This version right here is the actual mg thats being sold overseas in the uk. Europe everywhere around there lets quickly get in and take a look at what this car is all about and check out all that electric power from behind its steering wheel. So this is what it really looks like no engine bay out here down to a 60 battery. For this drive gear shift, knob likeits pulled out of a jaguar and its lift off literally lift off this remote control. Featureto give you total control from your cell phone. Taking a look at these headlamps, pretty damnstylish arent. They theyre supposed to resemble the london eye, ferris wheel, encapsulated by drls that actually hold in your halogen right there in the middle. They move on to kiss this studded grill out here that houses that mg logo in the middle and now thats, not just an mg logo, thats right there, if you actually dont corner this way its about houses, our electric charging point right down there get this rubber Out its all pretty much tucked in thats how it comes out, its got a good hold and thats what it is now. One more fancy part about this exclusive model thats here with us today, is that this mg logo out here actually has a breathing light in the blackish portion behind it. It indicates its charging and once youre done it definitely would stop now underneath the hood. Yes, this is what it really looks like no engine bay, but that right there is our ac dc motor and that in the middle, is our induction motor right there.

As for performance, it makes 142 ps and 353 newtonmeters of torque. You have a couple of coolant in case you were thinking youre going to be needing no fluids. Yes, you will be needing two coolants at the very least, and that helps the battery as well as the motor to function at an optimum temperature, and you can hear it now its pretty much pretty much quite as quiet as it can get actually. But we still do get some kind of insulation on the top of the hood there morris garages spaced out lettering right there on the top, and you move down here got a little bit of a meshed up. Honeycombish finish slips right down into your skid plate as well. Right there look from the front yeah. It looks like a stylish costly, looking vehicle doesnt it, and it only fits the billing to be in a prime SUV segment in the electric vehicles. As we move on to the side now, this way weve got five spoke jazzy, looking 17 inch alloys. That kind of look like a windmill and weve even got michelins for the tires. We also have some chrome garnishing along the side mirrors right here: more chrome along the window rails as well all the way around, as well as your door handles theyre. All chromed up got a ZS badge there too garnish at the bottom there another indent along the door overall, the roof line as well its decent youve got these holders up here as well, a bit of a shark fin antenna right there on the top massive panoramic Sunroof, which we will show you once we get in making it look sturdy, giving it that suv look all around.

What is this now weve just got a little bit of a badging of morris garages. Just simply, it could be probably even considered as a little bit of a protector on your rear bumper, this side, as we flip onto the back end now massive looking boxed out 3D esque is the word led brake lamps. Although the reverse and turn indicators are not led, we have internet inside mentioned out here its almost like, though its an intel computer. As you hop right here, we have a ZS EV badgingout there and, of course, theres no real exhaust to check, because this right here is totally cleanin. The back. You get another diffuser finish down there, but thats about it as we begin to hop into the boot flip. This open this way and pretty respectable amount of storage. A couple of big bags should just simply slide in a little bit net on this side and a bit out there as well. This right here is our charging controller. Now, as you can see, thats exactly what fits into the car pop this open and, like i showed you in the grille, this is what goes in right there. Mg would definitely in fact help you set up your charging point once you pick up this vehicle. Also, we get a little bit of a rear, windscreen wiper right there inside weve got our MG door, sill a power drivers seat, a leather stitched flat bottom steering wheel with multi function, buttons an 8 inch infotainment touchscreen circular ac vents like they pulled out of a Merc and a stitched, synthetic leather dash for an upmarket feel the pano sunroof floods, the cabin with loads of light.

We have a circular gear shift, knob, like its pulled out of a jaguar and its really easy to shift were set to drive off with a 60 battery charge level and a range of 162 kilometers. If we do fall short, we can look for charging points and the gps helps us with the nearest available points right next to us. So you neednt worry about being stranded with a dead battery and then to feel good about owning an EV. You can even check out how much of co2 youve saved or prevented from letting out into the environment just a little spin of the dial down there, and you could quickly be moving from reverse to drive and its lift off literally lift off the way. The motor. Just simply rings in your ears softly, yet it just simply keeps synchronously rising upwards as you floor, the pedal moving in the eco mode right now. The throttle response is really light. Its naturally naturally going to be giving us the best of mileage. In terms of that battery right, there bumps and stuff yeah, they are felt but youre sitting high up the road. You get that proper suv feeling theres good visibility all around even along my a pillar right out here. The rear glass as well is pretty large. Yes, now were in the normal mode, which is active naturally, if youre down in the battery level, if forgotten to charge your car eco is definitely the way to go ahead with it, but right now normal its pretty much the mode that youll be using around the City and yeah its pretty zippy thats what it is so the turning radius as well is pretty decent.

You dont really feel the size of the vehicle, despite it is an suv, the steering feedbacks all right and now enough of the normal stuff. As we look to dip it into the sport mode, which is definitely going to be eating up our battery and you floor it down it just surges like youre on a roller coaster right here and thats the only time you hear that motor making that little bit Of noise, but all those 140 horses they totally kick in as it corners like its gripping, the road totally but yeah. There is that road noise. You do feel the bumps coming in ground clearance, though its all right, youre not going to be touching the speed breakers. As much as you think, because of that battery being below the body and floor it down this way, it is doing good. You can have some serious fun with this car. It takes off, braking yeah it its on point too. You need it to break well, especially with all this flying speed ability that it has in the sport mode now, theres also the KERS mode, which is the kinetic energy regenerative system. It has three different levels that charges the battery every time you take your foot off the accelerator or you lay your foot on the brake. Now, charging your battery while youre on the go is pretty cool right, but this would naturally affect performance, so its best used, while youre in eco, all right all right yeah.

So you can zip this car around and im sure youd put a total disappointment on the faces of a lot of the petrol or diesel car owners. Because of the way, this thing can just simply take off the line its so zippy throws you in the back of your driving seat, but youre in command here really and its all on demand. Those 353 newton meters of torque totally kicking in with barely the slightest touch of that accelerator pedal right from zero, so this car is very well priced as well were driving the exclusive variant and youre getting good amount of tech. Your entertainment system, as well, comes in with android, auto apple carplay, bluetooth, the works, its got it all, while youre away from the car theres. Also this MG, i smart app that houses this remote control feature to give you total control from your cell phone. Take a look at the total kilometers clocked in your car check out the battery percentage charge level, the range of kilometers you can cover on that battery level. Locate where your car is parked. The stats are all live time. You could lock or unlock the car with the touch of that button. You even have access to turn on the air conditioning system of the car, its got tom, toms navigation built into it. The car has a single zone, climatic control system with an air purifier. My instrument cluster, yes, its not on the digital end, but its decent youve got a coloured mini.

Mid information display right there in the middle, giving us dedicated tire pressure information, also showing me the energy flow. That is something from those premium. Cars isnt it now. As for the rear seat, comfort, leg room is pretty decent. Now this guy out here my friend, hes six and a half feet and thats, why you can see even he who probably has a little bit of his knees touching, but the under thigh support is on the lacking end of the department overall headroom as well, is Pretty good the panoramic sunroof drafts all the way right here to the back end, making it so so airy in the cabin rear seats couple at the back is the way to go ahead with it. Three people at the back may be good in the city for a little bit of time, otherwise its two for sure, so that was the MG ZS EV driven now thoroughly electric joy completely thats. What this car is it. It just simply makes you feel like youre in a roller coaster. At times when you floor it, it just simply takes you along with such breeze, because power starts off right from the barest touch of that damn pedal out there. It keeps you in control – and i got ta say that this really is the future and MG have grasped it with both hands, a car that has so much a connected tech. It can do it all really youre in command.

Youve got all those details on your phone, while youre in there as well youre totally totally married to this car right out here.