will slow down, but in such a way That its better than just using the normal brake pedal it actually like genuinely is now the handy kona electric has taken australia a bit by storm and thats done really well for something thats, actually not a tesla. So the hyundai kona electric is one of those cars because it comes from a well known brand and its also relatively affordable and has decent range that people feel comfortable spending their money on this now, the exterior this looks far more like. I guess people would envision an electric car, it is based off the kona, and the kona is one of the most diverse model ranges in hyundais lineup. It starts all the way down with a cvt transmission paired up to a naturally aspirated low power motor. All the way up to the top trim, kona n and then next to the kona end. You pretty much have the electric range. Now i drove the key nero electric and that is very similar to this car and im guessing they share a few bits and pieces and they should also share uh, some, not so good things too, but starting off with all the good things.

The exterior design is one of my favorites because i love the new look of the kona electric, its not trying to pretend theres a grill there anymore its gone away from that, and now we have this sort of smoothed out front end, which is very tesla esque Weve also got some like aerodesign wheels and just a clean design, and this really pops, with this light, blue weve, got applied to the outside of this car. Now the interior design up front is very familiar for anyone. Whos been inside of a kona weve got the fully digital display for the driver. Weve got a 10.25 inch infotainment system, which is all touchscreen as well, and i really like this one more than the nissans, because its just far more like using an android tablet than a car infotainment system. So thats quite good up here and its got all of hyundais usual tricks in here like quiet mode, which allows you to have passengers sleep in the back and youve also got sounds of nature, which is quite calming if you want to feel extra in touch with Being inside an ev now we only have a single reversing camera on here, not a 360 degree camera and the quality is a little bit better than this ends, but its still not like a stunning hd camera, so thats, just something. No, but at least we have a nice wide view of it when you go into reverse, i like how the dash meets the center console along here, its quite cool and its very porsche s, because all the buttons are really easy to reach, and you have a Nice large storage area below that, with a 12 volt and a usb thats sort of hidden down there, which is quite good.

We have a button operated transmission, which is a little bit different from the nipple design that we saw in the leaf. But i think this is just maybe a little less intuitive because it all feels the same when youre reaching down the dark. So you still have to kind of look, and i sort of do like that mouse design of the leaf just a little bit more. Even if it is a little bit quirky now, the back seats are just fine, its more so like a hatchback back there, its not really like a small suv, but the issue is that, because this also houses, a petrol drive, train theyve had to wedge the batteries Way up into the car to stop them hanging down too low, and what thats resulted in is a ridiculously high floor for the rear passengers. So its just like a bit of a letdown that you buy an suv so its not really like a hatchback, even though it is quite small for an suv and you sit in the back and i just had complaints from people sitting back there. They just said: look its not comfortable. I dont feel like i can get easy back here just because the distance between your knee and the bench is just so great does feel like youre more in a crouched position than being able to extend your feet out so thats. Just something to note when youre buying this and if you plan to have tall people in the back, they will complain about having a lack of comfortable leg room and then the boot its not as good as the leaf.

The leaf looks cavernous compared to this one. Its got quite a high load floor, which is good because its nice and flat to get things in and out of and its just yeah sure its usable, but its just not as practical as the leaf. So if youre looking for a bit more boot space, the leaf actually will offer more space in that department. We do have a couple of things here that can help extend your battery life. First of all, we have drive modes here we have eco normal and sport, and we also have eco plus just very similar to the kia nero there. So eco plus its going to make sure that you can extend your range as far as possible. Its going to change things in the car, its going to you know, adjust your aircon its going to probably adjust your heated seats. If you have any this one doesnt but its going to affect your car more than just how it drives its really there as a way to try and preserve as much power as possible. But i dont like driving like that, because i dont really need to do that just yet. It would be good if youre a little bit anxious about trying to make it all the way on single charge. You could put an eco plus, but it might be a little bit uncomfortable, considering that it does shut off the ac. Naturally, this car does respond really well under acceleration in normal mode.

You just get a pretty just normal ride, its nothing really special and then in sport thats. What i love driving in, if im, trying to show someone just how cool this is because thats just going to give you the most amount of response for the most amount of throttle youll put in and also your steering does get a little bit tighter. So that is quite cool now heres the thing the brake pedal feels fantastic. It feels like a normal car pedal feels connected to the car, something that the nissan leaf just isnt doing right. However, the nissan leaf kills this car. When it comes to one pedal driving this isnt, the best one pedal driving experience, ive had and its one of those things that i wish. I could drive one pedal in this because i love the kona electric. I think its a fantastic car. The regen in here is fine, but its just a little bit annoying to use, and i found it actually caused my passengers to get a little bit sick because the way it sort of applies, the regen isnt a one for one. When you pull off on the accelerator pedal, which is what like the leaf and the tesla, would do in here, you lift up the accelerator and theres a bit of a coast, and then the car will start to really sort of hamper down. And yet you can drive one pedal, but it acts quite aggressively as the car starts to slow down even more and then you can pull on the left paddle when coming to a stop and acts like a button to activate regen rather than having to constantly have It on so thats quite cool.

If youre coming up to a stop, you can pull on that pedal and there you go so pulling on that paddle. Just you know allows you to come to a complete stop with your control at your fingertips, rather than having to rely on the car doing it when you lift off the accelerator and in terms of the charging experience very both cars, pretty much fall in the same Camp, although the nissan leaf has a bit of a weird charger, it doesnt have the full dc charger. It has like uh half dc charges, so youll have to use the other connector, which looks a bit alien if you havent seen it around, but the kona just uses the normal charger with like a two part system. Its got like two plugs in the bottom and a little plug on top that one is the most conventional one that a lot of chargers will have now downfall of having 400 newton meters instantly available to you when you go on the accelerator, is that you do Get a bit of tire spin, and i have experienced that a little bit and its a bit of a shameful moment, because people think youre absolutely honing when i was actually just trying to accelerate out a dangerous way. And that just means that you get an absolute. You know theater of tyre noise and tyno is usually associated with absolute hooning rather than a bit of exhaust noise. So look, it is on the you sure you dont have an exhaust noise, but it can create a bit of a racket when you want to get on it, and so now it comes down to the decision time which one would i tell you to go and Spend your money on between the two! Well now, look! If you were going to buy one of the two, i would say pick the hyundai kona electric.

It was kind of hard for me to come to that conclusion, because i thought that you sent leaf with its bigger boot and also its. You know track record for being a big name in the ev industry and also its one pedal driving experience just made it that good of an ev, but with this out on the market, its got an extra 100 kilometers of range, its got a bigger battery and Its a bit quicker so with that that makes this actually a better ev to buy in 2021, because those are the things that really matter. Even if the regen experience isnt as good as the nissan leafs and also add in the premium interior, and also just the overall looks, i think this one wins overall compared to the leaf not saying the leafs, a bad car but im just saying side by side. The hyundai kona electric has my pick now make sure you consider subscribing. Thank you so much for watching my names cameron.