. Can you guess what it is lets go see: Music, um, Music, me Music. So this is the porsche tycoon. 4S crossover edge reviews about this car, the ev car for 2021, but it looks like it might also get the vault for 2022 as well. What a beautiful car is and lets have a closer look inside Music Music. One of the reasons why i do love this car is because its a new, completely new car – it has a fantastic range drives like the nuts and also its kept a lot of the porsche heritage in terms of design and quality and performance. And this is why attributes is the 2021 eb car, vr, Music, the electric tailgate and its got a very spacious boot Music, its got the electronic tailgate close it Music, as you can see from the inside. This is a beautiful car. Very comfortable got plenty of space. Another nice feature which i just realized is when you open the door, the seat slightly moves back. Just to give you an extra leg room to get out of the car, which is a really nice touch. Full lcd screen display theres a nice touch. You do have the traditional clock and then youve got all your controls, your infotainment system, here, your heating telephone, your music, your sat nav, your cup holders, which you cant, live without. I think i love the four of these uh one for my brother one for my dad one for my brother in law and one for myself.

I think bush can do that. Thank you. Porsche hatfield, its been lovely looking around the car and i think porsche have done an excellent job with this car and fully deserve the edge reviews. 2021 ev car vr. Thank you porsche and thank you. Paul hatfield, Music, so ive just uh, come out of the porsche center in hatfield and what a lovely dealership, if you are looking to buy a porsche. I strongly recommend coming down and looking at the cars and arranging a test drive ive just found out. There is a bit of a waiting list for the porsche tycoon, so if you are looking to order one, the likelihood is looking to get it in the first quarter of next year, but so sorry dad, i wont, be able to get it before christmas.