It is an all electric vehicle who by hyundai – and it is the kuna highlander electric extended range Music. What ive done is ive left this car switched on, so that the air conditioning its a warm day is keeping the car cool. So, if youre charging this outside, you can keep your car cool the whole day or at least with the app start it up as youre. Going now that noise thats, all you can hear assistant lights and the headlights are further down here. Theres a little vent down the side further over weve got the charging port david lets. Give that a demo and youll notice that its got the two part plug, which means or the two part socket, which means this can take a fast charger ill. Let you reassemble that its not an electric door, which i was a little bit disappointed with. I, like an electric car, everything to be electric may as well youre paying for it now the front of the car david. If you remember some of the early ones, they still had this with like a gold. Oh they did too. They did. They had a blank. A grill blank, so this was part of the update theres, not a lot under there, david, because, unlike the hybrid that we had last week, the toyota kluger hybrid. This doesnt have a petrol engine in there, but you get down behind here, and there is nothing behind that. There is just this little electric motor underneath this plastic cover an interesting sort of suv sort of prominence over the wheel.

I quite like this that its all body colored – and i think this is something the new subaru wrx could do well to learn from inside – is pretty much the same as every other kona. The only difference being that, under the floor, youll find only a repair kit and the cord for charging. So you can plug this into a charger at home. The seats fold down 60 40. and theres a nifty handle here to allow you to close the boot without getting schmutz on your hands now. This is this is very tight. The other thing is im feeling very seated, upright and youve got a usb outlet in the back as well. Good and uh. No controls, no vents yeah, but one thing you do have in the back is seat heating. I think for taller people. This is going to be really just for two people. Perhaps three. There are some controls here, for the charging up. Here is a little pop up heads up, display, active cruise control and so forth on this side, and this button here scrolls through the multi function, display left hand side. I got it right. This time are the audio controls, its got another screen a similar size right up here, buck tooth you dont like that bit, but you know youre wrong and weve got these buttons now theyre metallized plastic, which is not my favorite. They feel a bit cheap, but they are nice and big and four nice big vents across the front, with some demisters for the side windows.

Why do we have to have this so bulky well its high, but it is too level, but it does allow us to have lots of stuff in here now you can see ive got my phone plugged into apple carplay, theres, also a qi charger. My usb outlet the stop start button and down on the console here, david, look, wacky dude, look at this. Oh yes, steering steering, show me the steering its quite an adaptable, quite quite good, fully automatic lights and wipers did you know in an electric car, because there is no engine cooling system, theres, no way to heat the interior of the car without actually having an electrical Heater or a heat pump of some description, so the most efficient way of heating and cooling, a human is direct contact. So to that end we have seat heating and cooling. So youve turned yours on so youre. Getting a little draft up. The kyber drive mode selection relates to the actual drive. Experience were talking about that before theres, a heated steering wheel, auto hold the parking camera and the seat, heating and cooling for the passenger seats. Further up weve got a couple of cup holders. The electric parking brake and this you know, drive and park neutral and so on. Well, this is soft, thats soft dish, thats quite hard and the same, and the same goes for the doors. This is lovely and soft, because this is a highlander, but this textured stuff is reasonably hard.

Its got the updated harman kardon speakers and honestly, it sounds fabulous. I did give it a bit of extra woof for my duffdorf and it sounded fantastic. Now, theres a tesla model s across from us at the lights he paid for that probably 10 15 000 more than this – and i would venture to say, weve – got a little more range in this, and also this is backed by hyundai. I think this would probably be a little bit more reliable. I think the long term prospect for this is strong. The one for the tesla, i would say, is unknown. Now i can feel every single movement of the accelerator. I can feel you putting your foot down and taking it off again really yeah, and i think the main thing about this is that theres no point in talking purely about the power figures, because theyre almost irrelevant in all electric cars. It either goes extremely well or rather well in my experience, but the main thing is this: cabin is very quiet. Um david, get out, give me a go, get out, get out, give me a go. Are you going to let it let me get away with that, or would you like to banter a bit hes, not bantering, hes hes, actually playing ball and im well used to it im just happy. If you let me get into the car and run in the backs im going to pop the drive mode into sport, you didnt do that you didnt experiment with the drive mode.

No, no! I for quietly going around the suburbs. You know what im like. Would you believe i got some talks dear then, once that ive gotten to highway speed, which we will be in a minute? I can select my steering assistance. I feel like thats lovely, which should assist you uh well funny. You should mention that some of the steering that weve used in the past one of the common complaints that weve got is that it over assists and you find yourself ping ponging down the freeway. Like a you know, mad womans breakfast certainly sort of the wavy wandering yeah, so im gon na turn it on now. Its active. The active cruise control has got me okay at the speed limit. So now the car is virtually driving itself now: youll notice, im, not ping ponging down the freeway. I like this. I like this a lot now its not particularly quiet on this bit of road. This is not a nice bit of road. This is the m2, which is renowned as having so many joins on the road it just its like driving down a railway track with sleepers. Well, you havent seen this many joints since youre at university. Do you get it? Do you get it Music? The steering is lovely and light in the bends and twists yesterday i noticed that it did feel a little bit heavy now. Looking forward, you can see theres a lovely blue glow in the buttons.

I think that is classy very classy. Now, once upon a time you wouldnt have bought a hyundai and had the word classy pop into your head im just going to slow down now the breaks are quite touchy. You can feel now that ive taken my foot off the accelerator. The car is using the engine as a generator. Do you know david? One of the things that i was always critical of with electric cars is that you cant do a road trip and over the last decade, thats become more and more possible. Now, just this last week, theres been a strike in not a strike, but a fuel shortage in the united kingdom and the electric car drivers are feeling pretty bloody smug about now. If theres a power blackout, you can plug your car in and run your house. Well, if your car was let you know at night, when everybodys car is plugged in at say dinner time, when everyone, you know, gets up from the football to go and put a copper on the cars can instantly put power into the network because theyre all electrically Electronically controlled its the beauty of micro networks and theres, also a good warranty five year, warranty ill check the battery warranty for you, i think thats around eight years, but ill check it. The comfort, i think, as you point out, the seats are firm, but nonetheless i feel comfortable in this. I could probably do a long trip.

Do you know what i cant think of a thing, as i said before, apart from the price, which is a little pricey, and also i havent been able to get the price of a replacement battery? No, but i do have the price of a replacement battery of a jaguar i pace and this car is the cost of a replacement battery for a jaguar eye pace. So you could either replace your battery in your jaguar or buy a hyundai electric owner now.