Now mg has brought out a new long range version, with a bigger battery for just 1 400 pounds. More is this the new budget ev specialist, but before i tell you about the new mg5 ev long range, you know the drill like comment subscribe earlier this year, when the long range was announced, we expected it to arrive alongside a facelift, but the new car looks Basically, the same as the old one, its not exactly the most avant garde, looking car, in fact its decidedly old fashioned, you will not be buying the mg5 because you think it looks cool. You buy this car because its practical and good value. This is still the only electric estate car on the market. One external improvement, however, is that these roof rails are now actually rated to carry a load actually 75 kilograms. It really annoyed people with the original car, it had the rails, but they had no rating. So you couldnt effectively use them. The big improvement, however, is that the battery has now been upgraded from 52.5 kilowatt hours to 61.1 kilowatt hours. The motor is still the same 154 brake horsepower. The other new addition is mg pilot, which is mgs new package of safety and assistance features, but well go into that a bit later. The 16 inch alloy wheels are the same as before and standard on all cars. There are also the same two trim types: the basic excite and the exclusive for 2 500 pounds more.

The excite still includes front and rear electric windows sat nav cruise control and a parking camera. The exclusive trim adds leather style seats with the front ones. Heated, electric drivers, seat adjustment and rain sensing wipers, the basic paint color is white, but for 545 pounds extra you can have black blue or the silver we have here for 695 pounds. You can have a red tri coat paint job. These folding wing mirrors are exclusive to the exclusive too. The exclusive also adds smart keyless entry, which operates like this. You just press this button on the door handle the car unlocks and you can open lets, have a look inside like the exterior the interior appearance. Hasnt changed the excite comes with cloth seats in the exclusive. What mg calls leather like the design, is quite cool, dark with neat stitching. The exclusive seats are also heated and the drivers side seat has electric adjustment, but not the passenger side on the excite. Both seats are mechanical. These seats are pretty comfortable, but after all, these electric suvs that weve reviewed recently. This does feel a little bit more crammed in the drivers and front passenger seat, its all very traditional in here, but then again you dont buy this car for its funky design. You buy it for its value, so under the central armrest is a small cubby and you get a couple of cup holders that are inexplicably different sizes. In case you have different sized cups.

Youll see there are a couple of usb ports and a 12 volt power. Adapter port, one thing that does seem to be lacking, however, is somewhere to rest, your phone when its plugged into one of those usb ports, the glove compartment, is reasonably sized. You can see theres enough space there for the documentation and a pair of gloves, which is always handy. The little area here for you to put documents in or parking tickets and theres another one on the drivers side as well rear seat space, also isnt too bad. Its not as much as an suv, but certainly better than a hatchback good enough for adults who are average size. You can see that i have an adequate amount of knee room, an adequate amount of headroom, but if i was really tall, it might be a little bit cramped which, with some of the big electric suvs you dont have that problem. There is a functional middle seat, its a little bit narrower than the other two, so probably not that comfortable for really long journeys, but definitely usable. However, if you only have two people in the back, you can take the rear of that middle seat down, and then you get a couple of cup holders and a nice little arm rest to rest. Your arms on during the journey you get a couple of usb ports in the back, which is something you get with the exclusive trim. Youll also note that there is an air vent at the bottom, so this would be really good for keeping your feet cool its good to see it because a number of cars dont even have a rear air vent.

However, its not controllable or directionable and its a bit low down for the rear passengers, there are also these holders in the backs of the seats in front, so the kids will have somewhere to put their copies of mondo 2000 or whatever. It is that kids read these days, so youll notice, there are iso, fix symbols here, because you have those on both the outer rear seats but theyre missing on the front seat. Of course, one of the main reasons that you buy an electric estate car for is the boot space and no funky kind of self opening tailgate. Here, however, quite a lot of space in here thats 464 liters, and if you pull back this quite decently, manufactured blind. The capacity goes up to 578. This parcel shelf is a little bit stiff and hard to remove, but i guess thats a good thing. It means its reasonably well manufactured underneath the boot floor here, theres quite a bit of space, but its taken up by this uh polystyrene thing that has a tyre inflator kit inside that you could also put a tyre spare tyre replacement in there as well or take It out completely and use it for extra storage. If you wanted to this granny charger carrier is very nicely shaped to fit exactly in this space. Here you can drop these rear seats down in the typical 40 60 arrangement. You can see its not too difficult to do from the rear.

This gives you a sizeable 1400 liters, which is about on par with an average sized medium estate. Car youll also notice that the boot is not completely flat, but it doesnt have a kind of lip at any point, at least not a very pronounced one. So you know you could put something reasonably flat. You know, like maybe some items from ikea in the back here very practical indeed. Unfortunately, this car is not rated for towing as yet, but you do get that 75 kilogram rating for the bars on the top of the car which we already mentioned. So you could put maybe a roof box on there. One thing we do like about this car is that the seat belt is channeled away from the sea. So when you take it that down it, doesnt get in the way, so with 16 extra battery capacity. This cars range goes up from 214 miles to a much more usable 250 miles, which makes it more practical for going between cities. Youll notice that there is no trunk here – and this is not where the battery is either well – you can get access to the battery here, but really youre not meant to do much more to this car than filling up your washing liquid. So that means this car. Now offers a range thats, similar to a zoe or a leaf, and not far off even a tesla model, 3 standard range plus or a vw id3, which are both quite a lot more expensive.

The charge port is under the mg symbol on the front. Thanks to the battery, it now takes 9.5 hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent on a seven kilowatt home charger. A 50 kilowatt dc supply will take 61 minutes to replenish 80, but 100 kilowatt charger will reduce this to 40 minutes, which is actually the same as the original mg5 either way. This car is definitely a contender for longer journeys, with a meal and toilet break every 150 miles or so in terms of efficiency. Nothing much has changed since the previous vehicle youre still getting around 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour, which equates to about 3.4 p per mile. If you manage to find a 14p per kilowatt hour supply, which obviously doesnt exist anymore, the mg5s physical controls havent changed at all. Since the original car theres a physical start, stop button to turn the system on the steering wheel is conventionally mostly round, at least and on the left hand side. You have buttons for controlling volume and picking up the phone and, on the right hand, side you get a button for the voice control and these are buttons for controlling the menu on the dashboard. Theres a left hand, side stalk for the lights and underneath is a stalk for the cruise control, which is adaptive on all cars and you get a right hand. Stalk for windscreen wipers. As you can see, the dashboard display is very conventional, with an actual speedo dial on the left and a real dial showing engine power or braking regeneration on the right.

You also get a battery percentage on the left. The middle section is an lcd panel with digital speed, readout and various contextual information which you can cycle through with the buttons on the steering wheel. The drive modes are operated with this rotating knob, with left reverse right for forward and neutral in the middle and the button on the top for park. There is a separate parking brake, but you dont need to use the switch for that as it goes on and off automatically as you select and deselect park next to the electronic parking brake. Is the auto hold option button, the three switches above the drive mode knob? Let you choose between eco, normal and sport motor power modes. The ker switch is a posh name for regenerative braking, so you can go up and down with three different levels of generators. Braking theres still, this third switch on the right, but its not labeled battery anymore and still doesnt seem to have any function whatsoever above. This is a full set of controls for the air conditioning which has an auto mode with the exclusive trim. This is quite easy to adjust when driving its only single zoned. However, another area that has no noticeable change is the 8 inch media control display its functional and all trim levels include a sat, nav and dab radio. It supports both apple carplay and android, auto too. So you could use your phone instead, but only with a wired attachment.

The interface is somewhat sluggish, as you can see there, particularly if you go to the sat nav. If we click on that youll see it takes a considerable age to get the sat, nav up and running loading navigation, learning navigation and were still waiting for that to happen its. Finally, there click that button and there you go its not a bad, sat nav um. You can click this button to find places nearby and, of course, save charging station if you want to as well quite handy, if you look at the the car menu, you can change driving assistance, functions, comfort and convenience and stability control. This car also has battery heating. Now, which you can turn on all the time which is um improves fast charging could be handy if you need to need that on a longer journey and reset the factory modes and theres. A few additional setup functions here which allows you to pair your phone by a bluetooth. As we said, you can turn off rds and configure how that operates for your dab radio. Officially, the bigger battery has only added 15 kilograms to the weight of this car. So the performance and handling dynamics are pretty much identical to the original car for an innocuous looking estate, its decidedly quick in a straight line hitting 60 miles per hour in just 7.3 seconds and on to 115 miles per hour. Delivery is actually pretty smooth and torque steer is minimal.

With the cur switch you can vary. The fierceness of the regenerative braking to suit start, stop in city traffic or smoother speeds when traveling down a motorway. The suspension is soft and compliant. So this is more of a comfortable drive than providing any kind of thrills, but given that this is a family car, youre more likely to want comfort rather than dynamics, it feels perfectly fine at motorway speeds, which is reassuring, given that this is the most capable car. Yet from mg for motorway driving and longer distances, the other big addition with the mg5ev long range is mg pilot, which adds a host of extra safety and assistance features. This includes active emergency, braking with pedestrian and cycle detection, theres lane departure warning and keep assist you get traffic jam assistance which gives you that patience, saving stop and go ability in gridlock, theres, also intelligent, speed limit and high beam assistance. The original m5 already had some level of cruise control, but both level trims of the long range get an adaptive variety. The reversing camera is available on all models, but well, look at that later. Advanced safety features was an area where the original mg5 was behind. Other cars so its great to see that the long range has caught up somewhat, although it still lacks blind spot detection. Strangely, the mg 5 still doesnt have an n cup safety rating, but all the new safety tech bodes really well for that. The original mg5 was just about the best electric deal on the market, and the long range takes that to another level.

Even though the uk plug in grant has dropped a bit, the basic mg5 is still available for just 25 grand and the long range version still only starts at 26 and a half, including the grand thats incredible. Given how much more practical this car is than an entry level zoe for a grand less, that was for the excite trim, the exclusive costs a fiver below 29 000.. You can pick up the basic id3 with a little bit more range for 600 pounds less but thats without any options chosen. So in other words, this is the best value ev you can currently buy. The warranty is good, too thats for seven years and 80 000 miles, and that includes the battery. Although mg doesnt state, what capacity thats for all versions of the mg5 are an insurance group 32, which is a little on the high side, but not extortionate so lets, have a look at how that reversing camera works. Put it in reverse and you can see its pretty clear and i havent lined it up very well, so ill probably have to go in and out again, but very useful, perfectly functional the mg5 ev long range takes electric driving that little step closer to the mainstream. No, its not yet that 20 grand hatchback with 300 miles of range that weve all been waiting for, but it does have great range for the money and is immensely practical, its a total ev bargain.