. This is the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq.. This video Im going to explain what you can expect when you take a look at this vehicle inside and out. How big it is, how much it costs what its like compared to other rivals on paper.. If you like, videos like this one make sure to like and subscribe., Also tell us what else you want to see in the comments below. Be sure to visit edmunds.comsellmycar. If you want to sell your car. Weve seen the Lyriq before in concept version. But this is the first time were seeing the car in what it will look like when it actually goes on sale. Reservations, start early September and deliveries will begin early next year. Its important because its Cadillacs first all electric vehicle, and it also represents a whole bunch Of EVs, coming from General Motors in the near future, like that GMC Hummer and a forthcoming all electric Chevy Silverado., The Lyriq starts at 60 grand or thereabouts before any EV incentives. Thats, roughly between the Cadillac, XT6 and Escalade base. Prices. Thats also a touch less than luxury EV SUVs from Audi and Jaguar, and it matches that of a loaded, Tesla Model Y. Even though the Lyriq is larger. Speaking of size. The Lyriq is about the same length and width as the much costlier Tesla Model X or a midsize traditionally powered SUV like a Kia Telluride or BMW X5., But its wheels sit further apart from the vehicles, center.

Thats, the wheelbase. And the Lyriqs wheelbase is similar to That of an Escalade not needing to fit the engine. Transmission driveshaft, gives you more room inside., And that means more space relative to gas powered SUVs.. The Lyriq will sit five passengers two up front three in back obviously., But the first thing you notice, when you hop in, is this screen., Its 33 inches and its actually one complete screen across the entire display.. Some vehicles out there weve seen these large displays actually have multiple screens.. This is just one uniform, screen. And its attractive., Its also low and out of the way, its all still easy to see over the windshield. When you sit in the drivers seat. One thing that you can really appreciate with EVs like this is because you dont have a transmission right here. You have a lot of space in the floor. And Cadillacs use that to give you some storage space down here for handbags and so on. Whatever you need to position. Theres, also additional storage options, like you have some cubbies here that can pop out and flip down. Not supposed to touch anything because this is still an early build and things may not be 100., But thats kind of what you get with vehicles in this stage of production.. Like many other Cadillacs, the Lyriq offers super cruise. Thats, the name of Cadillacs hands, free driving, technology. And it works on select roadways and with some other limitations.

Too.. What I like about this layout is the attention to detail and a lot of the materials. It looks very attractive., Theres use of metal theres use of wood.. It gives you the kind of premium experience youd hope to find in a Cadillac while still feeling very modern, because it doesnt seem too alien or too far removed from modern Cadillacs of today.. It still seems very usable, but it is attractive as well. Lets. Take a look at the back seat. Back here. Space is very plentiful., Im, 510 or so.. The front seat is a little bit forward than what I would sit normally, but, as you can see, I have plenty of space in all directions. Up above is a glass roof. There will be a glass roof fixed and then also a reclining or sliding glass roof available later for the Lyriq.. That means I have good headroom plenty of leg and knee room, and the space back here feels very comfortable.. I also appreciate that, like you would expect in a vehicle in this class, you have rear vents and plenty of power. Ports. Nice, stuff. Cargo space should look pretty similar to what you would expect from an SUV of this size.. You get about 28 cubic feet with the rear seats, up. Drop that down and that space to expand to above, like roughly 60 cubic feet. Pretty sizable altogether, especially with those seats. Flip down., You dont, get a front trunk storage area thats the space with the level 2 charger, sits.

Thats the space where a couple other parts of the car mechanical bits fit. And by moving those up there Cadillac says theyve opened up space back here and in The interior space. The base Lyriq comes with one electric motor and rear wheel drive., And it has a 100 kilowatt battery pack.. This combination supplies 340 horsepower and more than 300 miles of range per Cadillac.. That range estimate is similar to what you get from the smaller Tesla Model Y long range and more than the Audi e tron or Jaguar. I Pace. A dual motor and all wheel drive Lyriq will be available in the future, though Cadillac hasnt provided the specifications for that Model. Yet., The Lyriq rides on a platform that GM has designed specifically for its upcoming EVs., Think of a platform kind of like the frame or an underpinning of a vehicle., And in this case it allows GM to size. The batteries between 150 and 200 kilowatt, topping out in the latter, like you, would find in the Hummer EV. Per GM. The design contains fewer rare Earth materials than current GM batteries. And thats better for the environment. And its less complex to manufacturer.. Cadillac is also working on battery enhancements to combat the traditional reduction of range that EVs experience in cold weather.. The Lyriq comes standard with a 19.2 kilowatt onboard charger that Cadillac says is capable of adding up to 52 miles of range per hour.. This is significantly powerful, but youll need to have a pretty robust home power source installed to take full advantage.

. The chargers placement under the hood is one of the reasons why the Lyriq lacks a storage space there. For longer drives. The Lyriq supports DC fast charging at up to 190 kilowatt from appropriate charging stations.. The Lyriq represents Cadillacs transition away from traditional gas powered sedans like the lovely high performance Blackwings. I drove not so long ago., Its daring design and tech appropriately signals a new direction for the brand. By the time deliveries begin in the first half of 2022. There will be many new luxury EV SUVs to choose from.