The model im going to show you today is the kia ev6 gt line s. We think this is going to be the most popular one, which is the rear, wheel, drive model which does up to 328 miles of range, which will get you from here to some ives in cornwall on one charge Music. This is the rear, wheel, drive option for the kia ev6, and this gives you 226 brake horsepower with a not to 60 of 7.3 seconds now. The other alternative you have is the all wheel drive version which is 321 brake horsepower, and that is not 60. In 5.2, seconds, which is absolutely phenomenal, key, have thought as much about the look of this vehicle as they have the technology thats inside it, and, as you can see, this new design, clamshell bonnet from wheel arch to wheel arch, really keeps the car looking futuristic and Clean – and it also has the new kia branding on it – the car comes with a combination of led lights, for example, the progressive indicator system, which is on the front and rear of the vehicle. Also, with these 20 inch alloy wheels, theyve actually been made to reduce road noise, as the vehicle is so quiet when its in motion. This vehicle also comes with the flush door handles as standard and as you walk up to the vehicle they pop open and theyre. So easy to use kiera made use of many recycled products in the build of this vehicle.

So, for example, 111 plastic bottles have gone into making the dashboard the floor. Carpets and the door pockets are made of recycled plastics and the lever used for the seating is vegan lever, which also incorporates man made alcantara suede. The car itself has one of the most eye catching rear light clusters. You will see on any car at the moment. As you can see, it starts from this side of the car and works its way straight across the back to the other side. This is also a design feature, because what happens is with regards to having a very big rear window. This lip actually stops the road dirt from getting swept up and actually creating a very dirty rear window Music. Some people that are not used to electric vehicles may have concerns about the dashboards being quite hard to navigate or hard to use, but actually the kira v6 is built to ease this transition by actually having all your standard buttons still there, but just in a different Format so, for example, on this instrument cluster here youve got your classic shortcuts traditional shortcuts. You would use, for example, quickly to get your maps and your radio. You can also change your radio stations using these buttons so, for example, going from radio 1 to radio 2. at the touch of this button. Just here the instrument cluster changes so that you can use your dual climate control um, but it saves space in the car and it means it keeps it very nice and simple Music charging.

This vehicle can be any more simple. You have a button on the dashboard to open the charging hatch or, alternatively, you can just give it a press. You have your universal type. 2, charging socket there this one here they call a ccs, which is your rapid charging capability, and you can close it by just pressing the button like that. Erie v6 comes with this absolutely beautiful, panoramic screen here, which is built up of two 12.3 inch curved screens. This vehicle also offers ar technology, so youve got a ar heads up display and what that can do is it can, let you know, speed limits, how fast youre going, but also when it comes to things like navigation. It can offer you actual lines on the road. In front of you to let you know when you should be turning off, the kia ev6 is designed on kias new electric global modular platform, and what that actually means for the driver is a lot more room inside. So for someone tall like myself, there is a lot more headroom and also a lot more legroom, not only in the front of the car, but also in the back. The kiri v6 comes with something called vehicle to load and in simple terms, it means theres, a free pin, plug socket in the car itself. This can be used to charge things like a laptop on the go, for example, but it also means that you can plug things in like a hoover.

For example, there are two usb charging points just here, as well as the freeping plug socket, which is found just down here. One of the things i really like about this car is the smart parking assist capabilities so effectively. Not only can it get you into tight spaces, but also, for example, if youve parked in a supermarket car park, youve gone to get your shopping and come back and the car is wedged tightly between two cars. You can actually use your key and the car will actually pull out of the space for you to let you in without having to knock the doors or or squeeze in at all, so the vehicle itself has some pretty advanced blind spot detection systems. So, for example, if im looking to pull out – and i indicate right, the cameras on the right hand, side of the wing mirror show whats in my blind spot and similarly, on the left hand, side like many electric vehicles. This car offers regenerative braking and you can set the level depending on how much regen you wish. What this car also does is. It has something called an eye pedal, and that means that effectively its one pedal driving as the car would actually come to a stop. While it is regeneratively braking now ill, give you a quick demo of the 360 degree camera that the ev6 comes with. So you can see that, like a lot of systems, you get an above birds eye view, but also the digital aspect allows you to actually, while youre in motion change the camera angle, so that you can actually see exactly whats around you at all times.

So the kiri v6 itself comes with a tying capacity of 1 600 kilograms of standard, which means that if you ever thought about only a caravan or if you, even if you do it, will pull even some of the heaviest twin axle caravans. The kiwi v6 comes with whats known in the industry as a frunk or is what were calling it mantles, a fruit and effectively. It is luggage space in the front of your car. This model, the rear wheel, drive, comes with 52 liters of space, but the all wheel, drive version comes with around 20.. One of the other practical things about this boot is that you can actually store your load cover underneath the boot floor. Just here, which is means that, when youre putting anything like a box, for example, it gives you more room to fill it up. Also, the rear seats go down flat and you can do so by pulling these paddles. As with all our other keyer models. This car comes with our industry leading 7 year warranty book your test drive at mantels kia.