Did it, in fact, when it was driving around you could maybe confuse for an elantra, and certainly there was three different models to plug in hybrid, hybrid and electric, so you didnt know it was a full ev. The thing about evs is: when someone drives past you in a tesla, you know its an ev and i think at this stage of the market thats what people want people want, other people to know, theyre driving, an ev, well hyundai went, and i dont know found Someone with a very good ruler, because this is one square – sharp line – car the hyundai ioniq 5.. Now i have to say to first up, i have one big problem with this car through the drive review, and that is, there is something shaking in this roof. I dont know what it is, but something shaking and knocking around me. I had someone in the car with me that was uh actually very keen to buy one, and probably still is they were like whats that rattling, i said: thats, probably the cable, the connector, cable and the boot, because id had it all out, ive fixed all that Up – and i can still hear it somewhere up here – ive opened and closed the sunroof ive done everything i can. I dont know what it is its annoying, but this is an evaluation car, so its probably been through the riggers. So i can only hope that the delivered cars dont have that rattle.

Leaving that aside, let me give you my second big problem with the car and then well talk about how good it is its a 70 000 car. Now hyundai will tell you its not a hatchback but its a hatchback. I mean no, its definitely bigger than an i30. I can see that you can see that just sitting on the road and theres more space in here. In fact, when you sit in here, you absolutely do not feel like youre in a small car, because this is not a small car and hyondo are very clear about that. Not a small car but on the road, its its a hatchback on stilts a little bit. So its got a slightly higher stance, but it still feels like a small car and its seventy thousand dollars, and now i get it if you were to evaluate a hyundai, tucson or other similar sized suvs. Youd feel this has the same space and it probably does in fact i had three very tall teenagers in here and one 11 year old in the middle, and it was comfortable for all. So there is leg room to to the miles here and thats. One of the big benefits of this car fully adjustable those rear seats come forward. These seats go back and forth. Even the center console here goes back and forward as you like, so its very customizable in terms of space, but its hardly an suv, and you think about what you can get for 70 grand.

It starts to pose questions upon you, which means this is still very much for the early adopter, and i can see the early adopter wanting this. In fact, i met one. I met someone who wanted to buy an electric car and we went for a drive. She talks a lot of kilometers per hour, speed limits, hyundais theyd love, to tell you where every speed camera is – and i cant feel the life of me – turn it off in the menus. Thats, not a ionic, five thing, thats, just a kia, hyundai thing anyway. Um, this guy loved it loved the drive, and i got to say so: do i um ive got another ev at the moment, which is a much more. I guess normal looking car doesnt have this kind of fancy interior and it drives well, but there is actually something about this. This is well refined, theres. You dont get that kind of weird pickup from the front end when youre coming out of driveways and stuff. So i think i think its well engineered well refined, and there are three great modes: eco, normal and sport um. So you do get a clapping acceleration. If you want it, and it will put the heads back in the seats of your passengers, if you want to impress them, it also has my favorite feature of an ev, and this is my nissan leaf love the eye pedal one pedal operation so using the uh Paddle shifters here you put it all the way down into eye pedal mode now, eye pedal mode is basically one pedal operation.

So, like a scale electrics, you take you take your foot off, take your finger off and it would stop with this. I take my foot off here and its like im breaking to these intersections, so one pedal operation, excellent and thats – how all evs should be, because it really does give you a great sense of the drive. This infotainment system is spectacular. This digital dashboard is very nice. Very bright and by the way you can have it in dark mode at night, if you like, although it doesnt, seem to switch automatically, you need to do that manually, and this is your standard key here and i top end infotainment system. So very nice, digital radio, fm am apple carplay, though not wireless, so wireless charger, but no wireless apple, carplay again, that is kia and hyundai having an argument with google and apple about which screen comes on first, its ridiculous. They should shelve that argument and just give us wireless apple carplay, because i dont want to have a cable here. Ive got wireless charging and its got its a bit annoying. I love the look of it. Its bold, its stark. It looks like an ev, it looks. Futuristic and i think thats brilliant, i think, thats the way it should be right now, but it is polarizing. I reckon fifty percent of people whove seen it say. Oh other fifty percent say: yes, i think the black isnt its best color theres, this kind of bronzy gold color, which is good the blue, not so much.

I think i would go that bronzy gold color. Definitely, i think, thats a good look. I think its good for the lines and the the exterior trim that uh silver trim um would look better against that. So the black, while we own black cars, its not my go so thats, just a personal opinion. You may love it like that. The headlights and the taillights have this great square led effect: theyre not actually square leds, its just an effect in the uh in the plastic that theyre in, but its very nicely done, because it gives it a bold squared, look in the lights front and back and It has this moustache light as well, which lights up all the way through the the front. Bumper, very nice lots of little touches all in all a top top ev over 400 kilometers range double what the ionic had um and you know i dont think theres any issues around its ev capabilities. Let me be very clear, but its seventy thousand dollars now theyve sold out so im an idiot, because here i am saying its too expensive and theyve sold out the first run. Maybe a couple hundred vehicles for 2021. um and i think theyll sell another couple of hundred more probably a couple of thousand more, but the big question is drive around. Look at the i 30s on the road look at the tucsons on the road. When are we gon na sell as many evs as those and we aint gon na? Do that, while the price is seventy thousand dollars thats all i love it.

Its a beautiful car if youve got the money to go green and go ev. This is worth your consideration. This is absolutely worth your consideration, its a great little car and uh. I think youll love it just like i do and im reluctantly taking it back right now, but ill give it one. Last little squirt down the freeway. Shall we very nice, the hyundai ioniq 5 check out more details at eftm.com, something i forgot to mention v2l now the nissan leaf has v2g vehicle to grid, which means you can charge your home with your car. This is v2l, which is a little adapter that you plug into the charging port, and it gives you a standard, aussie power point, and so i charged my laptop off the car when its parked, but you cant, so you cant use it when its driving, obviously its A stupid big thing sticking outside, but you take this camping, theres some power for you um. I dont think its a selling point, but its a cool addition uh. It also only um only pushes out so much power, so it wont uh wont work for the wifes hairdryer im, sorry um.